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Oneshot gifts written for the Eternally-Destined 2013 Secret Santa event at deviantART. Plots are based on the recipients' specific requests.
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For Naruto3215 by ED Staff
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Recipient's name: Naruto3215
Story title: Gestures
Rating: K
Kagome returned, and after a short time of getting reacquainted with Inuyasha, he courted her, and they were mated. Their hut was situated between and a few paces back from the Bone Eater's Well and Goshinboku so both were in their front yard. Kagome wanted to be able to keep watch over both of them and preserve the land where her family's home would be built.

Now, sitting with her third babe at her breast and her two older pups sleeping soundly in their parents' bed with their father for warmth and protection from the cold winter storm outside, she remembered her first winter after her return.

As the seasons changed and winter set in Kagome's belly rounded, and her shape softened. She was expecting their first pup come the New Year. The women of the village were extremely helpful to the young miko, telling her the most practical items she would need for her offspring. They took her shopping in a neighboring village market to buy materials she would need for infant cloths, a sling to carry the baby in, and materials to make the baby's bed. They also passed along clothing she needed as she got bigger and wasn't able to make her clothing fast enough to cover her expanding belly.

She was thankful for being pregnant, because she never seemed as cold as everyone else was. She had read somewhere a pregnant woman exerted more energy at rest than a grown man did when scaling a mountain, and she believed that. It was almost Christmas and Inuyasha found her more often than not half undressed, sitting in front of the fire supporting her growing belly with her hands, meditating and breathing. When asked if she was cold he always got the same reply that she was comfortable, and her kimono was making her sweat. At night she had taken to wearing yukata to bed if she wore anything at all, claiming he put off so much heat he made her sweat. He shrugged it off, figuring she would cover up if she needed to. It was fine by him anyway, since being around a mostly naked mate all the time was quite enticing. Inuyasha also got to watch her body change and her belly swell, which was fascinating to him. She was so beautiful when she carried his young.

One night just before Christmas he came home to find her in her usual position, but unlike before she was staring blankly at the fire. He called her name, but Kagome didn't acknowledge she had heard him. When he settled in beside her she jumped when he placed his cool hand on the small of her back. He noticed her face was tear-stained.

"What's got you so spaced out?" He poked the dimming fire, adding a log to liven it back up.

"I was thinking of home. Right now it's a couple days before Christmas. Mama is making cookies, driving everyone crazy over decorating the house, and a few presents would be under the tree. I guess with the holiday I'm homesick." She smiled sadly and wiped her cheek.

"I remember Christmas at your house. I didn't care for all the trips to the market, but I remember the good food and the warm feeling I always got being there. It was nice." He put an arm around his melancholy mate. "I'm sorry you're missing it."

Kagome gave him a small smile. "It's ok. Maybe I'll make something special for supper tomorrow. Will you hunt for me? If you catch something big enough we can have Sango and Miroku over with the kids. We could pry be ready for a feast on Christmas Eve."

"If I hunt something that big it would take a couple days to cook." He feigned thinking it over until Kagome nudged him in the ribs. Laughing, he replied, "Ok, ok, I'll hunt for you tomorrow, and we'll have a Christmas Eve feast." He kissed her on the forehead, and then rose to make their pallet.

Early the next morning Inuyasha set out for his hunt, and by midday came back with a four-point buck. Enlisting Miroku's help, they spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning him, then spit the meat and put it over his fire pit to roast. Kagome spent her day with Sango at her hut cleaning and preparing vegetables and sweets for their meal.

Inuyasha left Miroku to watch the meat while he ran to the closest village market. While he was there he bought several festive looking obi, and some fabric, many blank pieces of parchment, ink, and a brush for Kagome. He also bought a wooden box to store her writing supplies in.

When he returned the sun was setting. He stowed away his purchases in his hut, retrieved his mate, and sent Miroku home. The rest of the night watched over the roasting meat, and decorated his hut while his mate slumbered.

Kagome woke to the delicious smells of roasted deer filling her hut. It had finished cooking some time before dawn, and Inuyasha had cut it from the bone, wrapped and tied it, and stored the meat in their hut while he disposed of what was left of the carcass. He returned to find his mate still in her yukata nibbling on a piece of meat she had freed from its holdings.

"Is it good?" He asked, laughing when she jumped.

Coughing over her bite it took several seconds before she could respond. "You scared the life out of me!" She licked her fingers. "This is amazing. I love it when you cook."

"I'm glad you like it. Now finish up and get dressed so we can get what's left to the kids." He patted her on the butt to scoot her along.

