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For Neo by ED Staff
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Recipient's name: Neo-Anime-Haven
Story title: The Christmas Miracle
Rating: PG-13

For Neo-Anime-Haven

The Christmas Miracle

It was a crisp day in the village, much colder than normal. The sun shone down from the heavens. A thin layer of snow covered the ground, truly a rarity this time of year. Any kami looking upon the scene would be entranced by the tranquility. The partially frozen river to the gentle rustle of the trees painted a magical scene.

Of course magical was the time. Perhaps not in this era and perhaps not known to many but magical it was. This secret was known to a select few. The precious knowledge brought from 500 years away by a special miko, Kagome. She knew.

It was Christmas Eve. Romance pervaded the air. While not everyone celebrated the season for religious purposes, it was most always connected with love and generosity. An unknown force mended rifts in relationships and brought those close even closer. Magic was the only explanation.

Birds in the tree sang songs of love. Creatures of the forest did as creatures of the forest do. Peace, nothing was….

"GODDAMN YOU INUYASHA YOU MOTHERFUCKING SON OF A BITCH.” A shrill voice disrupted the peaceful portrait punctuated with screams. “I SWEAR TO ALL THE KAMI YOU WILL NEVER TOUCH ME AGAIN.”

Three figures sat outside a small hut on the edge of the village. Each winced at the screams erupting from within. All eyes widened at the words shouted.

The green eyes were filled with fear. He knew she could be vicious, but wow. He didn’t know she knew some of those words let alone would ever use them. Needless to say he feared for Inuyasha’s well-being. The poor soul was trapped inside.

The red eyes held a new found respect. She always knew she was strong. The fact that she was fighting so hard proved such.

The dark blue eyes held healthy fear but was tempered by his amusement. He’d gone through this twice before. The hanyou had mocked him when it was his turn and now sweet revenge. Though to be honest he was concerned for the hanyou’s physical health. He was not in the same room with his wife. No one was. This defied the standards of the time. Night was fast approaching so they likely wouldn't see their friend til the morning. If he was still alive that is.


The three figures winced once more. Each counted their blessings for being outside at that moment.

Inside the hut was not nearly as hectic as it sounded. There resided a woman in labor, her frantic hanyou mate, a miko and two assistants. Kagome was braced against her mates chest her hands in his. Sweat poured down her face.

Inuyasha thought he very well may pass out. All the scents were making him dizzy. The scent of his mate’s blood set his yokai on edge. The scents of the various herbs irritated his nose. He wasn’t even sure what to make of the various other smells.

All the sounds were pounding in his head. Kagome’s pained moans and screams hurt. His mate hurt and he was the reason she hurt. Worst of all, there wasn’t a thing he could do about it. He wasn’t even sure exactly why he was there. Kagome laid down the law and demanded it, so it was. What he needed to do was still unclear. Sure Kagome told him he was to coach her through. He knew he had to encourage her but just didn’t know what to say.

He remembered the conversation they had when Kagome first came and asked him to be there. Kaede and he nearly shit a brick. It just wasn’t done. The birthing room was forbidden to men. It was un-clean. It was improper. Most of all he felt he was in the way.

When they tried to reason with her Kagome snapped. They learned fast not to mess with pregnant Kagome. Not that regular Kagome was to be trifled with. Pregnancy just enhanced her will and temper. That was when Inuyasha first realized his mouth rubbed off on her. His ears didn’t stop ringing for a weak.

“WE ARE NEVER HAVING SEX AGAIN” Kagome screamed as another contraction hit.

Inuyasha snapped out of his musings at his mates shout. “Are you ok Kagome?”

“Does it fucking look like I’m ok, baka?” She asked glaring at her husband. She broke down in tears. “This is your entire fault you idiot.”

“Kagome it’s time” the age wizened belonging to Kaede voice cut through. “On the next pain I need you to push. Push hard.”

