Time Went On by gem1216
Summary: When he woke that morning he never once thought he’d be sitting at a table with the headmen. Nor did he think that she’d be sitting there with him. No, when InuYasha woke that morning he never had an inclining to today being as amazing and horrifying as it has become…

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Chapter 2 by gem1216
Kagome’s heart had been torn. As relieved as she was to see her family again and be in their brace, she wanted InuYasha back. Her fears and trepidations kept her from attempting the well though in those moments. The thought of jumping in after him was not something she could face. Not that day. However, her fears didn’t stop her from sobbing into the well for her loss. Gradually being led from the well house to her home.

As tears dried and time passed, Kagome was able to retell her tale to her family. Silent tears were wept from the knowledge of just how close they had been to loosing Kagome all together. In those moments Kagome’s mother realized just how much she had truly owed to the young hanyou man who saved her daughter from the clutches of death, just how deep his love for her went. Realizing the state her daughter was in she dared not mention the well at this time. No she would save that for another day. To have watched InuYasha be dragged down it as he was could only mean one thing. And that was an issue to deal with when the time was right.

As mother Higarashi listened to her daughter her heart broke from the haunted look in her child’s eyes. She never would have denied her daughter her destiny, but being a mother meant you wanted nothing more than to take you baby’s pain unto yourself. As Kagome finished her recount of the time within the Jewel, her mother then decided that Kagome needed rest. She would fill her in later of the days that had passed, the well disappearing, and the fact that her friends knew to an extent of her last year’s journey. No, right now Kagome didn’t need to be plagued more she needed to be treated like the heroin she was. Kagome may only still be 15 but that was only physically, and the weight of that realization slapped her mother with a force to be reckoned with.

“InuYasha…” The name a mere whisper on Kagome’s lips as she sat with her family, tear she didn’t know were still left in her threatening to spill once more. Was this truly the end the Kami had for them? Were they so unforgiving that they would leave her heart broken? And what of InuYasha? His life was one abandonment after another, would the Kami just laugh this off and add it to his tally? Kagome’s heart broke further, not just for her own loss but for the realization of the monumental loss this would be for the hanyou. She knew in her soul he would always have their friends, but none of them had the time nor need to make his happiness their sole priority like she did. In the end of it all that’s was all she wished for him. Happiness. She felt he had paid his debt ten times over and he deserved that peace. But fate is a cruel mistress, isn’t it?

Her mother’s voice brought her out of her musings, “Kagome dear, why don’t you head upstairs and I’ll draw you a hot bath before I start dinner.” Simply nodding to her mother, she let herself be led up to her room. With one last hug from her mother she entered her room. Something so familiar but now it seemed so foreign. Memories of her window sliding open and InuYasha barging in swept over her. Slowly walking to the window and drawing back the curtain, Kagome looked at the well house with a forlorn expression. She had seen how he was pulled from this world. She watched as even he looked scared in that moment. The well wouldn’t work ever again would it? Time would forever be their separation. But just in case, if he ever came back to see her, get her, by some strange grace, want to be with her, she’d leave her window unlocked. Their universal sign to one another that he was welcome. Because even in her most direr situations he came for her didn’t he? She could always count on him to find a way to get her. He showed her that time and time again. And she put her faith and trust in him for it. Why stop now?

Sighing at her own hopefulness, Kagome went to her dresser and gathered her clean clothes. Her mother had finished drawing her bath water and so she wouldn’t insult her mother by ignoring it in favor of locking herself in her room to wallow in her own self pity.

And so, as time went on, Kagome learned of the happenings on her side, or rather her birth side of the well since her and InuYasha had left after graduation. It’s disappearance, InuYasha reassuring her family, her friends from this time walking into the well house. Eventually she would have to face them before they started High School in a few weeks. But for now she would wait and see if they even wanted anything to do with her. In essence she had lied to them for the better part of a year, and no small lie at that.

