Time Went On by gem1216
Summary: When he woke that morning he never once thought he’d be sitting at a table with the headmen. Nor did he think that she’d be sitting there with him. No, when InuYasha woke that morning he never had an inclining to today being as amazing and horrifying as it has become…

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Chapter 8 by gem1216

InuYasha fidgeted nervously as he watched her, trying to gauge her reaction. Those self doubts giving rise inside of his mind once more. Would he ever be rid of them? Doubting that also, he let his mind take that well know path of waiting for rejection. Even if he spent all his time making this for her it wouldn’t mean much if she didn’t like it. Worse yet what if she didn’t want it because he had been the one to make it? Dear Gods he didn’t think he could live if that was the case. Telling her to open her eyes was hard for him. Maybe he should have waited and just taken her back to their friends. But it was done, he’d let his mouth over run him once again and now he felt extremely vulnerable. Not something he liked.

But Kagome had that effect on him. He was stronger yet so weak when it came to her. She was his air and suffocation all at once. For the life of him he never could understand his confusing feelings when it came to her. The moment he woke from his fifty year sleep, if you would call it that, he was drawn to her. After his nose had confirmed for him what his eyes and ears had been trying to tell him, that she was someone new, someone different, he was stuck. Even if he had been able to get the jewel from her, he doubted he would have strayed far from her presence. There was always something about her that he just needed to be near.

It went far beyond the mere intrigue he had when it came to staying around Kikyo. With Kikyo it had been a reluctant friendship at best. He was mad at her inability to try and really fight him. He could take it damn it! Even if she was a powerful miko, he could have survived. He wasn’t the bastard society thought, he never would have killed her, hurt sure, but only enough for him to have gotten the jewel he so desperately want back then and make his escape. Eventually he grew interested in the lone woman. He felt a kindred spirit of sorts. And maybe she did too. In the end though, his feeling for her never once stood a chance against Kagome.

He tried to force himself to stay drawn to Kikyo but he never could deny his instincts. Those first moments in meeting Kagome raked his brain in overload. Her sent, the fire in her eyes, the softness of her features, her ability to put her full trust instantly into him, and the fact she didn’t care what he was but only disliked him because of his behavior, all of it just sucked him in and head first he fell. Never liking the feeling of vulnerability and attachment he suddenly had to her, had caused him to lash out at her. She took the brunt force of his emotional turmoil. And yet she stayed. Hell she practically begged him to let her, when it should have been the other way around. He wondered if she ever knew the true power she held over him.

No one had ever trusted him so fully. Well no one that wasn’t his mother. But Kagome gave it willingly over and over. Through all the harsh words from him, all the tricks played on them, all his transformations, she never wavered. She was never once afraid of him. Even when he had taken that first swipe in her direction he didn’t smell fear, no he smelt and heard her sudden anger and confusion. Of course in those days it always just wracked his nerves more. Then the cycle they always fell into would start again. He got confused, lashed out at her, she’d get upset and confused, lash back, harsh words, subjugation, eventually leading to her running off down the well. Eventually one of them would use the well and see each other again and put the past behind them. Time would go on and then the cycle would repeat.

He had taken her presence for granted, thinking that he’d always go get her when he was damn well ready. He had been such a fool. Now, his nerves were in shamble again at the thought that since she never truly knew what she meant, no, means to him, that he may have ruined his one and only chance at happiness. He almost whimpered at the thought. The years without her had taken their toll and the day of her return has left him scared. All his determination over the last three years being tossed to the wayside and overcome by fear. The ‘what if’s’ were clouding his mind till her shocked voice flooded his head. Shaking his thoughts away he waited on a baited breath for her response.

“My Gods, InuYasha.” Kagome was beside herself with shock and awe at what she was seeing. The home in front of her was something out of the modern era. Or at least close enough to. She couldn’t believe the sheer size of it! Even in the dark she could see how well it had been constructed. The time and effort that went into it was unfathomable considering that there weren’t things like construction equipment or power tools to be used here to erect such a structure. This was unquestionably something that had been built since she was gone. They hadn’t walked far so it’s something she would have noticed from her days wondering the surroundings of the village. She couldn’t help but stand there and stare in wonder of the structure. “It’s beautiful.” She claimed in an awe struck voice.

