Time Went On by gem1216
Summary: When he woke that morning he never once thought he’d be sitting at a table with the headmen. Nor did he think that she’d be sitting there with him. No, when InuYasha woke that morning he never had an inclining to today being as amazing and horrifying as it has become…

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Chapter 5 by gem1216
Two hands clasped. Two hearts began to beat once more. Two sets of lungs began to breathe again. Two souls began to mend.

This was real. They were together again. Few words were spoken. A joking insult and apology. But they didn’t need words in that moment. All they needed was to embrace one another and realize that this truly was no dream. Kagome buried her face in InuYasha’s shoulder and he in her, both taking one long drawn in breath. Wide eyes grew on InuYasha. He had done that because her sent always, always, brought him comfort. Why did she just do it though? Was there the chance that they could actually feel 100% the exact same for each other? Could the Kami have finally given him pity and she wasn’t just back to be his friend? Before he lost his nerve he had to tell her everything. But fate was cruel some times.

Miroku, Sango, and Shippo stared off in disbelief. Why did InuYasha take off so suddenly? Gathering the children as fast as they could they headed off in the direction InuYasha had taken. Soon they realized he was going to the well. They slowed their pace and became crestfallen. “Do you think something happened to the well?” Songo asked.

“I don’t detect an evil presence.” Miroku replied.

All three sighed deeply. When would their friend move forward? Fate had damned him in a way they realized, but he could have fought back a little. “Miroku, this isn’t healthy for him. We all know this isn’t how Kagome-chan would want him to live. It’s not…” Songo had been cut off by Shippo’s startled noise. Before she could ask though she looked to where he pointed. “Kagome-chan?!”

“I’m back.” Was all Kagome said, or could say before she found Shippo in her arms. They were all together again. Just like before. But as Miroku and Songo came closer, Kagome found that although some things were the same, many more were different. Chancing a quick look in InuYasha’s direction she wondered what else was different. Clearing her thoughts she concluded that she would deal with that soon enough. For now she wanted to just enjoy her friends and their company again.

InuYasha, however, was pissed. No, more than that. There was no way of describing what he felt in that moment. It wasn’t fair. Did they always have to follow him? Why couldn’t for once they just have watched him leave and let him be? He never should have been guilted into coming out today. If he hadn’t and he was at his house then only he would have known she was here. Why couldn’t he just get his chance for once? They were able to move on when would he get to? Sighing, InuYasha stopped his train of thought. She was back and that’s what truly mattered. He’d eventually get a chance to talk to her, right?

And so the day continued with the five of them talking and catching up. Well in honesty it was four. InuYasha kept quiet for the most part. That was until Shippo decided he should start talking about things he shouldn’t.

“You should have seen it Kagome. I don’t think there was more than three days that went by before InuYasha went and checked the well. He even became a hermit. And wow is he grumpy! I didn’t…” Before Shippo could finish his thought he found himself nose to nose with said hanyou, and then he was flying through the air with a very sore ass. Seeing the shocked looks of his friends, InuYasha chose that moment to take shelter in the tree above them. At least there he didn’t have to see their accusing stairs but he could still take in Kagome’s sent. “Stupid Shippo. He had to open his big mouth.” He grumbled to himself.

For as mad as Kagome was at the display, she couldn’t help but giggle. InuYasha still didn’t learn how to react well when embarrassed. “I suppose since InuYasha gave Shippo an excuse to be in the village it’s only a matter of time before they come to see if I’m truly back.” Kagome said sighing as her friends nodded in agreement. Kagome giggled again hearing InuYasha growl above her. “I think I’ll just stay here though till the villagers come.” She continued while winking to Miroku and Songo.

