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Oneshot gifts written for the Eternally-Destined 2013 Secret Santa event at deviantART. Plots are based on the recipients' specific requests.
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For Valeriemary309 by ED Staff
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Recipient's Name: Valeriemary309
Story title: The Best Gift This Christmas
Rating: G
I sat and listened to Sango’s story about the twin’s latest escapade. With the freshly fallen snow, the twins have been starting snowball fights with all the villagers and their little brother.

“My little boy was so cold he started to sneeze!” Sango said with concern. I giggled at her dismay.

“It’s ok Sango. I’m sure if anything it’s just a cold!” I assured her. Sango whipped the baby’s nose and gave a smile my way. I gladly returned an identical one.

Just as the little baby boy was about to fall asleep from Sango’s soothing rocking, Shippo burst through the cabin door and leapt into my lap.

“Shippo! What’s the matter?” I asked, hugging him close to calm his nerves. Shippo sighed in relief as he looked up at me with a huge grin. But before he could tell me why he was out of breath, two more little beings scrambled through the door with snowballs in each hand.

The toddlers reared their arms back, their eyes locked on Shippo and I, ready to throw. Just as they started to launch the icy clumps at us, Inuyasha breezed into the cabin and lifted the two into the air by the sashes around their waists. Out of surprise the twins dropped the now melting snowballs to the floor, giggling and struggling against their Uncle Inuyasha.

Inuyasha had a scowl on his face as he eyed the youngsters in his grasp. I giggled at the ordeal. I could see Inuyasha’s eyes twitch as he heard my laughter and glanced at me.

After I gave him a ‘try-to-have-fun’ look, he let the twins down as their father finally caught up with them. Miroku was out of breath and soaking wet from snow when he arrived. Sango leapt to her feet and rushed to his side, baby in tow.

I watched as Miroku and Sango got tackled by the twins and they all laughed. An arm wrapped itself around my waist and I knew exactly whose it was.

I scooted closer to the man in red sitting beside me. I chuckled to myself at the ironic comparison of Inuyasha and Santa Claus that my imagination stirred up. I looked over at him and he was starring at me intently with a look that was mixed with confusion, frustration and curiosity that made me want to give him a reassuring hug. But, since Shippo was in my lap, I had to settle with a shrug and a smile. He obviously wasn’t satisfied with my response.

When Sango returns with her family to the fire pit, Inuyasha grabs Shippo by the collar right out of my lap.

“Slay the fox demon.” He said as he casually tossed the small fox in front of the twins to torture. The twins screeched in excitement. They attacked the boy by starting to play tug of war with his limbs. Shippo struggled out of their grasps and escaped to the top of a corner pillar, looking like a cat chased up a tree by a pair of rabid dogs. I shook my head at the scene.

With the kids playing on the other side of the cabin, we were finally able to just talk like we used to.

“Everything has changed so much since last year.” I said with a smile. Sango nodded.

“It has! The twins were a lot less of a handful last year!” She joked. Miroku and I laughed while Inuyasha just crossed his arms and nodded in agreement.

“Yes but I am very excited for our baby boy to celebrate his first Christmas.” Miroku said as he leaned over to Sango and rubbed a finger along his son’s cheek. The baby yawned, causing his parents to smile.

Seeing the happiness in their eyes made my heart warm because I was so happy for them. Their family was growing before my eyes and I couldn’t love them more. Their kids may be rowdy at times, but I never think of them any less than my own family.

I felt so happy. I had my closest friends that I considered family with me to celebrate the holidays and the man that I loved and will spend the rest of my life with by my side. I leaned over and rested against Inuyasha. He happily wrapped an arm around me. I was so content in his warm embrace. I felt safe there. No one could hurt us if we were together. I closed my eyes to enjoy the feel of his arm around me.

Just then, Sango and Miroku stood and gathered the children. I sat up in surprise.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“We think it’s time to head home for the evening. The kids have had a big day today and it’s time for them to go to bed.” Miroku said with a smile and a wink. I blushed.

They wanted to give Inuyasha and I some alone time!

Sango even gave me a knowing grin. My blush deepened and my face felt like it was on fire.

“Merry Christmas you two! We’ll see you tomorrow!” Sango called as her family exited the cabin. I waved to them in goodbye, almost sad to see them go.

Shippo finally leapt down from the pillar and sighed with relief. He walked over to me.

“I’m going to stay with Kaede! She said she would teach me some spells for Christmas!” He told me excitedly. Inuyasha huffed.

“Well you better hurry then squirt. I bet the old hag is in bed by now.” Inuyasha said. Shippo scowled and turned away from him with his own huff.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Kagome. And Merry Christmas!” Shippo said as he jumped up and hugged me. I hugged him back.

“Merry Christmas Shippo! Be safe.” I told him in a motherly manner. He nodded before pulling away and prancing out of the cabin.

I was glad to finally be alone with Inuyasha. There weren’t many times today that I got these precious moments with him.

As soon as the coast was clear, Inuyasha quickly pulled me into a hug and kissed my lips. I didn’t fight him. I could feel the need he had to hold me close. I needed it too. Our lips broke free of one another and a rested my head on his chest. He picked me up and sat me in his lap.

“I missed you.” He said softly. I smiled. I sat up to look into his eyes. The molten amber eyes that looked back at me showed all the love in the world. All for me.

“I missed you too!” I told him. He smiled back at me. I decided it was time. It was now, or never. I had to give him his gift. “Inuyasha?” I asked. His smile dropped and he waited for me to continue. “I have a present for you.” His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. I giggled.

“In my time, it is tradition to give the ones you love gifts to celebrate Christmas.” I explained. It looked like a fog in his mind cleared as the idea sunk in.

“But I don’t have anything for you.” He said, his dog ears drooping. I giggled again.

“I didn’t expect anything from you.” I assured him. He nodded in agreement.

I grabbed his hand. He watched me intently, eager to see what I had for him. I pulled his hand closer to me. My heart was pounding. I placed his hand on my stomach. He was confused again. I rubbed his hand up and down a little. When he finally realized there was a bump in my belly, his eyes lit up.

“I’m pregnant Inuyasha.” I finally spoke. A big grin swept over his face. He pulled me into another kiss and hugged me tenderly. I laughed and hugged his neck.

I was so happy that he was excited for the baby. There wasn’t anyone else in the universe I would rather be with then him. I was meant for him, and him for me. Now, we were about to go on another journey together. Not one that required many miles to travel, or many demons to defeat, but a journey to raise a family together and live a happy life. All because of this Christmas gift. To me, this was the best Christmas gift Inuyasha could have ever given me.
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