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I do not own any of the characters from InuYasha.  They are the property of Remiko

1. Chapter 1: Extraction by Koishii

2. Chapter 2: TRIAGE by Koishii


4. CHAPTER 3: ASSESSMENT Part II by Koishii

Chapter 1: Extraction by Koishii
Author's Notes:

 InuYasha is rescued.



Early one morning, while mapping the high country wilderness area, the geodetic survey team made their way to a rocky outcrop. Their goal was to try to have the region designated as an international biosphere reserve in order to protect it from human contamination. The deadline for their report left no time for interruptions. Approaching the outcrop, their efforts were brought to an abrupt halt by loud, intermittent screaming somewhere close by.

The responding echoes made it very difficult to locate the source.

“What in the name of Hell could that be? It’s creeping me out,” one man said as he shivered in reaction to the sounds. The screams sounded more animal than human.

“Don’t want to find out,” said another as he nervously looked around.

“I’ll call the ranger station and let them take care of it. We don’t have the time to find out and it’s their problem anyway.”

Once alerted, the ranger station instructed the survey team to remain where they were and observe any activity at a safe distance until someone could get up there to investigate. They contacted their supervisor to explain where they were and why. After hearing the nerving screams in the background, the supervisor just grunted his response and hung up. The men settled in waited.

It was late afternoon when a park ranger made his way to the men’s location on horseback. The screams agitated his mount, so he tied it to a tree a good distance away in order to keep it calm. After a quick briefing by the men as to what occurred, the ranger located where the screams came from. He very cautiously approached what appeared to be a cave entrance. He turned on a flashlight with a diffuse filter in order to ascertain what or who was in such agony. The last thing he wanted to do was startle the poor creature and have in panic or become aggressive. The ranger’s response to what he saw was a combination of astonishment and horror. He quietly backed out of the cave entrance and immediately radioed in for a medevac helicopter. He then proceeded to empty his stomach against a nearby boulder.

After he cleaned himself up, the ranger returned to the survey team, thanked them for their time, and sent them on their way. Though curious about what he may have seen, none of them wanted to know. The screams were just too unnerving. They were glad to be able to leave and quickly did so. They ranger then walked down to his horse who was showing signs of nervousness and calmed it while he waited for the rescue helicopter to arrive.

Because the cave’s location was in exceptionally rough terrain, the 4 EMTs had to rappel from the helicopter. They already wore their personal protective equipment, and carried everything they needed to perform an emergency extraction. The helicopter was waved off and but remained on standby until needed.

The EMTs stopped when they heard the screams. Looking at each other, unsure as to what could make such soul rendering sounds. The ranger briefed them as to what to expect when they entered the cave. Cautiously and as quietly as possible, they examined the entrance before they entered.

What they found appeared to be a male figure curled up in a fetal position. His body was covered in a thick layer of something that reeked intensely of putrid smelling filth.

“The ranger didn’t tell us about the stench,” grumbled one of the men to.

The male was shaking uncontrollably. As soon as he stopped screaming, another one began somewhere deep within him. As it gained strength and burst passed his clinched teeth, the screams filled the cave with anguish almost inhuman in its intensity.

He did not feel the needle stick. However, a small part of his mind was distracted as he became aware of serene warmth slowly permeating his body. As it flowed through him, the horrors that held him captive slowly faded and were gone. He let out a low, sad whimper and his body became still.

His unbearable stench spurred the men to work fast. After a quick exam, they could not find any open wounds or exposed fractures. One of the men left and returned with a Sked rescue stretcher, sheets and a blanket. They covered the Sked with a thick layer of sheets, gently laid him down, and covered him with the remaining sheets and the blanket. After lacing him in, two of the medics returned to the cave to see if there was anything that could help identify who he was. While photographing the area, they found two items of red clothing, one item of white and a sword that had obviously seen better days. They wrapped what they found in a couple extra sheets and fastened the bundle next to the still form. Because of the unique circumstances surrounding the unconscious figure, soil, rock, biological, and air samples were carefully collected. While calling the helicopter back, the lead medic briefly discussed the male’s condition with the pilot. A cable was sent down and attached to the Sked. Slowly it was hoisted up and clamped onto a helicopter skid. The medics were next. Once buckled in, the helicopter turned and flew to a pre-arranged rendezvous location.

End Notes:

Geodetic survey team:  Map makers/surveyers

Biosphere Preserve:  Land allowed to evolve as nature intended.  Off limits to humans with the exception of rangers and scientests.  Access is still very, very restricted.

Chapter 2: TRIAGE by Koishii
Author's Notes:
In field combat first aid there are several stages:  The first is extraction. The second is triage....


