Time Went On by gem1216
Summary: When he woke that morning he never once thought he’d be sitting at a table with the headmen. Nor did he think that she’d be sitting there with him. No, when InuYasha woke that morning he never had an inclining to today being as amazing and horrifying as it has become…

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Chapter 3 by gem1216
The morning had come like so many before it. The scents of spring clung to the air. For most, the day would seem promising. But for InuYasha it just seemed like another day to be bitter at the world. He’d get up soon enough, maybe go see if he could hunt a rabbit for breakfast, then stop at the well before returning to his house. Yes the day would be no different then so many before it. That was what he thought at least as he stretched out his morning kinks.

Sometime during the mid day InuYasha caught Miroku’s sent on the wind. He was coming to see him. Drag him outside no doubt to socialize. InuYasha contemplated just leaving for the forest for a while. He really didn’t want to be around anyone today, like most days. Sighing in defeat however, he decided to meet Miroku on the porch and find out what he needed. Who knows, maybe there would be a job for him to do. Something mindless to pass some time on.

“Ahh so good to see you awake and alive my friend,” Miroku greeted with a warm smile.

Snorting to himself, InuYasha responded, “Whatever buzo, what do you want?”

Laughing a bit nervously he replied, “What, a friend can’t just come to visit?” Seeing InuYasha’s look that spoke of ‘bull shit’, Miroku sighed raising his hands in defeat. “Look, we’re all worried. This isn’t healthy, you keeping yourself so isolated. InuYasha we’re your friends we care. Please come join us and spend the day in the village. Shippo is back, and I’m sure Kaede could use some help in her garden.”

Waving Miroku off InuYasha turned to head back inside. That was before Miroku spoke again. “InuYasha, please. It’s been three years. Everyone else has moved on. Kagome-san wouldn’t want to see you like this and you know it.”

All of InuYasha’s muscles went tight. Who was he to say what Kagome would or wouldn’t want? What nerve did Miroku have to even bring her up? Through clenched teeth InuYasha said, “How do you think you know anything? What I do with my life or how I spend my life is none of your business. Now get the fuck out of here monk, and go back to your family.” He snarled not even bothering to turn around or meet his eyes.

Realizing he may have crossed the line, Miroku bowed his head and turned to walk away. “InuYasha,” he called over his shoulder, “I didn’t mean to cause you more pain. We miss her as well. We had all hoped that after Naraku, you two… Never mind. Just remember, I had meant what I said. We are all still your friends also. We still care about you. InuYasha, please consider my offer. We miss you too.” And with that he did walk off.

InuYasha sat on his porch with a huff. “Stupid monk thinks he knows everything.” Who was Miroku to tell him to do anything, let alone tell him what he thought Kagome would want. He realized he wasn’t the only one that cared for Kagome. That fact was painfully imprinted into him. Why else would he have let her go? True he regretted it, but she had been so scared and yet seeing her with her family, it just seemed that was where she belonged. He should have just fought against the well, just stayed in her smelly and loud time. They would have made it work somehow, right? He buried his face in his hands. What he wouldn’t give to relive that moment over. Hell what he wouldn’t give to relive so many moments over. He would have let her known what she meant, hell what she still means, to him.

Miroku may have crossed the line in what he said but, he supposed he shouldn’t have lost his temper like he had either. They cared and missed him? “Feh,” no one missed him. He was the welcomed outcast. Running his hands over his face he realized how wrong he was. They are his friends. Another gift from Kagome, and as such he should at least socialize once in a while. As much as he didn’t want to leave or be around anyone he once again thought on how upset Kagome would be with him for ignoring their friends. “I’ll check the well then go see what they want.” And with that decided he was off.

As the day wore on, InuYasha cursed himself for being talked into ‘visiting’ with his so called friends. At this point the sun was making it’s retreat and he envied the sun for it. He should have known that he would end up becoming Miroku and Sango’s runts make shift tree. His ears were sore and his temper was barely holding to it’s last thread. Shippo hadn’t helped the situation at all, he had followed him around all day making comments and then encouraging the little brats’ antics.

Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, the world around him suddenly stopped. Was he imagining it? Had he finally lost his last grip on reality? Insane or not he had to check. Swiftly removing the children and dropping them on Shippo, he said nothing more than “Slay the kitsune,” before taking off like hells fire was at his heals, leaving dust and confusion in his wake.
He didn’t breath, he didn’t blink, and he was damn sure his heart didn’t even beat. Not until he reached the well. He was also damn sure he had never moved so fast in his life. He was dead or maybe just dreaming. Those damn runts had to of pulled off his ears and he bled to death. That’s the only thing that could explain what his nose and eyes were telling him in that moment. How many nights had a dreamt of this moment? He had lost track over the years. So many reunions, so many dreams, so many fantasies he never once thought but only hoped would come to fruition.

Without much more thought he took his chance and he reached into the depths of the well.
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