Kagome nodding her understanding squeezed her mates hand harder. She was nervous. She was already exhausted and didn’t think she could do it alone. If Inuyasha wasn’t with her she didn’t know what she would do. Of course she could sense his discomfort but the fact he was here anyway touched her. Then again she did threaten very painful torture to a very tender area. She didn’t mean it. She loved his ears and would never mount them on the wall. Still he was here and that was what mattered. Kagome clenched her eyes in pain.

“Push now Kagome” Kaede said. “You must push.”

“Gahhh!” Kagome grunted in pain and strain as she pushed with all her might. She hunched forward. She squeezed her eyes harder shut from effort. Her grip on Inuyasha’s hands tightened like a vice to the point he grunted in discomfort. She was sure she would have broken Inuyasha’s hand were he not hanyou.

“You need to push harder Kagome. You aren’t pushing hard enough.”

Kagome tried harder. She pushed as hard as she could. Never had she worked so hard in her life. After a few seconds, each one feeling like hours, she just couldn’t push anymore. Collapsing back against her mate’s hard chest, as the contraction ended, Kagome openly sobbed.

“You need to push harder next time. The baby won’t come out if you can’t. Focus. On the next one you need to put everything into it.” Kaede said.

“I can’t” Kagome sobbed. “I just can’t. I’m not strong enough.” She continued to wail.

“You have to Kagome. I can’t get the baby out if you won’t push. Nobody can help you do that”

Inuyasha’s heart wrenched at the sight of his love sobbing. He still wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do, but he knew he had to do something. He leaned down placing a kiss to the crown of her head. He tightened the grip on her hand. A voice in the back of his head lead guided him.

“Come on Kagome you can do it. You are the strongest person I know. You can do this I’m right here. I believe in you.” Inuyasha leant any comfort he could. “Don’t ever think you’re not strong enough. You overcame time just to be with me, remember. I know you can do this.”

“Inuyasha” Kaede reprimanded. “Stop distracting her she needs to focus.”

Inuyasha glared at Kaede before turning back to his mate. “Do you remember 4 years ago?”

Kagome turned to face him. “I remember everything from that year.” Kagome replied, smiling weakly.

Inuyasha smiled down. “Here you are, this scared little girl in funny clothes dropped into a world of magic and demons. You fought tooth and nail. You protected your friends. Most of all you healed me. Together we defeated the greatest threat to the world. We can do anything together. I’m right here with you.”

Kagome’s smile brightened. He was right. She turned to give him a quick peck on the lips. Pain shot through her causing her to wince.

Kaede sighed. She knew it was a bad idea to let Inuyasha in. He was after all a persistent distraction if nothing else. “Kagome it’s time to push.”

Kagome hunched forward and began again. Inuyasha continued his words of encouragement. Somehow knowing her mate was beside her facing this with her made everything easier.

In her years Kaede birthed hundreds of children. Women, especially first time mothers always had issues staying motivated and occasionally gave up. She knew they had to stay focused and on goal or else they could complicate things. Kaede noticed the new ease in Kagome and couldn’t believe Inuyasha was actually helping. Never had she expected the man to be useful in this.

“Ok stop. I need to check if the cord is wrapped.” Kaede said making the necessary adjustments. “One last push Kagome.”

Kagome and Inuyasha nodded their understanding. “Koishii we’ll push together. Ready?” Inuyasha asked.

“Yes love.”

Kagome cried out as she pushed. Soon her cries were joined by a new cry. A strange cry not heard before. “Stop Kagome” Kaede ordered. She handed of the crying infant to Sango who was assisting with Rin. Sango took the infant to clean it and wrap it in a swaddling cloth.

Kagome had felt the urge to push again and Kaede told her she was passing the after birth. After that Inuyasha laid her down to rest, shifting to her side.

Kagome lay panting in exhaustion. A small bundle was handed to her. She looked down with no small amount of pride at the crying infant. She shifted slightly to open her yukata and allow her child to feed.

“Congratulations to the both of you. You have a son.”

Inuyasha who could not tear his eyes from his beloved and his pup whispered “I have a son.” He was amazed watching the nursing pup and how Kagome’s scent changed from a breeding bitch to a nursing one so quickly.

