Time Went On by gem1216
Summary: When he woke that morning he never once thought he’d be sitting at a table with the headmen. Nor did he think that she’d be sitting there with him. No, when InuYasha woke that morning he never had an inclining to today being as amazing and horrifying as it has become…

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Chapter 6 by gem1216

Laughter filled the room as village elders, the inu-tachi, and headmen, with his family, talked and chatted. So far the summons had turned out to be a reunion of sorts. The headmen offering an evening meal to all who filled his home currently. He was boasting how great a blessing had been bestowed to his village to have their miko returned to them. Today was truly a day for celebrating. As the mild festivities continued, he made good on his promise for a village wide celebration. “We will hold your, far too long prolonged, hero’s welcome on the night of the next full moon.” He announced.

Humble thanks were said as they all continued in mild chatter. All except InuYasha. He seemed on edge and this didn’t go unnoticed by Kagome. Occasionally she’d whisper in his direction, “Are you ok?” To which he would simply nod and wave her off. Seated between Sango and InuYasha, she could get a feel that both of them were on edge. Getting Sango’s attention, she asked, “Is something wrong?” Songo merely waved her off with a faked smile, telling her everything was fine.
They were waiting for something, Kagome knew it. But what could send them on such an alert? They were enjoying a meal with people they knew in a friendly atmosphere. What was going to happen? Before Kagome could think much further on the subject, she found out what was coming.

“Kagome-sama,” the headmen called across the room, “tell us now that ye has returned, you will become our miko, ne?”

Kagome nearly choked on the bite she had taken. Become their miko? “Forgive my ignorance sir, but you mean as in taking over for Kaede-sama?”

Chuckling a bit the man replied, “Well in due time my child. But in essence yes! I’m inquiring if you would begin to train under Kaede-sama until such a time comes that she no longer is able to perform her duties. Then you would take over.”

Kagome chanced a look at her friends for guidance. This was a big honor being asked of her, however she wasn’t sure how to respond and she realized this wasn’t the time or place to ask further questions on the matter. Sango wouldn’t meet her eye, and Miroku looked to be thinking over something fiercely. Glancing to her other side at InuYasha for guidance, he had none to give. His face was an emotionless mask, and his eyes hidden behind his bangs. Even Kaede herself seemed to not give her any clue weather she should accept or deny the request. In honesty she wouldn’t mind helping here and there but she didn’t want to jump full force into miko training. Not yet. She needed time to get reacquainted with this time, her friends, InuYasha. Trying to think of the least insulting way she could turn down the offer, Kagome was cut off from talking by Miroku.

Miroku’s sudden laughter filled the air. Although those that knew him, knew this was his nervous laugh, no one else suspected anything as he quietly preyed that his quick plan would work. “Sir if I may be so bold, but our dear Kagome-sama has only just returned a short while prior to the summons. Perhaps give her a few days. Let her re-familiarize herself with this land. Make her previsions for settlement. Possibly even travel to see friends of ours she has not seen since before the day of Naraku’s defeat.” Hoping luck be on his and his friends side he flashed one of his dazzling smiles the headmen’s way.

Taking the hint at what Miroku was doing Kagome chimed in at that moment, “Yes I would love to visit some of our friends we made!” Who could she name? Who could she use as a good excuse? Thinking quick she added, “Possibly travel to the north and see Kouga-kun and his tribe.”

“Ahh yes Kouga-kun, a very dear friend of ours indeed. And he lives far in the mountains to the north. That will take some time.” Sango chimed in.

The growls coming from InuYasha hadn’t gone unnoticed at all. Although the inu-tachi knew the reason, everyone else was starting to wonder what had gotten under the hanyou’s skin.

Stroking his chin in thought the headmen then began to chuckle as well, “Miroku-sama as always you are wise. Forgive me Kagome-sama I was just so excited of your return.” Smiling warmly he continued, “Take the time between now and the festival to do what you must. If you wish to travel then I’ll provide some escorts for you.”

InuYasha wasn’t dense. He knew what Miroku was doing as soon as he started, and silently he was thanking the former monk with everything in him. Miroku knew how much this would affect him if Kagome had instantly accepted the offer. It had taken time but eventually he had somewhat opened up to Miroku on the subject of Kagome. Even though the damn letcher tried, he never told him of his more private and intimate thoughts, but that didn’t mean he didn’t confess his feelings. Miroku was his only male friend he’d ever had. And although the monk was shifty at times, if you told him something in confidence then it stayed that way. Between men.

If Miroku’s plan worked then he’d get his chance to finally take a chance. He decided long ago that if he ever got the chance to tell her how he really felt then he would. What’s one more possible heart ache? He knew they were friends but if he had the slimmest hope of more than he’d suck it up and find out. No matter what the outcome he’d have Kagome in his life, it was just a matter of how much of her he’d have. For as much as he had wanted to tell her before, he couldn’t. It was in their best interest to keep everything the way it was. They quite literally were heading to what could have been their death in those days. And back then he figured why plan for a future he may never see?

No, after hearing Miroku, he began to let hope well up once more. That was until Kagome spoke up. InuYasha’s heart fell at the mention of that damn wolf. Really? She had to bring him up? Did she come back here just to go off with him? Maybe he really was the one she had chosen. It would almost make sense as to why she never let him throttle the damn wolf all this time. Was it all lost now? Had he waited for nothing? Fine if she wanted to see the fucking wolf he’d take her to him. Before the headmen could continue, InuYasha finally spoke, “Won’t be necessary. I’ll take her where she needs to go.”

Kagome could not only hear the anger coming from InuYasha, she could feel it. “Please forgive me.” She begged in her mind. Did he not realize what they were trying to do? Couldn’t he see that she only brought Kouga up for lack of a better excuse? Taking the momentary victory where she could, she figured it best not to dwell on it. She had time now. Time they expected her to be away from the village. She would find a chance now to talk to InuYasha and explain to him what was going on.

The headmen seemed oblivious to InuYasha’s mood and continued talking merrily, “Well that’s settled then! You shall take a trip and upon your return let the village know of your decision. Just be sure you are both back before the full moon.”

The relief of Miroku, Songo, and Kagome was monumental. They had time now. When talk of Kagome’s sleeping arrangements came up Songo spoke out saying that they were already taken care of. To which the headmen accepted. After all seemed settled and the meal was finished the inu-tachi took their leave of the headmen’s home.

InuYasha and Kagome would have time.
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