Reality Crashes by Knittingknots
Summary: This poem takes place when Kagome is kidnapped by the Baby who wants her eyes to hunt for shards. Inuyasha realizes something important in this incident, I believe.
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1. Reality Crashes by Knittingknots

Reality Crashes by Knittingknots
Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha. InuYasha is owned by Rumiko Takahashi

Reality Crashing
(based on InuYasha manga chapters 284-285)

Sometimes, reality comes crashing down
in hard ragged breaths
as the need to act
becomes a fire in the heart,
and feet pound across an empty field
that separates him from what really matters,
and he realizes what the cost
of chasing after ghosts might be.

Sometimes, reality comes crashing down
when looking into the heart,
amid the angst and the tears and the longing.
And yet even through the fear and the grief,
and the sad despair at what she thinks he has chosen,
darkness will not suceed to seduce
planting its seeds to poison her soul --
The true fire of a love which knows
when to choose the light over the dark,
can keep it pure from the grubby baby hands,
from the soft, lying, soothing words
of those who would twist her good into midnight --
she chooses her battleground well
in the face of despair,
weakness robed in love's light,
and the pale child who rummages through souls
knows he has lost.

Sometimes, reality comes crashing down
like a wall separating himself
from the thing he holds most dear,
and in the darkness of her fear,
and through the deepness of her grief
comes the dawning realization
that he chose her warm
instead of the cold.

Sometimes reality comes crashing down
and love realigns,
allowing the possibility of happily ever afters.
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