That simple statement tossed all the fears welling up inside InuYasha out to be ignored. He smiled, pride bubbling out. Something he did, he made, he and he alone, she thought was beautiful. “Ya think so, huh?” He asked. He saw her nod silently. The wonderment in her eyes filling him with excitement.

Her question made him laugh a bit. “How long has it been here?”

Thinking he said, “Not much over a year.” She nodded once more to that. He frowned slightly, he hadn’t brought her here just to stand outside and stare. Growing impatient, he reached out and grasped her hand once more damn near dragging her to the entrance. He built the whole thing for her not just the outside. There was so much more to see.

Finally snapping out of her daze, Kagome pulled back a bit. “What are we doing? We can’t just waltz right in there like we own the place, baka.”

This time his laughter wasn’t silent at all. With a smile plastered on his face and mirthful glint in his eyes he turned to her and said, “Why the hell not? That’s what it’s there for since we do own it, baka.” He inwardly cringed at his choice of words. She did own it, that was certain, but ‘we’ didn’t. Not yet, and that wasn’t something he was sure of yet. From her reaction though he was sure she was at the very least staying right here where he could protect her, but whether or not he was going to do that from inside was up for debate yet. However in this moment he didn’t know whether to sigh in relief of frown from disappointment as it appeared she either chose to ignore or entirely missed his slip of the tongue. He decided that it didn’t matter though since she was the one dragging him to the doorway.

Kagome hadn’t caught on to what he said. She only understood that InuYasha lived here, that this was his. She was surprised to say the least, but considering the way it looked she wasn’t that surprised. Reaching the door though she was further impressed by the fact that it wasn’t a simple tatami mat door but shoji in style minus any paper, this door was solid. Try as she might though she couldn’t slide the door and so she huffed knitting her brow in confusion. Was it simply too heavy for her to move? She jumped at the feel of InuYasha directly behind her. Turning slightly so as to look at him she pouted a bit while saying, “It won’t budge.”

Suppressing the urge to lock onto the full lips that were pouting at him he winked saying, “That’s cause there’s a trick to it.” Seeing her look that spoke of a sarcastic “really?” he bristled a bit, “Don’t give me that look. How else am I supposed to protect what’s inside if I’m not here?” nodding to himself at his choice of words this time. He built the entrance with her in mind. There are times he’s away from the village, although he won’t be doing that any time soon, but when he was gone and she was alone, that door would be the only thing between her and whatever was stupid enough to try and get in. It didn’t hurt, either, that it had kept his friends from barging in over the years to drag him out when he didn’t want company at all. That just was a perk of the design he built with only her on his mind.

Kagome considered him for a moment. He had a point. It was no different from her family locking the shrine doors when no one would be home. She had just grown so accustomed to everything being so open here that locks weren’t much consideration on her part. Smiling she realized she was just as guilty as so many others for not giving InuYasha’s inelegance and forethought the benefit of the doubt. “Sorry, I wasn’t expecting a lock is all.” Clasping her hands together she continued with an enthusiastic, “OK! Show me what to do.”

Nodding to her he pointed, “See that piece of wood that looks darker?” At her nod he continued, “Push it, then twist it, slide the door open then put it back in place. It will lock the door again on its own when you close it.”

Doing as she had been told, Kagome couldn’t help but be astounded by his sheer creativity. After following his instructions the door slid weightlessly over. Pale moon light, and a few dying embers was all that offered light though. So, Kagome moved off to the side to allow InuYasha to enter. When he told her to wait there while he started the fire she did while being sure to remove her shoes so she could rush in and look around the second there was enough light. She still couldn’t believe he had done this, let alone in less than the three years she’d been gone. For all the complaining he did about the modern era he must have taken a liking to some of it. “Ya know you always hated going through the well but, your home looks like something from the modern era. I always knew you didn’t hate it as much as you claimed to.” She said voicing her own thoughts.

