Time Went On by gem1216
Summary: When he woke that morning he never once thought he’d be sitting at a table with the headmen. Nor did he think that she’d be sitting there with him. No, when InuYasha woke that morning he never had an inclining to today being as amazing and horrifying as it has become…

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Chapter 1 by gem1216
When InuYasha returned from the well alone to retell his and Kagome’s tale, all were shocked, saddened and relieved. They would miss their miko but to know she was in her land and safe was good enough. When Miroku, Sango, and InuYasha were summoned to the headmen later that evening, they didn’t know what to expect. He rightfully could have banned them from the village due to their negligence of letting the fight be brought to his doorstep. However, they had been welcomed as the heroes they were. Offered whatever they needed in ways of rest, shelter, and permanent homes. True it would take some time since the village itself was in need of repairs, but non the less they were welcomed and would be honored for generations to come.

A feast seemed fitting for the trio. The greatest honor for these heroes that the village forever in their dept could give. But it was Miroku who first spoke to this stating that although he and Songo knew they would take up the offer on residency in this village, he felt he could speak for all of them in saying that without Kagome present they would not feel right in celebrating. “If the day comes that our dear Kagome-san comes back to these lands, then sir we shall humbly accept your offer.” His other two companions merely nodded their acceptance of such a statement.

The headman was disappointed, but he knew what the miko had meant to the group. He knew what she meant to the village, and himself. So begrudgingly he agreed as well. She had risked her own well being so long ago and dove into the icy waters and retrieved his only grandson after saving the young boy from the clutches of that crow. And for that the headmen would be forever in her debt personally. Turning and looking directly at InuYasha he asked, “And you InuYasha-sama, will you also be taking up permanent residency? Our bordering forest is already your name sake so I feel it is only fitting if you would. We’d welcome the addition.”

InuYasha till this point had only half heartedly been listening. He had left the speaking to Miroku and Sango, only filling in where he needed to. When talking of feasts and such arose he merely nodded to Miroku’s comment. He didn’t feel much like celebrating. They had spent the better part of a year traveling, fighting, and finally winning. But what had he really won? He avenged a dear friend’s death. Rid the world of an evil monster, and was able to save the one he loved. But he still felt empty. Without Kagome around nothing really mattered did it? She made the sun come up, and gave him the strength he needed. And now, he was drained and in darkness.

Stumbling out of his own musings he raised his head to meet the headmen’s eyes. Fully ready to decline his offer and move on like he thought he knew they truly wanted, when he was suddenly surprised. Looking at the elderly man he saw no fake smile, no half truth. All he saw was a man who was genially asking him to stay and who was hopeful he would say yes.

Acceptance and a place to call his own. Wasn’t that all InuYasha had ever craved? Desired so badly he had almost made a terrible mistake of his life, not once, but twice? Another gift from Kagome. If it hadn’t been for her these people would have never accepted him as he was. They hadn’t over 50 years ago, why start now? She showed them he wasn’t the monster society thought him to be. That he thought he was only capable of being. As much as he wanted to decline the offer he couldn’t. If he did it would be like taking all Kagome had given him and saying it was worthless, when Kami knew that everything about her and from her was and always will be the most cherished things he had in his life. “I will.” That was all he could bring himself to say at this time. It hurt to talk because of the raw emotion he wanted to free and was pushing back.

And that was it. Time went on and lives with it. In the weeks following the village was reconstructed. A home for Miroku and Sango was erected. Villagers would keep vigil at the well and offer up prayers for Kagome. But time kept moving and there were fields to plant. Laundry to do. Lives to lead. Except for one, InuYasha. He never strayed far from the well. When he and Miroku would go to neighboring villages to help with issues, the well was his first stop upon reaching home.

Home. Such a foreign word and feeling. There was a saying from Kagome’s time that he took to heart. ‘Home is where the heart is’ How true that was for him. He had refused help in the building of his house. He felt he had to do it. He had to make it just right. Just in case he ever got to show it to her, he could tell her that it was for her. He didn’t need a roof over his head most times. But she would. And if she ever came back, if he was ever able to see her again, he’d make sure she was safe and protected. That was his duty in life. She was his reason for being and so, he’d show her.

It was huge compared to the homes of his era. It took him just over a year to build. Several rooms, separate sitting and cooking areas. He made something that belonged in the modern era. In the exact spot her modern home was. For her, his time was well worth it. But then when it was finished, when he made everything he could for it, got everything he needed for it, he had nothing left to do. What was the point in taking payment anymore when his home, her home, by some grace their home, had been fully finished? So he didn’t. Miroku had a family now he needed the money more. So InuYasha only took what he needed to buy things he couldn’t grow or hunt on his own, like rice. And he kept to himself only coming out when his friends down right demanded it of him, or there was a job to do. He wasn’t a farmer so he stayed away from the fields, weather had been mild so no repairs needed done, and Kaede had a ward so even she didn’t need his help often. Alone again even when surrounded by people. All he had was the well and her bag, both of which were losing her sent.

And so it was that time went on. Lives with it, except for one. InuYasha.
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