How was it that even though they had won she felt so defeated? The past was a place she loved and yet now, she feared returning. If ever given the chance to go back, right now she couldn’t. She was torn between her love for InuYasha, her want to be with him, and her love of her family. Fate was so cruel.

Her family watched as their once bright Kagome started to wither. She placed a happy smile on but her eyes gave her away. At some point just a few days before Kagome started school, her mother came into her room, only to find her daughter curled up on her bed clinging to a pillow. A heartbroken smile touched mother Higarashi’s lips at the realization that that particular pillow was the one InuYasha used whenever he stayed the night in her home. Sitting on the bed she patiently waited for Kagome to sit up as well before simply stating, “Write,” while she handed her a scroll. Placing a gentile kiss on Kagome’s forehead she let herself out.

Kagome watched her mother leave. Confusion at the forefront of her mind. Write, write what? And of all the outlets to write on why a scroll. And suddenly, she realized her mother had given her a bit of purpose. She was a miko, one who’s family ran a shrine. Was it not her duty to preserve her story for the future? Not just her story but their story. Her family on both sides of the well deserved their story told and she was the only one in a position to do so. And do so she would.

Eventually Kagome faced her friends who never judged but merely inquired. And slowly for them it all fell into place. The strange attire and name of InuYasha, Kagome not only missing from school but home as well. The bruises, cuts, blood, all of it made sense. And as Kagome finished the extremely shortened version of her tale for her friends she saw no judgment, no disdain, she saw awe. Things Kagome had done and seen were of lore and fiction, and yet she had lived them. And that moment made Kagome realize even more just how much she owed it to the world to write it all down.

Time moved on, and lives with it, except for one, Kagome. She went through the motions necessary to survive, but when she wasn’t doing school work she was writing. Continuously reliving the past. Her grandfather had cleared a shelf for her in his shed just for her scrolls. There were so many. No detail that she could remember had been left out. It was an account of their past from as far back as she could remember. Time around camp fires talking for a year had paid off. And in a strange way it made her feel like she had never been separated from the time she loved. And the years moved forward.

Sometime in the second year of her return came the day she was finished. She had no outlet left now. What was left to do then just continue on with the act of living? She once feared her friends reaction to her lie of where she’s been. Now she fear the worlds reaction to the even greater lie that she was moving forward and living.

The well then became a daily stop for her on her way home. Most days she would just stare into it’s depth. But one day she grew bold and climbed into it. Only to land on the dirt floor with a roof still over her head. It was on that day and the ones to follow that were similar, she’d cry till someone came looking for her. Eventually convincing her to come inside. She felt so alone even though she was surrounded by so many people. People who cared about and for her but they just never held a candle to how deeply she missed InuYasha. All she had of him was his pillow and the well. It wasn’t his per say but it was the one he used every time he stayed at her family home. For so long that pillow held a smell that she subconsciously associated with him. But now it held no smell and to look at it you could barely call it a pillow anymore. It’s shape distorted over time.

Time. It kept going in a linier path. Always moving forward and never back. For one small moment in her life though it did both. And then when it stopped going in both directions, for Kagome it had stopped. The tale of their journey was finished. No emotions were projected onto the scrolls only the very detailed re-telling of the path they had all once followed. Her duty to preservation completed. Soon her duty to her family would be also. Graduation was a few short months away. She had immersed herself into her studies and tale. With the tale over her studies got her only attention. She would graduate in the top percentile of her class. But then what?

Three collage acceptance letters sat on her desk. One she would stay home and commute, another she’d move to live on campus, and the third, the third would send her across the ocean. Far away from everything she knew. Should she stay and keep her vigil? Should she leave for only a short time? Or, should she just leave, putting everything she’d ever known behind her? Her fears in leaving were gone now, all that remained was her hope that one day the well house doors would open to reveal InuYasha. In truth she had no desire to continue her education, but she had to go through the motions. If her fate was to be here then she would have to continue on. But for now that decision could be left for another day. She still had time.

And so time moved on. Lives with it. All accept one, Kagome.
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