Time Went On by gem1216
Summary: When he woke that morning he never once thought he’d be sitting at a table with the headmen. Nor did he think that she’d be sitting there with him. No, when InuYasha woke that morning he never had an inclining to today being as amazing and horrifying as it has become…

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Chapter 7 by gem1216

Upon reaching Miroku and Sango’s home they stopped when Miroku spoke up suddenly, “Why don’t you lovely ladies go ahead inside and check on the children. InuYasha and I will gather wood for the evening.” Before anyone could lay protest the monk had practically dragged InuYasha off. When Miroku felt they were far enough away from the girls ear shot he stopped finally.

“What the fuck Miroku?” InuYasha demanded. “Since when do you need to go so far away to get wood? Not to mention why the hell did I…”

Miroku cut off his tangent starting one of his own, “Look baka shut up and listen.” Seeing InuYasha’s stunned expression he hurried on talking before he could be interrupted, “The Kami have given you a blessing and I’ll be damned myself if I let you mess this up. I was able to give you time to talk to her and you better figure this out. We’ve watched the two of you dance around each other to only then have to watch you turn into a shell of who you are. I know how you feel, now she needs to know. And before you even start about Kouga, don’t! I’m sure she tossed out his name because he lives the farthest away from anyone we know.” Straightening his robes and calming his own annoyance Miroku continued, “Now, I’m going to gather some wood and head inside. You are going to stay out here. I’m sure it won’t take too much convincing to get Kagome-san to see where you have headed off to. Got it?”

InuYasha just nodded dumbly. He was at a loss of words. On one hand he wanted to punch the bastard for being such an ass. But on the other hand he wanted to hug him for understanding and going out of his way like he had. To InuYasha it meant the world that his friends were trying to find a way to get him and Kagome alone. They wanted to see the two of them together. They accepted the would be relationship and encouraged it.

But then again Miroku couldn’t be sure that Kouga was just an excuse. He basically admitted he guessed as much. A guess wasn’t a solid confirmation by any means. It would be just his luck that this would happen. He pinned away for Kagome for so long only to have his hopes dashed aside before they could really rise again. Who was he to think he had a chance? What was the point anymore? He should just give up and except his lonely fate. He’d tag along with Kagome as long as she’d let him but once she settled down, started a family of her own, once she started her life he wouldn’t have much room in it. Resigning himself to defeat, InuYasha started to walk off. He didn’t want to stand witness to Kagome not coming out. No, he’d go off to think on his own till sun rise then he’d take her north like he promised. At least while on the trip he could pretend a little since it’d be just the two of them. That was something right?

As Miroku entered his home, he couldn’t help but smile at the two women who sat chatting. Kagome was holding their newborn so lovingly. “She’ll make a fine mother some day,” he thought. Setting the wood down gently he took his place beside Sango to build up the fire for the night.

Kagome waited, but after a few moments she began to worry. “Miroku-chan, where is InuYasha?”

Shrugging he replied, “I believe he stayed outside. Probably headed off somewhere to brood knowing him.” He was forcing himself to not smile at the look of concentration crossing Kagome’s face.

Kagome bit her lip. He couldn’t possibly still be mad about the whole Kouga comment could he? Wouldn’t Miroku of explained that while they were away? Handing the infant to Sango, Kagome looked at her friends and spoke her concerns, “I know you guys planned on me staying here tonight, but I need to speak with InuYasha. I can’t let him continue to think what only Kami knows he is. I’ll be as quiet as I can be when I come back, I just…”

Sango and Miroku exchanged looks of knowing as well as the briefest of smiles. Raising his hand to stop Kagome, Miroku said, “We never truly planned that you’d be staying here. Kagome-san, all my usual kidding aside, InuYasha has waited for far too long as it is. We expect there is already a place for you set up in his home. Now please, go to the baka and be happy.” Losing his sincerity and turning into the Miroku they all knew he added, “Besides you two have plenty of time to reacquaint yourselves now, ne?” The suggestive smile plastered on his face caused Sango to land an elbow in his rib at such comments.