Hiding their laughter best they could, they nodded in return. It was uplifting to see Kagome back and to realize just how much she wanted to be back. It hadn’t gone unnoticed to them how often the two stole glances at one another. Or how often, when they had caught each other looking, they sported blushes. Too bad InuYasha’s temper had gotten the better of him, Miroku had already formulated a plan to pull the boy aside and threaten him about telling others yet. He had decided they could all eat their evening meal together and then he would send the would be couple off to ‘reacquaint’ themselves. After all, InuYasha had that extremely large home. He was sure it would have been no problem to the surly hanyou to put Kagome up for a night, or two, perhaps longer. But all best laid plans can go awry.

It didn’t take long for the group to see Shippo making his return followed by someone. Suddenly making his presence once again known InuYasha jumped down to stand in front of the group. “Toshi’s coming.” He said.

It took a moment for Miroku to realize who he was talking about, “You mean the headman’s son?” Seeing InuYasha’s curt nod the group began to stand as well. If only Toshi had come then that could only mean that someone was being asked to the headmen’s house. As the man in question arrived, you could see the pure astonishment in his eyes. The kitsune had been telling the truth. Their miko had come back! Bowing deeply and respectfully in Kagome’s direction he began to talk, “Miko-sama, the Kami are truly generous to bring you back to us.” Startled slightly hearing the growling coming from none other than InuYasha, he continued quickly. “I’ve come because your presence is requested at my father’s home.” Looking up at InuYasha he continued, “All of you.”

Stepping in before InuYasha could say something he no doubt would regret Miroku addressed the man, “Toshi-san please inform the headmen we will arrive shortly, so privations can be made for the children. I am assuming this is a matter between adults.”

The man nodded and took his leave to deliver the message. Miroku and Songo shared a look of worry. They both understood, especially how the young man had addressed Kagome, that she would be asked to become the village miko, permanently. For as much as an honor it may be, they knew, even without Kagome saying, that was not why she had come back. InuYasha would let the predigests of the world stand in their way of happiness. Not to mention should Kagome accept, she’d be expected to start right away, leaving no true time for the would be couple to talk. Sadly, Miroku and Songo knew the possibilities of what may happen.

As they watched Toshi leave, InuYasha’s thoughts took on a somewhat similar path to that of his friends. Although having Kagome back in his life in any way was a gift, if she accepted the offer that was it. The home he built for her would have been done in vain. She’d have to live near the village. At their beckon call. Although the village put up with him they would never let someone with tainted blood marry their miko. She’d have to marry a human from the village no doubt. And then what of their friendship? Would she even be allowed to be around him once that happened? Knowing Kagome, she’d never let their friendship go just because she was ‘supposed to’. No that he could assure himself would never happen. But, as amazing as her friendship was, he wanted more, so much more. He loved her. By the Kami did he love her. For years now he knew this and didn’t bother trying to deny it. But he’d accept whatever choice she made. He wasn’t going anywhere though. He had given her up once and was not about to make that mistake again.

Kagome, for her part, was in the dark as to why the mood suddenly shifted. Biting her lip and looking around she tried to think why everyone had taken on such grim expressions. Could going to the headmen’s home really be that terrible? Was he going to force her to leave or something? No that couldn’t be right. The man Toshi had been so respectful. He wouldn’t have acted that way if she was being forced to leave. Shrugging she gave up, the only way to know was to go and find out. So, turning to the group with a smile she said, “Well better see what he wants guys.”

With their thoughts all going a mile a minute they walked in silence to Miroku and Sango’s home, Shippo and Kagome the only ones engaging in light chatter. They were sure to run into Kaede on their way and would ask her if Rin could watch the children for them. Then it would be off to the headmen. It would take some convincing but they would also have to leave Shippo there. These were matters for adults and his tendencies to talk without thinking of the impact would not make things go smoothly.

When they reached the village they did indeed find Kaede who had also been summoned. As arrangements were made for Rin and Shippo to stay at Miroku and Sango’s for the night with the children, the sun had finally fell behind the horizon. They had prolonged this enough. It was time to head to the headmen’s home.
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