The fact that she said “modern era” wasn’t lost on him. Actually it stuck to him. Normally she would have claimed possessiveness over it, but now she’s distanced herself from it. Shrugging it off for now and adding that to one of the many things he wanted to talk with her about over the next few days he merely made an indignant, “Keh” his replay and went back to building the fire. He didn’t plan making it big since there was little doubt that sleep would want to claim them both very soon. Just needed enough logs caught to be able to start a fire in the other room for her to sleep in. The one out here would get banked for the night and be left to go out. The slight chill of the night wouldn’t affect him like it would her.

It had only taken InuYasha a few more moments before the room was in a wash of orange glow. Kagome took what she saw in, in wonder. There was a normal sitting area with the large hearth, but off to the side of that was a large space with shelves of herbs, barrels lined the wall, filled with rice and pickled vegetables no doubt, and then more shelves with cooking equipment as wells as bowls. Not only that but there was a low lying table that she assumed was for preparing. After taking it all in she noticed there was a hall that led to some other distance within. InuYasha’s voice broke her out of her trance, from somewhere deeper within he bellowed, “You just gonna stand there wench? You can look around ya know.” Smiling, she walked in fully now.

After inspecting all there was to look at in this section she ventured towards the hall. InuYasha had disappeared down there and had yet to return. The closer she got the more she thought she heard the sounds of water. Thinking that impossible she laughed at herself. Hearing this InuYasha emerged leaning on a door frame from a room, which also now had the orange glow of a fire in it, sporting a smirk. “I hear water?” She asked confused.

“Well, go figure it out then. There’s no more locks on the doors inside.” He replied.

Sticking her tongue out at him for the tease, she went and opened the first door she saw. Figuring it was a bedroom of sorts since there was bedding folded against the wall, and a few chests, she didn’t bother to go too far in. From the few steps she did take in though she could tell it was dusty. This room was sparingly used. “Guess I’ll be cleaning your house.”

“Oi, what the hell is that supposed to mean?” He yelled.

“InuYasha, you can’t honestly tell me you don’t smell the dust in here.” She stated giving him a pointed look.

Shrugging he said, “I never go in there. First time in a while that door’s been opened.” Rolling her eyes at him she shut the door and moved on. When she made her next target the room he was still blocking, he shook his head at her, “N’less you’re done looking around don’t go in there yet.”

“Why not?” She pouted.

Resisting the urge to capture those pouty lips again he sighed, “Cause that’s where you’re sleeping. So make it the last stop.”

Relenting she went down the hall. There she found a storage room with odds and ends in it. The sound of water got louder at the end of the house. Opening the door to her right she was shocked to find a toilet of all things! Given it wasn’t like the ones from the modern era but still impressive none the less. That’s why she heard water. Looking down she could see the stream that ran under the floor. “InuYasha you’re a genius!” She heard his bark like laugh but kept going, “No, seriously! I don’t think anyone will figure out how to do this here for a long time yet!”

“Glad you like it,” he said. More of that pride welled up inside him. She hasn’t said a bad thing yet. Well, minus the dust comment. But damn it he didn’t clean things, mostly because he still wasn’t used to it. Sure when the stale smell got to him he would break down but, that room was almost never used. Shippo being the only one to ever stay here, and dust being preferable to the other smells from Miroku’s and Sango’s home or annoying questions from Rin at Kaede’s place. Stifling a yawn he said, “Hurry up would ya? I want to get some sleep.”

Raising an eyebrow, Kagome replied, “Really now? And what do you have to do tomorrow?”

‘You’ his mind thought. Realizing that was not something to say out loud he glared at her while trying to sound angry rather than flustered, “Nothing, baka. I’m just tired.” Pausing for a moment he smirked again saying, “I’m all yours for the next few days since you said we’re not goin’ nowhere.” You could hear the implications of what he said just in his tone alone. Mentally shrugging he couldn’t help the hentai turn his mind went. Damning the bozo for rubbing off on him, he waited for her reaction. He missed teasing her, sure, but he was almost not teasing also. His smirk grew to a fangy grin at the sent that assaulted him.