The rest of the day was spent at Miroku and Sango's hut with their children. The friends ate, told stories, played with the children, and when it was time for the kids to go down for their nap, Auntie Kagome joined them. While his mate was resting Inuyasha used the opportunity to go back to their hut, and with Miroku's help, it was decorated for Christmas.

The obi he bought was strung along the tops of the walls. The bolts of fabric he had bought for Kagome as gifts were tied with pieces of silk and propped in a corner of the room, and her new writing utensils were placed neatly on the floor next to them. He also took the opportunity to lie out their bedding. When he was finished he returned to Miroku's and waited for Kagome and the children to wake from their naps.

It was late in the evening before the couple returned to their home. Pulling aside the door flap Inuyasha let Kagome enter first, then follower her inside. Thankful it was so dark he helped her over to their futon and settled her on their bedding.

"Stay still for a minute. I have something for you," he whispered before walking to the fire. Within moments he had the fire roaring again, and their hut was flooded with light. Kagome gasped.

"When did you do all this?" She looked around the room, and was genuinely touched by her mate's kindness. He had used obi to decorate the walls for Christmas, and over in a corner of the room were presents. "Who are the presents for?"

"Well, let's see." He rose from crouching in front of the fire and walked over to the items in question. He gathered them up and brought them over to her. He sat down cross-legged in front of her and laid them out for her inspection. "I think they're for you."

"Christmas presents? But I didn't get you anything!" He could see she was genuinely distressed.

"Don't worry, some of them aren't really for you, but they're for you to use for the baby, so it doesn't count." He placed one of the three bolts of fabric in her lap.

Seeing the beautiful blue silk with the embroidered white cranes flying on it made Kagome's eyes tear up. "Thank you. It's really beautiful."

"You're welcome. There is enough for you to use to make something for yourself and the pup. You should have something nice for whenever you want to dress up and be girly." He leaned forward and kissed her cheek. Removing this bolt and setting it aside, he picked up another and sat that one in her lap. "This one isn't so special. Simple white cotton you can use for yukata or whatever else you'll need it for. But this one…" He removed the bolt of white and replaced it with a bolt of green. "Is the special one." Kagome looked at it. "Go ahead, touch it and tell me if you can guess what it is."

She reached out and ran her hand over the fabric in her lap. "Fire rat?"

"Yup! Had to special order it months ago. Got it in green because your school uniform was green. That's a color I'll always associate with you. Now you can have haori and hakama of your own to protect you, and you can make the pup one, too. Or just a blanket for now until we can figure out what color he is so we can order him his own color."

"Or her," Kagome corrected.

"Keh," Inuyasha grumbled. Kagome leaned forward and threw her arms around him.

"Thank you, Inuyasha. I was so sad that I was missing Christmas. This is just what I needed to pick me up. And the decorations are beautiful." She hugged him tighter.

Inuyasha wiggled in her grasp. "You're choking me." Laughing, she let go. "Thanks. Now, I have a couple more things, then you can hug me some more." He handed Kagome her new writing instruments. "Let me explain. My thought was you could start writing a diary, or letters to your mother. Eventually we can buy you a box to keep them in. Then, one day, they will end up at the shrine for your mother to read. There are so many artifacts there already; we can just pass them along through the generations until someone makes sure they end up with her."

Kagome began to cry. Taking all the gifts and shuffling them aside Inuyasha scooped Kagome up and sat her in his lap. Holding her close, he rocked back and forth making soothing sounds.

"I've missed them so much lately, and with the baby coming, my mama will never get to know him. I didn't know how I would tell her everything that's been happening or how I was feeling about being away from home. Then the holidays crept up on me, and I was so deeply sad I didn't know how to make it better. Thank you for giving me a way to tell her what happened to me." Kagome held on to Inuyasha as he rocked her, wiping her nose on the arm of her kimono every so often.

Kissing her forehead, Inuyasha replied, "Don't be silly. She deserves to know. Maybe I'll write her some, too. Especially when you're mad at me so she knows it wasn't just my fault.

Kagome remembered falling asleep that night feeling content for the first time since the first nights of her mating. She felt so much better knowing her mother would know what had happened with them, and how she had spent her life. She didn't know if the letters would survive, but she liked to think they would. Five hundred years wasn't that long, and she had known of things that had survived longer.

The babe in her arms squeaked and rustled in her green blanket. Although she knew their father loved all his daughters, she also knew he still secretly wished for a son. Laughing she thought, "Maybe next Christmas or so," as she settled back in with her family for the night.
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