Time Went On by gem1216
Summary: When he woke that morning he never once thought he’d be sitting at a table with the headmen. Nor did he think that she’d be sitting there with him. No, when InuYasha woke that morning he never had an inclining to today being as amazing and horrifying as it has become…

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Chapter 9 by gem1216
Author's Notes:
I apologize for such a LONG as hell delay! ENJOY!

InuYasha’s brain turned to mush in moments. Had he realized by speaking, he would have cause Gods know what to of crossed her mind, he might have re-thought what he said. Then again in this moment he could hardly be mad at himself for his actions. Whatever she was thinking it was good. Not in the “good idea” sort of way but in the “sweet merciful Kami you smell so good that I want nothing more than to have you writhing beneath me and act out whatever amazing thoughts you’re having,” sort of way. When he pushed off the door frame and into the hall he tried with all his might to fight it. Really he did, but her alluring scent added to almost four years of want, three of which her calming presence wasn’t even there for, was breaking him slowly. Every muscle tightened at his minds attempt to ignore what every other part of him was screaming to go for. That was till her one simple innocent move, watching as she darted her tongue out to run it over her lips broke him.

That simple moved proved his undoing and in this moment with his brain taking a nap and his senses in hyper drive he didn’t give a damn. The moment his mouth landed on hers he thought he died out of sheer bliss. He was standing in the home he hoped to share with Kagome kissing her and she was responding. All his pent up emotions poured out into this kiss, his loneliness, want and desire, and his love. His body moved on its own, one hand tangling its self in her hair guiding her head to give him more access, while the other splayed out over her lower back pulling her flush against him. He growled deep in his chest when her tongue fought for dominance of the kiss. But he wasn’t angry at the action, far, far from it, it only proved to excite him further.

If Kagome had thought she was goo before then she had evaporated. The heat of their passion being her end. At first impact she was stunned, but that shock to her brain didn’t keep her body from reciprocating. All conscience thought was gone, all that was left in its wake was the knowledge that InuYasha was kissing her. No scratch that, he was devouring her faster than if she was made of ramen herself. He was a starved man that had been left alone with no food, and she was more than happy to be his first meal in that moment. She was equally starved though and decided it was her turn. Gone where her fears of her naivety, replaced only by her own sheer wants, needs, and love for the man she clung to like a monkey. Wait when did she leave the ground? It didn’t matter, nothing except the man who she clung to in a desperate attempt to somehow remove any and all space between them.

When her tongue finally was able to invade his mouth the first thing she went for were those tantalizing fangs. The features he felt damned by she adored the most. Those ever dangerous pieces of ivory that sat at the edge of his lip on occasion always had her day dreaming. She soon found that they were far sharper then they looked when she felt the sting of the small cut she caused herself. Somehow the tiny amount of pain only heightened the whole experience for her causing her to bury her hands into his hair trying to force him impossibly close. Somewhere in her muddled passion filled mind she let her hand inch farther in search of a warm fuzzy appendage she had desperately wanted to touch.

He was on the losing end of a battle of restraint. When he tasted Kagome’s blood he almost died of heart ache at the thought he’d caused her harm and pain, but the woman in his hold surprised him by only becoming fiercer in her actions. He was beside himself in disbelief at the notion that physical attributes he had been damned by somehow fueled her more. When her hand connected with his ear in a slow scratch at the base, it was like he had been struck by lightning. The sensations traveled completely through him and he lost his balance a bit causing him to crush her against the wall for stability.

Feeling the impact forced the pair apart for the air they had forgotten was necessary. Kagome shivered and a moan escaped, as she felt claws gently scrape the base of her neck. There truly was no part of him she wasn’t attracted to. The only noticeable sound, save for their labored breathing. However as their foreheads rested on one another, Kagome’s mind started to come back to her and she stiffened a bit. What had just happened? Old self doubts flooded her, causing her to feel like she had just committed the ultimate sin. Even if InuYasha had been the one to kiss her, was it her he was kissing? Was it possibly just a matter of the day’s emotions becoming too much and pent up general hormones made themselves known? For as much as she loved him and wanted to give him literally everything she had, she couldn’t let herself just become a replacement, or some outlet for that matter. She frowned at her thoughts and tried to dislodge herself from InuYasha’s grip. Frowning further when he seemed to hold on tighter she chanced looking at him and gasped at the emotions swimming in his eyes.

Her sent said it all. Dear Gods what had he done? “Please… PLEASE! I’m sorry! Don’t leave!” He dropped his head to her shoulder, he felt like crying in agony. This isn’t what she wanted, at least not from him. She wanted no part of that. And now he’d gone and shattered their friendship. Clenching his jaw at his own foolishness he threw his pride away. What good was anything in his life if she left? “I’m a bastard, I know, I’m sorry. Just forget it happened. I thought that you and me… Never mind. Just PLEASE…” He stopped taking a breath and whispered, “Just don’t leave me again. We can stay friends if that’s what you want. Hell you can osuwari till you feel better, just don’t leave me.”