An ambulance was slowly driving down a dirt road rendezvous point. The windows were open as the evening air was mild and pleasant. The EMT’s stopped when they heard the approaching helicopter. Parking the ambulance, the three men donned personal protective equipment and quietly walked toward the landing zone. They patiently waited for the helicopter to land. When the engines shut down the men entered the landing zone and stood by while the figure was off loaded. While walking toward the ambulance, the men were briefed about the events, the rescue, and how someone who was alive could smell  so bad. Little else was discussed as each reflected on the unknown man, the unique events of his discovery, and the items found during his rescue. Once the Sked was in the ambulance, the extraction team returned to the helicopter and it quickly left the area.

The still form was quickly re-evaluated for any external injuries, open wounds, or bleeding. Other than being encased in what appeared to be a thick cocoon of filth, nothing was found. On the way to the hospital, sensors were attached to him in order to monitor his vitals. Because of his condition and fear of introducing infection, it was decided not to begin an IV drip. His sedation was closely monitored. Then the attending EMT noticed his ears.

“I think we may have a hanyou,” he commented to the other two men.

“That could explain some of the odor snickered one of the men up front.”

After a moment’s pause, the driver picked up the radio and contacted the dispatcher. After a brief conversation, the ambulance changed direction. Some hours later, it arrived at a secluded clinic.

The EMTs briefed the triage team about the circumstances, discoveries, and condition of the patient. A careful examination was again conducted. It was decided to clean the unconscious patient in the autopsy room as a preventative measure against any chance of introducing unknown contaminates into the environment. He was placed on an autopsy table. The exhaust fans were turned on in order to capture any odors or debris that would float about the room. Ultraviolet light was turned on as a preventative measure to reduce potential contamination by killing a broad spectrum of potentially dangerous bacteria, mold, and viruses that may be present. A forensic technician collected samples of the filth covering him. Finally, a nurse gently cleaned his body and hair. Throughout the entire process, he was photographed. Any newly identified or additional samples were taken and catalogued. His appearance was striking: physically handsome, the waist length silver hair and dog-like ears complimented his remarkable looks.

He was moved to a pleasant isolation room offering a view of meadows giving way to a dense forest, and in the distance were mountains whose shining glaciered peaks stabbed at the moonlit sky. After being dressed in hospital pajamas and restrained, blood was drawn, hair, DNA, skin, urine, fecal, and saliva samples were taken. An IV drip was started. He was then given a fourth, more exhaustive, examination. While his body appeared to be uninjured, the doctor ordered a series of X-rays and an MRI to rule out possible hidden fractures, brain injury, or deep soft tissue damage. New sensors were attached to monitor his vitals and brain wave patterns. The clothing and old sword wrapped within them was placed by his side until they could be examined later.

The medical staff left him to rest. Only a charge nurse was there to watch over him and monitor his vitals. His sleep was dreamless. Gradually, as the sedation began to wear off his horrors returned.

“…w…we…we…w..ill…will…we will…f…fi…find…we will find…y…you…” a voice softly whispered.

The charge nurse heard a loud metallic clang. Going over to investigate, she saw the old sword had fallen to the floor. She noticed his restlessness and called the doctor and in the event they were needed, some orderlies. His restlessness gave way to agitation. He was struggling against his restraints as the medical staff entered his room. He was beginning to regain consciousness. He managed to set up. The doctor started to inject a sedative into the IV line, when the hanyou opened his eyes. Everyone froze. His eyes were red with blue irises. At the same time, his claws were beginning to resemble talons and purple clan markings were appearing on his cheeks. His ears shuddered and his nose twitched in a desperate effort to make some sense of the surroundings. His expression was one of primal rage, confusion and violence. His struggles broke the tableau and the sedative was quickly completed. The orderlies held him in place. As the medication started to take effect, he managed to scream one word repeatedly and then silence. The hanyou’s eyes rolled back into his head, his ears sagged and the clan markings slowly disappeared as he sank into a dreamless sleep.

The doctor turned and asked, “What did he say?”

One of the orderlies responded, “I am not sure, but I think he spoke Japanese.”

End Notes:
Chapter 3 is going to be quite long.  So it will be posted as Part I and Part 2. 
Author's Notes:
Even while in a medical coma, InuYasha makes his presence knowen.  The mystery surrounding him deepens.


The next day, Dr. Kaede Mushin, attending, came in to check the hanyou’s vitals, monitor the sedation levels, and review the information the sensors collected since the previous evening.

While making notes on the chart, she spoke, “Well my friend, it appears that you had some difficulties last night,” more to herself that to her patient.