Inuyasha could not believe this was his son. He had a pup. For the longest time he thought it impossible. He studied the features of the newborn pup. The pup had a full head of silver hair just like his own and to little tufts stuck out the top of his head not fully erect yet but very clearly ears like his own. Little claws pressed into his mate’s breast as suckling filled the air.

“He’s perfect”

Kagome beamed him a smile. “Yes he is” Kagome agreed. “He looks so much like you. I haven’t seen his eyes yet.”

Inuyasha shook his head. “No. He has your nose and your cute chin.”

“I will give ye a moment alone” said Kaede as she Sango and Rin exited the hut.

The pup finished nursing letting out an adorable yawn showcasing a set of fangs. He settled down for a nap.

Kagome smiled down upon their pup. She gently rocked him in her arms. Looking towards her mate she asked “Do you want to hold him”

Inuyasha’s eyes widened “Can I?”

Kagome couldn’t stifle a giggle. “Of course silly.” She held out her hands presenting their son.

Inuyasha slowly reached out to hold him. As his clawed hands moved to coddle his pup blood flashed across them. Quickly he wrenched his hands away. Shocked he scooted to the opposite wall. ‘How could I think of holding something so delicate? I’m a monster. My claws are forever stained with blood of my victims. Soaked they are with the blood of his enemies and a few innocents. I have no right to touch something so precious so innocent.’ He mentally berated himself.

“Inu?” His mate’s voice snapped him from the melancholy thoughts. “Is something wrong?”

“I-I-I can’t” he managed to stutter out. His ears lain back against his head emphasizing his distress. “I’ll hurt him”

If it weren’t for the look on Inuyasha’s face Kagome would have laughed at the notion. “Inu you won’t hurt him. You would never hurt someone important to you.”

Inuyasha scoffed as his gaze shifted to the sleeves of Kagome’s white haori. He was staring exactly where he knew five crescent scars rested on each arm. Injuries inflicted by his own claws.

“Inuyasha that wasn’t you that was out of your control” Kagome added sensing where his thoughts traveled. Seeing the look in his eyes Kagome sighed knowing it was something they would have to work on. “I love you Inu.”

“I love you too, Koishii. You should get some rest. I’ll be right here next to you.”

“Ok love.” Kagome said as her eyes drifted shut and her heart beat slowed down.

Inuyasha continued to stare at his claws. No there was no way he could touch his pup. He would taint it, hurt it, may be even kill it. There was a little voice in the back of his head telling him it was ridiculous to expect not to ever touch his own pup. The pup he never thought he’d have. The pup he’d always wanted needed his father.

He had no idea how long he sat there staring and thinking. A soft rumbling close to Kagome broke his reverie. He looked over and noticed his pup was asleep letting out a contented growl. Without realizing it he shifted closer. Continuing his unconscious movement Inuyasha fast found himself next to his sleeping mate staring in awe at his pup.

This was his pup. It was his and Kagome’s pup. Their pup born from their love and yet here he was terrified of touching this final symbol of their love. It was ridiculous and he had to get over it. Now that he was close he noticed something odd about his son’s scent but pushed it to the side to deal with later. Dawn was fast approaching.

Slowly, very slowly he reached a hand out to gently run a finger along his son’s ears. It was no more than a gentle graze easily mistakable for a light breeze but it still melted the tension from his body. His son’s ears twitched in response. What occurred next startled Inuyasha.

A growl of warning erupted from the pup’s throat. The pup not even a day old was warning his father; of course the pup didn’t realize him to be his father, to stay away from his mother. Not even a day old and he was defending his mother.

A soft smile graced Inuyasha's face. He responded with a gentle growl of reprimand, tapping the pup’s nose. This surprised the pup as he looked up with rich amber eyes slightly darker in tint than his fathers. The Pup sniffed the finger still by his nose recognizing it as his mother’s protector. He licked the finger while letting out a penitent whine.