Blushing wildly, but giggling none the less, Kagome took her leave to try and find InuYasha. Although Miroku teasing her was something new, she wasn’t surprised that he realized her true intentions. After all the long, and seemingly unending, conversations between her and Sango over their travels revolving around Kagome’s feelings for the hanyou, it wouldn’t be surprising if Miroku knew some of those details. Sango was his wife now, and as such it would be only natural to have shared some of those thoughts. She’d never fault her friend, to Kagome it wasn’t a breach of confidence by any means. Spouses talk and confide in one another, it was that simple.

Sighing at her thoughts, she did realize that for as much as those two may have talked it seemed that InuYasha was still out of the loop. For him to have gotten as angry as he is that had to be the case. But on the other hand did that mean that her love wasn’t quite as unrequited as she once thought? She was long past misconceptions of her feelings of being a mere replacement to him. She knew InuYasha saw her for who she was, but did that mean he wanted her like she wanted him? It didn’t. All it meant was that he only saw Kagome when he looked at her.

Had she made a mistake in coming back? She knew she didn’t belong in her birth time. She had been so disconnected from it for so long she would never find her place there. She listened to her mother and did what felt right to her heart when she jumped into the well earlier that day. For as much as she felt just right being here though, she didn’t come back just to be here. Their friends knew that but did InuYasha? Maybe he did and that’s why he was so angry. Was it possible he felt pressured to do something he, himself had no interest in? Was all he ever considered between them was friendship and nothing more? Could it be possible that there was no room for her in his life for more than what they already had? He might not of looked at her as a replacement because maybe he didn’t want to replace the hole Kikyo’s absence has caused. Her head was starting to hurt with all the questions and new found worries.

She stopped walking. She could feel his aura she knew where he was. But she could just as easily turn back and just give up. She’d only been a few moments from her friend’s home. Shaking her head and squaring her shoulders she stood her ground. She had not just given up everything she’d ever known growing up to run like a coward now. No, she had to talk to InuYasha. She’d make him sit there and listen if she had to. She’d rather be a part of his life then 500 years away from him. And if he rejected her romantic intentions then she’d go to the headmen in the morning and tell him she’d be honored to become the miko of this village. At least then they could keep their friendship like it was and try and ignore the inevitable embarrassment she was about to go through. Nodding at her decision she continued walking in InuYasha’s direction.

As she crested the hill she was walking up, her heart skipped a beat, butterflies swarmed her stomach, and her breath caught. She had forgotten just how clear the nights here were, she had forgotten just how stunning InuYasha’s silhouette was. His silver hair shinned brilliantly against the ink of the sky and the red of his clothing. His ear twitching in her direction though gave her cause to move once more and take a seat as close to him as she would dare just yet. But she was feeling a bit daring and so there wasn’t much room left between them. Nothing was said for a moment. Kagome merely sat and took in the beauty around her before breaking the silence with a smile in his direction and a simple, “Hey.”

Since being left alone by Miroku, InuYasha was a bundle of doubts and nerves. He talked himself into and out of saying something to Kagome over and over again. Finally coming to the over look near his house he gave up and plopped onto the ground burring his head in his hands. Could he change her mind? Maybe if she saw what he’d done for her, for them, while she was gone she’d reconsider? She’d at the very least stay here in the village, right? She wasn’t so mean as to take a gift and toss it aside. That was it! He’d show her the house, and then, slowly, maybe he could change her mind. Looking to the sky he counted how many days he had. Less than five till the full moon. Would that be enough time to talk her out of a life with the wolf?

He’d never admit it to anyone, but he wished he had Kouga’s brazen bravado for once. That flea bag sure as hell didn’t know when to shut his trap, but he could fling the words InuYasha needed at that moment without hesitation. He was no good with words. How could ever get Kagome to understand? He had tried years ago, and he thought she understood then. But, they were from different times. She could have not understood what his proclamation to protect her had actually meant. What her words had meant to him.