Much to her surprise, two dog like ears swiveled toward her. To see if it was just a coincidence Kaede stopped talking and walked over to the foot of the bed. Waiting a few seconds, she spoke again, “Who are you? What is your name?” she gently asked. Again, the ears swiveled in the direction of her voice.

She moved again to the other side of the bed and whispered, ”What happened to you?” The ears quickly responded to the direction of her voice.

Kaede then spoke as though her patient was conscious. “I am going to test your reflexes. First, I will run my pen down the inside of your right arm, than stoke your right palm. I will be touching you, but it will not hurt,” she quietly said.

She then proceeded to do just that. The dog ears stood straight up and then flattened against the hanyou’s head. “I see you do not like being touched,” she murmerede. “That’s fine, I will stop.”

Once she stopped, the hanyou’s ears came forward again.

‘First contact,’ she thought. Kaede made some additional notes in the chart and then spoke with the nurse.

“Please remove his restraints. I think, if we speak to him in a soothing way and on a regular basis, he will remain calm. Just don’t touch him, unnecessarily. Keep his medications at the same level and visually monitor him every fifteen minutes for the next 24 hours. I will be back to check on him during evening rounds. If you need me, page me.”

The nurse nodded her compliance.

Reaching for the bundle containing the sword and the clothing, she again gently spoke to her patient, “I will be taking these to Shippo’s lab,” she said.

His ears swiveled toward her voice. His ears immediately flattened against his head in agitation as she touched the bundle.

“Hopefully, they will tell us more about you.” Touching him again, more to provide comfort than ease curiosity, she leaned over and soothingly whispered, “They will be returned to you. No harm will come to them.”

As though they understood, his ears sagged as if to communicate his resignation and anxiety. ’Very, very interesting,’ she thought while leaving the hanyou’s room. She did not see the brief pulse of red light emanating from the hanyou’s body nor the sword pulsate in response.

Walking into Shippo’s lab, she stopped, as she often did, marveling at the massive collection of exotic equipment. His lab reminded her of what she imagined would be the embodiment of DaVinci’s genius and inquisitive nature. The lab itself was huge. Divided into numerous stations, each devoted to a particular science or discipline; each equipped with the necessary technology and supplies to process and identify whatever unknown or mystery presented itself.

She found him discussing the cave samples' test results with one of the forensic technicians.

‘He certainly has changed from when he first joined the team,’ she thought.

Back then, as now, he was extremely confident in his skills and superb – even brilliant at times - when solving the many unknowns facing the team. But, he was so painfully shy almost to the point of being reclusive, and very socially inept, finding comfort and security within his beloved lab rather than the comradery within the team.

‘Genius has its’ dark side,’ she reflected.

In Shippo’s case, he was ostracized because of his heritage, which in turn was compounded by resentment, and bigotry because of his natural ability to solve what on the surface appeared to be the unsolvable. He never had the benefits of positive social contact.

‘Despite what happened to him,’ Kaede thought, ‘he never lost his sense of child-like wonder.’ Looking at him now, Kaede thought, ‘What a difference acceptance can make! He was animated, sensitive, outgoing, enthusiastic, cheerful, and well respected by everyone working at the clinic He certainly has developed and matured, not bad for an orphaned fox demon living on the fringe of society so many years ago.’

“Shippo,” she called to get his attention.

Shippo turned and greeted Kaede as she approached. His green eyes sparkled with good-natured humor and whimsical mischief.

“Are the tests of the cave samples completed?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am,” he cheerfully responded. “The initial test results were so unusual; we repeated the testing several times. The results are the same. We are currently working on the samples collected from the hanyou when he was brought in.”

“Have the samples from the hanyou been analyzed?”

“We're in the process of doing that now,” said Shippo.

“Will your report be ready for the meeting?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said. “From what I heard, the meeting is going to be at the end of this week. That should be plenty of time to compile and present the information we have.”

Shippo glanced at the bundle Kaede held and raised an eyebrow in speculation.

Kaede smiled at Shippo. “Here is another mystery for you. Tell me what you can find out about the sword and the clothing. I have a feeling there is a very close connection between them and our mystery hanyou.” Shippo grinned and his tail twitched at the prospect of a new challenge.

Kaede walked to her office. She had to read the lab results from the various samples taken from the hanyou the previous morning, X-Rays, EKG and EEG, and MRI results needed review and summations written for the meeting. Since the EKG and EEG were set up as a live feed, Kaede turned on her computer to look at the data. The EKG had an odd signature to it - but it was within normal limits. Switching to the EEG readout, something caught her attention. Something was different. She sensed it rather the seeing it. The more she looked, the more the signal looked normal. She decided to get a printout and ask Shippo to review it with her later.