Maybe he owed the monk for rubbing off on him. If he hadn’t then something like that never would have came out before. Then he might not be doing the mental dance he was doing. He could smell the emotions in her sent, angry, confused, embarrassed, excited, embarrassed again, then finally settling with aroused excitement. That he considered one win on his side. So the implied concept didn’t appall her, but rather excited her. He watched the blush spread over her, while he heard her squeaked replay of, “oh”. He kept his laugh in his mind at her actions.

Suddenly though he felt uncomfortable with himself. Ok, sure he had started it. He went and tested the waters verbally twice now, but it’s not like he actually knew what he was doing. In essence sure, everyone knew what to do to an extent. But he’s never once been in a situation like this. This first intimate contact he’d ever had was the day Kikyo tried to drag him to hell, and even then he wasn’t sure what the hell to do. At the same time he had been in such shock over the action his mind couldn’t respond. Kagome had been the first person to willingly touch him in a kind way since his mother had past. All the time he had spent with Kikyo had always been spent with a respectable distance between them. He had never once touched her except in the “your life is possibly in danger, so you need to move,” kind of way until after she had been resurrected.

Then again he never thought anyone would want him to touch them, period. At the very least not as a hanyou. Not until Kagome. She taught him that it was ok to show emotions, verbally and physically. He still had trouble with both, but he knew it was simply ok, even for him. A small smile tugged at him at that thought. Nothing he’d done since awakening would have ever been possible without Kagome, and that included his awakening. There was so much he had to thank her for. So many gifts she had given him that he owed his thanks for. If she gave him the chance though, he’d tell her and show her till the day he took his last breath. So lost in his thoughts, Kagome’s shriek startled him.

“InuYasha! This is AWESOME! How in the world did you do this?” She was standing in a bathing room! She couldn’t see well but she could tell what it was in the moon light. How in the Gods did he figure this out? The tub was raised and feeling it she could tell the base was made of metal, so a fire could be lit under it to heat the water she concluded. But by the Gods this was astounding! The greatest of the modern convinces right there in his house, a few hundred years before possible. “I’m never leaving this place.” She mumbled. Too bad for her InuYasha had amazing hearing, because when his simple, “Good,” reached her she nearly died from embarrassment again. Such a simple implication had her turning to goo inside all over again.

Her own hopes and fantasies began to surface, causing a deep crimson to color her skin once more. When had Miroku rubbed off on her? Conceding to herself she realized that he wasn’t her only ‘bad’ influence. Realistically the modern era was to blame. Having been raised there she had been exposed to everything sexual since an early age. And although she and zero experience in that field she wasn’t prudish to it either. Maybe a little naive but defiantly not a prude, after all she was a product of her environment. But was that a good or bad thing? Women of this era were expected to be shy and submissive. If there was any chance of a romantic relationship with InuYasha would he be expecting her to be like that? In the past something as simple as a hug had made him standoffish to her, but then again he had been the one to embrace her no more then maybe an hour ago. Her blush deepened at that thought. Maybe she could show him what benefits there were to her having been born in the modern era? Snorting a bit to herself, she was pretty sure there were things she could tell Miroku that would cause him to sputter.

Shaking her head and growling at herself she shifted uncomfortably. What was she doing? She can’t have thoughts like that! Thank the Gods InuYasha couldn’t read her mind right now, he’d either be disgusted or appalled by her thoughts. Then again… ‘NO NO NO,’ she screamed in her mind! Taking a deep breath she turned around and went back up the hall. This had been the last door other than the one InuYasha blocked. He said not to go there until she was ready to go to sleep. Well, maybe sleep was what she needed to clear her dirty mind out.

Looking up in time to see him no longer in the doorway but in the hall she was stopped in her tracks from the look in his eyes. He looked like he was fighting an inner battle. Over what she wasn’t sure but she could feel her own anticipation grow. Something was going to happen. She had seen that look before but this time it was so much more heated, ten times more extreme than she remembered. Licking her suddenly dry lips she watched as his eyes seemed to follow the movement carefully. As she opened her mouth to say something, she was stopped by a mouth not belonging to her.
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