His words echoed in her mind. She didn’t plan on leaving. Never again. They could stay friends if that’s what she wanted? Did that mean he wanted more than that from her? Her heart leapt at he thought, they needed to talk, but she needed time to think. She had to say something though. She could almost feel his fright. He never pleaded or begged for anything. “InuYasha… I’m…” Sighing she set determination in her mind, “Look, I’m not going anywhere, ever, just let me down though. I, we, have to think and actually talk about some things. Not right now though, let’s get some sleep first.” She could feel his hesitance in letting her go, smiling she forced him to look at her and almost cringed at the desperation she saw. Steeling her nerves once more she smiled reassuringly at him and said, “I promised to always stay by your side didn’t I? Let’s just get some rest. I promise I won’t go anywhere.” Leaning forward she brushed a gentle kiss to his forehead and stroked his cheek, “Trust me,” she whispered.

All his tension left suddenly. Of course he could trust her. She was the only one he’d ever been able to fully trust. Nodding, he gently set her down, lingering in his hold a little longer then needed. She never pushed him away though and he took that as a hopeful sign. She was right there was a lot they needed to discuss and maybe right this moment wasn’t the right time. They had a few days before anyone expected to see them so there was time yet. Besides it was late and now, as the adrenaline receded, weariness took it’s place. Looking down at her, he couldn’t help the smugness seeping in from her appearance. Disheveled hair, swollen lips that were smiling brilliantly, and a flush that didn’t have much to do from embarrassment, all of which his doing.

He’d concede that although this isn’t how he expected their first kiss to go it had been one hell of one though. So, they needed to talk, that was evident from her sent alone not only her words. After a display like that there was something bothering her but he had initially guessed wrong that it was his actions. Who knows what was going on in her mind, whatever it was though she had doubts of something. Was it possible she didn’t understand what he had said to her years ago, before they left to fight Naraku? Hopefully that’s all it was. If that was the case than it was his own fault for never having been more forward about his feelings, he’d fix it though. Shaking his head clear of thoughts for now he took her hand and headed to the last room of the house. “Common last room to see, then off to bed for you.” His thoughts took on a happy note then. Maybe he could at least tell her the house was built for her tonight yet.

Coming to the last doorway Kagome stopped. It was another bedroom but it was much more eloquent than the dusty one across the way. There was a large fire pit with a warm and welcoming fire glowing with enough wood for the night. Behind that near the far wall was what looked to be a rather large and extremely comfortable futon with a few pillows and some blankets. Just another one of those things that didn’t belong in this era, she thought smiling. Chests lined the back wall where the light didn’t exactly reach, however there was something next to the futon that caught her eyes. Stepping all the way into the room and sitting on the edge of the futon, she smiled and started to cry. “InuYasha, where did you find these?”

Shifting uncomfortably from her tears, he responded from his place in the doorway, “When I came back, the bow was in the bottom of the well. I think when you ran to your mother you dropped it and it got dragged back with me. Your bag, well I found it. Somehow it wasn’t destroyed in the process when Naraku was.”

Tear still in her eyes she jumped up and slammed into InuYasha hugging him. “I can’t believe you kept it! Thank you so much!” She sobbed.

“What’d ya expect? I figured you’d want that stuff when you came back.” He said it before he could stop himself and was now almost as red as his clothing. It was true but it was still embarrassing. Pulling her gently from him and nudged her back to the futon, “Been a long day, go through it in the morning. Get some sleep.”

Kagome nodded fully ready to rest and stretch out on the beyond comfy futon, till a thought struck her. “Where are you going to sleep?” She had seen all the rooms and she could guess he wasn’t going to sleep in the spare bedroom since it was so dusty still. It was sweet of him to be willing to give up his room but she had her bag back and thus she probably still had her sleeping bag, not to mention there were pillows in the sitting space so she could be perfectly comfortable out there.

“I… eh, out there.” He said pointing. Frowning at the thought Kagome grabbed her bag intent on beating him to it. When she felt him stop her, “Kagome I’ll be fine. I don’t sleep long anyway.”

Shaking her head in the negative she attempted protest, but he wasn’t budging. Thinking it over she was about to give up until she thought about something. There were a few times he’d fallen asleep in her own bed and she was forced to shove him over to go to sleep herself. How would this be different? The futon was better than twice the size of her old bed so sharing shouldn’t be too hard? Of course she wasn’t really thinking of the position she’d be placing them in when she stated, “We can share. I mean we’ve done it before. And before you start it’s fine. Plenty big for two people to just sleep in.”

Swallowing around the lump in his throat he weighed his options. On one hand there were the implications of what she was purposing, she had said just sleep however, and she wasn’t stupid, so she said that for a reason. On the other hand he’d get to sleep next to her all night and be that much closer to her as well as her calming scent. Not to mention that even if they needed to talk in the morning this told him they could at the least stay friends. Giving up he sighed, “Fine.” Before walking over with her and claiming his side.

Kagome smiled as she laid down and settled herself under the covers. At least they’d always be friends, even if she wanted his heart at least she could take a small residence in it. Rolling over towards InuYasha she leaned in and kissed his cheek whispering, “Goodnight,” before rolling back over to let sleep take her.

She didn’t know it, but his hand rested on the spot where she kissed and he smiled. That simple gesture somehow meaning as much if not more than the heated kiss they had shared earlier. “Goodnight, Kagome.”
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