Meanwhile Shippo took the bundle to his preliminary work station and separated the clothing from the sword. He planned to analyze the sword first. He reached for the weapon and in doing so, received a rather nasty shock. Surprised, he carefully reached for it again, and again received a strong shock. Thinking he may need to ground himself, he placed a rubber mat on the floor, and used rubber gloves to see if he could touch the sword. He again received a strong shock.

‘Interesting,’ he thought. ‘This demands an alternative approach.’ He photographed the sword as best as he could for reference purposes, using tongs, he carefully wrapped it in some sturdy material, and set it aside. He then began to examine the hanyou's clothing.

Upon initial inspection, Shippo noticed that the clothing appeared to be a period costume dating approximately 13th – 15th century Japan. The items had some striking features: the hakama and kimono were red – an unusual color for that time - without any adornment and along with the ivory colored kosode, looked brand new. In fact, he judged them as ‘museum quality.’ If he did not know better, he would not have believed they belonged to the mystery patient – especially considering the condition in which he was found. Upon closer inspection, he was astonished to discover the red garments’ fabric was not made from any identifiable textile.

Shippo attempted to take a small sample of the fabric for further examination and carbon dating. He experienced his second major shock of the day: he could not get a small sample, as the fabric was impossible to cut. Resigned to this latest setback, Shippo simply took the kimono over to a high magnification microscope and examined the material as best as he could. He was amazed to discover the material was made out of exquisitely woven fur or hair from some kind of mammal.

‘Aha!’ he thought. The chase is on.

After a moment of reflection, Shippo went over to his lead forensic technician’s office. With a mischievous look in his eyes he asked, “Ginta, are you ready for a challenge?”

Ginta grinned back, “Whatcha got?”

“I need you to identify the composition of this fabric, and then tell me everything you can about its origins and its provenance. I don’t think it is going to be straightforward…so you may need to look beyond the obvious annd maybe even use some unconventional methods,” responded Shippo as he gave the clothing to Ginta.

"I like unconventional," smirked Ginta.  Shippo grinned and left.

Ginta took the clothing and set it on a small table near his window.  He began to study it. Soon he was in a deep meditative state. Shippo returned to his office. He was about to turn his attention to the sword when his phone rang.

He picked up the phone and said, “Shippo here.”

"Shippo, do you have some time to meet with me? I am getting some strange readings from our hanyou,” said Kaede.

“Sure,” Shippo responded. “Will be right there.”

Shippo found Kaede reviewing a series of printouts.

“Kaede, before we get started, could I talk to you abut something else first?”

“Sure. Let me pause what I am doing here.”

I have an interesting problem and I don’t quite know what to do about it,” Shippo ventured.

'That's a first,' thought Kaede.

Did you notice anything different about that sword?” he asked.

Kaede thought back. “Well, the hanyou became agitated when I touched it. But he seemed to have calmed down when I told him that it would be returned,” she offered.

He reacted to you touching the sword – I thought he was sedated!” exclaimed Shippo.

I don’t have an answer for what happened, Shippo. He just seemed to be aware in a way that was beyond his body.” Kaede paused. “What brought this up anyway, Shippo?”

I can't touch the sword,” relied Shippo. “I get a severe shock every time I try. I finally had to use tongs to move it to a pad, so I could wrap it up.”

Kaede thought for a moment. “I didn’t have any problems bringing it to you. Do you think I should return it until we can get someone else to look at it.”

I was thinking of the same thing. I know someone who may be of assistance. When we are done here, maybe you can return the sword. In the meantime I will make some phone calls.” Pausing for a moment, Shippo asked, “What has your question?”

Kaede wasn't sure how to begin. “Our hanyou appears not to have a human half.”

That's not possible! Let me see that data,” demanded Shippo.

Shippo looked at the EEG printout. Instead of two sine waves shadowingt each other, there was only one. Its signature was theat of an inuyouki. The EKG printout showed the heartbeat pattern of an inuyouki rather than one for an inuhanyou. The blood, hair, DNA, skin, urine, fecal, and saliva samples showed the same results. There was no evidence of the hanyou's human half on a biological or molecular level. To all intents and purposes, it appeared to no longer exist. He and Kaede examined the live feeds and again there was no evidence of the presence of the hanyou's human side.

Unbeleivable,” muttered Shippo. “Lets get the sword and and go to his room and examine the equipment. Maybe there is a glitch somewhere.”

Alright,” agreed Kaede. “But I doubt we will find anythinbg.”