He hated words. What good were words with no actions? But then what good were actions with no words? Stupid words, always getting in his way, always making his head hurt. Raking his hands down his face he tossed himself on the grass. Staring at the sky he begged anything listening to help him. He couldn’t lose her again. But nothing seemed to answer his silent plea. Sighing he was about to give up. Then he smelt her sent on the wind coming towards him.

Sitting up quickly and straightening himself out, he turned his ears in her direction. Yes she was certainly coming. For a moment he wondered what Miroku had to say to convince her to come, but he quickly dismissed the thought. It didn’t matter all that mattered was that she came. As she approached he kept his gaze to the sky. He dared not move for fear she’d leave. A stupid fear he knew but one he had all the same. It hadn’t gone unnoticed just how close she was sitting to him either. Was there hope? Or had she forgotten about personal space momentarily?

Try as he might he couldn’t think of what to say. His head was hurting again. Stupid words. Suddenly her amazing voice graced his ears and he visibly relaxed. Daring to look in her direction he froze all over again. That smile, her smile, directed at him of all things. He lost his mind in that moment. All inhibitions were tossed aside. Before he could even stop himself he had pulled her into a bone crushing hug.

Kagome hadn’t expected to be embraced, let alone so suddenly or forcibly. Shocked wasn’t even a beginning to her feelings in that moment. But that moment of hesitation was all it took to have InuYasha jumping to wrong conclusions again. Before she could respond and reciprocate the motion he had let go and was inching himself away from her with a mumbled, “Sorry,” tossed in for good measure. Regaining her thoughts Kagome rolled her eyes at him. Inching closer to him yet again and making herself comfortable she leaned herself fully into his side placing her head on his chest. Giggling a bit and sighing her content, she asked, “For what?”

“Never mind,” he replied with an air of awe to his voice. She was cuddling into him. His heart felt like it would burst any moment. Considering where Kagome was he was damn sure she could hear it too. He was silently grateful she couldn’t see his face at the moment because it was redder then his clothing. They had embraced plenty of times before. He carried her on his back constantly for Kami sake. The close proximity shouldn’t be reeking havoc on his poor mind. Or so he tried to tell himself. Truth was they were sitting in a much more familiar way then he had ever been accustomed to. He sure as hell wasn’t about to complain though. If anything he felt like out right howling.

Suppressing the mortifying urge he chose to just settle into her as well. Fear gripped him as he daringly draped his arm over her. Waiting to kiss the dirt, Kagome yet again surprised him when she tried to burrow deeper into him. That’s when he heard it. She had done it again! He was sure of it she had scented him. Why would a human do something so canine like? Nodding to no one but himself he decided he was going to ask. “Kagome?” Hearing her muffled noise of acknowledgment he continued, “Why’d you just do that?”

Kagome was in heaven. Not only did InuYasha not push her away, nor shy away from her, but he cuddled with her! Nothing could make it better. Well, there were things that could make it better but she’d take this moment and relish in it. The drum of his heart, although amusing with it’s speed, was starting to lull her to sleep. She was peaceful, content, and for the first time in recent memory, truly happy. That was till he spoke. She was confused. What had she done just now? Coming up with a blank she asked, “What are you talking about? What did I do?”

He blushed. Was she playing stupid or did she not even realize it? “Forget it.” Better to drop the subject than risk pissing her off.

Scrunching her nose in annoyance, Kagome sat up, both of them instantly feeling the loss of the embrace, as well as Kagome noticing how cold the night air was getting. Shaking a bit to clear her head as well as from the cold she looked at him, “No, InuYasha, I want to know. I promise I’ll answer you, I just don’t know what I did. Please.”

Turning from her a bit, in hopes she wouldn’t notice the bright huge his face had taken on; he cleared his throat and tried to act indifferent with his response. “I was just curious. It’s not a big deal. But,” he hesitated feeling his face grow warmer. Stupid emotions. Chancing a quick look he saw her intense stare waiting for him to continue. Sighing his resignation he blurted, “You scented me and I wanted to know why.”

