Time Went On by gem1216
Summary: When he woke that morning he never once thought he’d be sitting at a table with the headmen. Nor did he think that she’d be sitting there with him. No, when InuYasha woke that morning he never had an inclining to today being as amazing and horrifying as it has become…

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Chapter 4 by gem1216
The blaring of the alarm clock brought Kagome out of her restless slumber. Rolling over and stretching to reach she turned the nuisance off. Sighing deeply she rolled onto her back placing a pillow over her face as if to hide from the world.

She had dreamt of InuYasha again. Tears pooled in her eyes. When would it stop? When would she move on? She knew it never would and that she never could. How could she move forward when the only one she wanted to do that with in her life was over 500 years in the past? For three years it seemed this was her morning routine. She’d wake up almost every morning with nothing but him on her mind and tears in her eyes.

Three years. More time apart then ever together. She would wonder from time to time if InuYasha had ever moved on with his life. Maybe he had found love? Possibly someone to share his life with, his love, even have a family of his own. A small bittersweet smile quirked at her lips at this thought. She had always just wanted him to be happy, even if she deeply wished it would be with her. But, she supposed, if he had at least found some happiness in the world then that’s all that mattered. As for herself? Only time would tell but she assumed she would never truly move on. If after three years her heart hadn’t mended, then she suspected there was no amount of time great enough for it to ever heal.

As if on schedule Kagome’s mother’s voice broke her from her musings, “Kagome dear are you awake?” She called from the stairs.

Tossing the pillow aside and sitting up, Kagome yelled back, “Yes mama.”

“Well hurry up and get ready. Breakfast is almost done and we need to get going if we’re to make it on time.” And with that said her mother retreated back to her kitchen. She had been up since before the sun to make sure everything went perfect today. Kagome deserved it. After all it’s not every day your baby girl finished High School.

The young woman in question though stared at her ceiling for a moment longer. She would graduate today. No longer a child. After today she would have finished everything she was expected to do in her society. Today her life and what she did with it would become her own.

Shaking her head clear, Kagome went about her room getting ready. With a quick glance of the clock she estimated she’d have about an hour before they had to be out the door. Plenty of time to dress and eat.

Kagome had been greeted with cheers and well wishes from her family that morning. They all told her of how proud they were of her and how well she had done for herself. To overcome what she had, and graduate in the top percentile of her class on top of it, she was truly a blessing in their lives. For Kagome’s part she smiled and nodded to their comments. Having the humility to feel a bit embarrassed over their gushing. But soon enough it was time for them to leave for the ceremony. And so, they did just that.

The day wore on. Speakers, student officials, and teachers all presenting words of encouragement to the graduates. Kagome couldn’t help but snort at the most commonly repeated one, ‘You have your whole lives ahead of you now.” Her life hadn’t moved in years why would a slip of paper make it do so now? A tear slipped down unnoticed in the high emotion room. She wasn’t crying over a childhood lost but a life she would never really lead.

As the ceremony finished and the once students officially graduated, Kagome found herself among her friends. They had already sent their replies to the colleges of their choice and would be heading off in a few short months. Emotion flowed freely in those moments together. They had stayed by Kagome’s side after everything and all they wished was to see that spark of the ‘old’ her once more. They knew better though. They had tried with their best abilities to bring her out of her slump but they never could fully prevail. Of course there were good times and memories over the years, but no matter how close Kagome would come to looking like she was 100% there with them, there was always that distant look in her eyes. They would never fully know what she had done or seen in that year but, whatever it was the fact that she would never again do or see those things showed it’s weight on Kagome’s shoulders.

Kagome watched her friends departing with their families, so full of hope and cheer. She envied them in those moments. Deep down though she wished nothing but the best for her childhood friends. Turning to her own family she left the school grounds without so much as a second look. That was a part of her past she could leave behind without so much as a second thought.

Lunch with her family had been pleasant. Some of her extended family had even made an appearance to celebrate. But even though she had kept her smile on, Kagome’s heart wasn’t in it fully. Although she had just graduated, she just didn’t feel like celebrating.

Then the dreaded question arose, “So what are the plans for the future? What college shall I be bragging my niece is off to?” Asked one of her aunts. Kagome blanched. She had yet to decide on a college. How did she not do that yet? How had the time gone with so little thought on the subject? She knew how, because her very soul itself refused to think about being in a world without InuYasha. Before Kagome could try and think of an answer, her mother saved her.

Upon hearing the question, mother Higurashi moved quickly to aid her daughter. She had known for months that Kagome hadn’t made a choice, but she would never fault her daughter for this procrastination. She had seen the college acceptance letters herself and knew the thoughts going through Kagome’s mind. “Suki-chan, have you tried my cake yet? Please, follow me I’ll get you a piece.” Winking and smiling as she saw the breath, that Kagome was no doubt holding, take, she ushered her sister off to the kitchen.

The afternoon continued with the guest gone and house clean once more. Kagome sat at her desk looking over the college acceptance letters. Three different options, but only one choice. Panic struck in that moment. This was it, this was the moment she would make the choice that governed her existence. She ran. She ran from her room, her home, her would be life. She ran from it all finding herself at the lip of the well. The irony wasn’t lost on her. How often did she find herself at this well? Almost daily.

Here she was about to make one of the most important decisions and she had ran to the well. Ran to seek comfort from the one thing that they had both shared. And so she poured herself into the well. Reflecting on her emotions over the years and her desires to be with InuYasha once more. In a strange way she was asking the well to give her the answer she needed. And then she saw a blue sky.

Kagome’s mother had seen her daughter rush out of the house in tears. What had happened? She thought the day had gone well for Kagome. Following as fast as she could behind her, mother Higurashi stood in the doorway of the well house. Tears burned her eyes to see the pain etched on her only daughter’s face. Walking into the well house in hopes of convincing Kagome to come inside with her, she was shocked when Kagome turned pointing to the well saying, “Mama, look.”

For a moment mother Higurashi was in disbelief. She had always hoped that Kagome and InuYasha would find a way to be together again, but as time went on that hope had dwindled. Maybe the well had just been waiting all this time? It’s possible that it knew they needed the time apart to make sure their feelings weren’t fleeting, to grow into adulthood, or maybe Kagome and InuYasha themselves had somehow made the magic work again. No matter what the answer she knew that this moment would either bring her daughter back to life or damn her to herself.

She would never deny her daughter her destiny. Turning to Kagome she spoke, “Kagome, this choice is yours. You have been granted passage back. Realize though, this may be a one way trip. Your family loves you and we want nothing but what’s best for you. Do what’s in your heart.”

“Thank you mama.” As the two women embraced each other with the knowledge that this maybe the last time they ever saw each other again, tears fell from both sets of eyes. “I love you mama.”

Whispering in her daughter’s ear she said, “I love you too my Kagome. Live well, be safe, and always be happy.” And that was it. Kagome took a chance and she jumped in with her eyes closed.

As she felt solid earth beneath her feet, the world around her stopped. She could hear birds, feel the warmth of the sun, and smell unpolluted air. Opening her eyes, she stopped breathing, and she was sure her heart stopped beating. This was a dream too wasn’t it? Her mind is playing a trick on her. She had fallen asleep at her desk and was still in her room. Maybe she didn’t stop at the well but jumped in and was unconscious at the bottom. That’s the only way this was possible, right? Dream or not, she had come this far already, hadn’t she?

And so, without anymore thought she took her chance and extended her hand out of the depths of the well.
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