They walked back to Shippo's favorite work station to retrieve the sword. They both received another shock. It was gone.

This can't be happening,” growled Shippo.

Though annoyed and frustrated, he did not let it show when he asked his staff about the sword's whereabouts. No one had seen it. Mystefied, they left and walked toward the hanyou's room.

Both briefly visited with charge nurse. They were curious about the hanyou's progress and if there were any unusual incidents. They were told with the exception of gaining consciousness, he had bee quiet until the sword and clothing were removed. He was resltless, but not exceptionally so. He had quieted down just recently.

Kaede and Shippo entered the room and both were stunned to see the sword nestled against the hanyou's side. His arm cradeling it protectively.

Author's Notes:

A/N:  I want to take a moment to thank everyone for their interest in this story.  I stopped for a while becasue I wasn't sure what direction I wanted it to take and wanted some time to carefully think things through.  I decided to submit this short chapter to help keep things moving along.  Am now writing instead of 'floundeirng' and should have Asessment Part III up soon.  Again thanks to everyone for their interest.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  All InuYasha charcters used in this story are the sole property of Rumiko Takahashi.


Kaede and Shippo looked at the sleeping figure not quite believing what they saw. The only conclusion they were able to come to is that the sword somehow found its way back to the Hanyou on its own. Yet, no one saw how it was done. As they quietly approached the bed, they were stunned once again. The Hanyou's aura began to pulse and the sword's aura pulsed in response. The closer they came, the quicker the auras pulsed.

'This is extraordinary,' thought Shippo. He motioned Kaede to follow him. They backed away from the bed and the pulses gradually slowed down. When they approached, the pulsing increased. Again they both slowly retreated. When Kaede approached the bed alone, the pulsing stopped. When Shippo approached the bed, the pulses began again.

“It seems to me,” Kaede whispered, “that something with a demonic signature, elicits a warning.”

Never taking his eyes of the Hanyou, Shippo nodded his agreement.

“For now, I think it is best if he is looked after by humans. We can also set up a video feed to monitor what happens in the room as well. Why don't you go back to the lab and review everything that has been done so far. I'll speak with the nurse and meet you there.”

Again, Shippo silently nodded his agreement and added, “I've got to make a phone call as well.”

Kaede briefly spoke with the charge nurse. It was decided since the Hanyou was stabilized, a feeding tube would be attached in order to provide the necessary nutrients needed to help speed his recovery.  Only humans would monitor him until he was awakened, oriented, and was able to maintain acceptable self-control. Then other members of his treatment team could gradually be introduced to assist in his care and recovery. His sedation would continue at the current level until a decision was made at the team meeting. It was also agreed to help encourage a relaxed mental state, by softly playing some background environmental music. Since he appeared to be a forest being, it was decided woodland and meadow sounds accompanied by a bamboo flute would be a good start. The nurse was encouraged to call Kaede in the event any change in the Hanyou was detected.

Meanwhile Shippo returned to his office and called the Buddhist Temple. He needed to talk to his close friend Miroku about the sword. Since Miroku did not answer the phone, he left a voicemail message to have him call back. He then went to Ginta's office to see how he was progressing with the clothing. His office door was still shut indicating he was not done. Shippo went to the research lab spoke with his forensic team and asked them to monitor all samples for demonic and human traces. He saw Kaede and was about to speak to her when his cell phone rang.


He was not quite sure what was happening. He felt detached from his body and drifted along in a languorous, dream like state. He tried to reach back in his mind to remember what happened without much success. Vaguely he thought he remembered awakening in a brightly lit room with some objects that made a lot of noise. He was on a surface of some kind and he could not move his hands or feet. Then some people wearing light blue clothing came and held him down and he remembered no more...or was it just a dream? His thinking was muddled. He could not focus. Mental images drifted by and when he reached out to them, they fragmented and dissipated. He had no idea of who or what he was. The only connection he had to the outside world was his sword. He could feel that. He could sometimes feel the presence of some things or others, but like the mental images, they were disembodied and drifted by, swirling down a stream of time and disappearing into the ethereal red mist. He did remember a distinct twinge of urgency, but could not focus on it and it disappeared as quickly as it came. Occasionally a woman's face would appear. She looked frightened and he found himself trying to respond to her and could not. He felt he should know her, but could recall nothing. Just as quickly as she appeared, she disappeared. Wherever he was, he was cut off from his emotions, his memories, his identity, his body, and time itself. He allowed himself to drift through the diaphanous landscape hoping to come across something, anything recognizable.

“Inu Yasha,” a disembodied voice whispered.

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