Inuyasha gave a growl of acceptance. He didn’t notice the rousing of his mate. Nor did he notice the amused expression on her face. The pup let out a bark. Inuyasha understood his pup was hungry and turned to wake his mate only to see her staring back sporting a rather large smile.

“Pup’s hungry” he said.

Kagome nodded bring her child to her breast to feed. As the pup suckled Kagome went to comment on Inuyasha’s change. Inuyasha however cut her off.

“Hey Kagome there is something off with his scent and yokai.” Inuyasha started. Seeing Kagome’s confused look he continued. “It’s not of a quarter yokai. He smells like a hanyou and feels like a hanyou.”

Kagome furrowed her brow thinking of what he said. “Have you ever heard of a quarter yokai before?” Seeing him shake his head no she thought. “Well maybe half demons can only pass on their demon or maybe it’s your demon is so strong you only passed yours on. Maybe it could be a fifty-fifty chance on if you pass human or demon side on. I don’t know but either way he’s perfect.”

“Yeah he is.”

“Are you ready to hold him?” Kagome asked

“Yeah I think so.” Inuyasha responded stretching out his arms to receive the pup.

As soon as the pup was in his arms Inuyasha felt some unexplainable incomparable feeling. He felt complete with his mate but this was even more. His heart raced and silently he swore to always protect his pup. He finally felt like a father. He finally had everything he ever wanted. “Hey pup. You know you are less than a day old. Your so lucky you have the best mother in the world. Not sure about me but I will do my best. I love you pup. Kagome.”

“Yeah Inu”

He shifted the pup up to his shoulder and caressed his ears finally understanding his mate’s obsession with them. “I’d like to name our pup Keitaro.” He said nervously. “Is that good?”

“Keitaro? Blessed son. I like it. Why did you choose that?”

Inuyasha blushed. Though he was less embarrassed around his beloved he still thought it was a sign of weakness to show too much emotion. “Well I was just thinking about how I never thought I’d have a pup. I’m blessed to have a mate who would bear me a child and most certainly blessed to have one.” Inuyasha was bright red at this point but continued in spite of himself. “Also I thought of how blessed he is to have you for a mother. I have no idea how to be a father but I will learn. I will.” He seemed to be trying to assure himself more than anything. “And I was thinking how I would do anything for him and always love him.”

“Oh Inuyasha it’s perfect.” Tears welled in Kagome’s eyes. “You’ll be the best father. I know it.” She leaned forward and gave him a kiss. She yawned into the kiss and decided to lie back down.

“Kagome I think it’s Christmas now.” Inuyasha said as if suddenly remembering something. He reached into his haori and pulled out a small box covered in rice paper. “This is for you.”

“Oh Inuyasha” Kagome gasped. She opened the box to reveal a set of simple gold rings. Her breathing hitched. “They’re beautiful. What are they for?” She asked turning to her beloved.

Inuyasha twitched nervously still holding the pup to his shoulder. “Well you said a long time ago that when people got married in your time they gave each other rings to show their devotion. I wanted you and me to have that symbol of devotion. Maybe it was stupid. I could get you something else.”

“No!” Kagome yelled. “I love them. Thank you. I didn’t get you anything though.”

“Yes you did, you gave me everything, especially our pup. He is my Christmas miracle. I love you.” He said as he held his miracle closer.

“I love you too Inu.” Said Kagome.

Turning his attention back to the pup Inuyasha continued to play with his ears while whispering how much he loved him and how he’d always protect him and how lucky he was to have him. Suddenly a thought occurred to him. Turning to his mate he asked “Hey Kagome you weren’t serious about me never touching you or us not having sex again right?”

Kagome resisted the urge to roll her eyes. “No Inu I didn’t mean it. It was just the pain talking. Though it will be a few months before we can do anything intimate while I heal. I am surprised I didn’t need stitches.”

“Ok.” Inuyasha replied lovingly kissing her lips. Another thought occurred to him. “Hey Kagome what does neutered mean?”

Kagome giggled as she turned to explain.

As the sun rose, two yelps from father and son could be heard from the hut.

Merry Christmas all.

The End

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