Scented? What on earth was he talking about? Kagome had to think and when she realized what he was asking it was her turn to grow bright. “Oh,” she stated simply. Shifting her weight a little she fought an inner battle. She could just blow it off and say she didn’t know, but she had promised to answer him. Why did he have to ask that though? For as much of herself as she was ready to put on the line this tiny tid-bit seemed to be like her deep sin she kept for herself. But a promise was a promise, so steeling her nerves she answered as honestly as she could muster, “I well, you see, oh geez. It calms me. You just have this smell that reminds me of you. And it makes me calm and makes me feel safe.” Quickly glancing at him from the corner of her eye she couldn’t make out his expression. His face was a mask again. Feeling a bit dejected she mumbled quickly, “Sorry I’ll try not to do it again.” With that said she shifted a bit away from him, bringing her arms up to rub chill out. Weather it was from the night air or the feeling like she over stepped her boundary with him, she couldn’t be sure.

InuYasha on the other hand was floating on cloud nine for a moment. She was calmed by his scent. His, not someone else’s. Him. He calmed her and made her feel safe. Male smug pride swelled and he once again really wanted to howl his joy. Forcing that thought down once more he sobered up a bit. But one good look at him and anyone could see that he was busting at the stoic appearance seams. But that would have taken a good look, not a sideways glance. Quickly he realized just how embarrassed Kagome was from his lack of speech. Hearing her apology he was trying to think of what to say. Once again he damned his lack of words. But once again actions spoke louder.

Taking a deep breath and preparing for the worst he plunged forward. Just like any battle he’d ever been in diving head first into it was his answer. And although his life wasn’t at risk of being lost his heart sure as hell was. But reservations be damned if he couldn’t tell her he’d show her. Using the speed the Kami graced him with, he moved closer to Kagome once more and pulled her to him. Wrapping his arms around her and burring his nose into her neck, he made it a point to loudly take a deep reassuring breathe in. Heaven. Having her like this in his hold with his nose pressed to her skin, it was heaven. When he felt her relax and cradle his head to her, he relaxed even further. He could die happy in this moment. Kagome seemed to realize what he was trying to tell her and accepted it. For the first time in years he allowed himself to smile and finally found a few words, “It’s always been the same for me.”

Kagome giggled. Not at his words, but at the feel of his breath on her skin. Apparently her neck was one of those odd ticklish places. Sporting a smile herself at what he had said, she tilted her head further to the side to give him more room. But then a thought hit her and her smile grew at the memory, “You always said you hate the way I smell.”

He chuckled against her as the memory came to mind. Kagome was always good at making him feel light hearted and happy. Turning his head slightly he whispered in her ear, “I lied.”

A shiver ran through her settling deep inside. Weather it was how he said that or where she was unsure. But one thing she did know what the effect he was starting to have on her. How many nights had she dreamt of him? Furthermore how many of those dreams turned into her waking red faced and flustered? She didn’t even want to count. Although she was still a bit shy on the subject she was by all means still very much a woman with desires and her body wanted to remind her of that. Too bad it had to be at a moment like this. Something that started so sweet was sure to end terribly. She felt his silent chuckle and then once again he was whispering and causing a swarm of emotions. All it took was his simple question of “You cold?” to cause her to fluster further. She had tried to swallow the lump in her throat, but it just wouldn’t leave. She had also tried to sound normal, but that failed as well. When her squeaked reply of “no,” came out, her mortification grew further. Maybe he wouldn’t notice and just think she was trying to act brave and was actually cold. Maybe she was just unlucky sometimes, or was that extremely lucky?

He felt her shiver before he smelled the change. But the two were milliseconds apart. Being this close to her let him realize far sooner than normal what her shiver really was. He smiled a devilish grin at this sudden knowledge. Maybe changing her mind wouldn’t be so hard after all. But then again it could have just been innocent in response. There was only one way to really find out. So, keeping his lips close enough to her ear, just to test the waters, he asked if she was cold. Her reaction caused that male smug pride to double. Gods the things he wanted to tell her, show her, do to her. So many dreams, wishes, fantasies, that he could have only hoped would one day be possible. He wasn’t brazen like Koga, or a master of charm like Miroku, but damn it he was going to find a way to at least find out unquestionably where he stood in Kagome’s life. First thing was first though. Leaning back from her yet not giving up his hold, he said, “It’s late you need your sleep if we’re leaving early.” Trying to keep his anger at the thought at bay, he waited to see what she was going to say. Still full of doubt, he clung to the possible hope Miroku was right though.

Shivering a bit, this time from the lack of warmth, helped to sober Kagome’s suddenly hazy mind. “Leave?” She questioned out loud. Where could they be going? Looking at InuYasha she could see the scowl he wore. Why was he so mad suddenly? You could almost hear the proverbial light bulb turn on as Kagome’s sudden laughter filled the quiet night.

“Oi, what’s so funny wench?” InuYasha asked annoyed.

Trying to calm herself she looked at him shook her head. “InuYasha, you actually think that after three years away I’d want to go traveling half the county side again? I mean sure in time seeing old friends might be nice but I’m in no hurry.” She laughed again at his denseness, “Baka, it was just an excuse so I didn’t have to make a life changing decision on the fly. Then again, I don’t know what I’m going to do for the next few days or so. I mean I can’t go near the village since they expect me to be gone…”

InuYasha cut her off suddenly, “Can I show you something?” He let the words tumble out carelessly. He couldn’t contain them since he was desperately trying to contain his excitement over her reaction a moment before. Miroku had actually been right! She had said herself she was in no hurry to leave! He tried to contain the excitement and put on an indifferent face. But he was failing miserably. But he couldn’t help it. This was his chance.

Kagome for her part couldn’t help but look at InuYasha with a mix of wonder and confusion. He suddenly looked excited to show her something. He never looked excited though? It was sweet the way his face took on a childish look. Like a boy wanting to show off a new toy, a good grade, or tell someone of something he had done well. She couldn’t help but push aside the confusion and just smile. It was getting late and the day’s events were taking it’s toll, but she supposed whatever it was wouldn’t take that long and from his look he didn’t want to wait till the morning. “Sure,” was her simple response to him.

Before she could react she was standing and being led to the forest. Trying to keep pace she couldn’t help but look between them at their joined hands and let her smile grow warmer. It was rare when InuYasha would invoke such contact between them. Yet today it seemed like he was doing it more and more often. Letting her mind wonder off thinking about the day’s events caused her to miss when InuYasha stopped abruptly, thus further causing her to run right into him. The force should have caused her to fall back, but instead she found herself being held upright against the wall of a man she had run into in the first place.

Instinctively, InuYasha had grabbed Kagome before she could fall and pulled her closer. Years ago he would have let go the moment he knew she was stable, but now he couldn’t bring himself to. He had wasted so much time trying to keep her at arm’s length thinking she would always be around. But he learned too soon he had taken her presence for granted. Now that she was back he didn’t plan on doing it again, especially since he was going to be given the chance to show her just what she meant to him. Reluctantly he loosened his hold on her enough to look at her. “Close your eyes.” He told her.

Kagome looked at him like he grew a second head. “Well if I do that I’m bound to fall on my face aren’t I? I’ll trip on a root or something.”

What she didn’t know is she wasn’t going to walk much more than a few steps. But then the tiny voice of doubt crawled it’s way to InuYasha’s mind. If she didn’t know how much further they were going, and she thought she was bound to fall, did she not trust him enough to catch her? Hadn’t he just proven he would? Scowling he asked a bit harshly, “Don’t you trust me?”

Kagome was mad at the question. What was he thinking? “Of course I do baka!”

“The shut up and close your eyes already.”

She huffed and stomped her foot. Why was he being a jerk all of a sudden? Mumbling ,”fine,” and doing as he asked she missed the smile that played at InuYasha. She felt his arms leave her only to have both her hands grasped and be slowly led in some unknown direction. It was only a moment later she felt his hands on her shoulders stopping her to stand in one place. As soon as she felt him his touch was gone. She could tell he was somewhat behind her and as much as this little game was grating on her nerves she’d indulge him a moment longer before she’d ask him just what was going on. She was never able to give rise to the question because he had told her to open her eyes.
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