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Sex as Revenge: It Never Works Out

Kagome had Christmas carols blasting through the Range Rover’s stereo, and Inuyasha understood two things: 1. Kagome loved the holidays best, and 2. If he had to listen to one more Christmas song he was going to throw her out of the SUV and tie her to the bumper with her iPod attached to her ears so he wouldn’t have to suffer anymore. They had been driving for the better part of the day through snow, over crunchy and slick pavement, and still had a couple hours to go. He just didn’t know if he could take anymore.

He decided to try tact. “Kagome, can we listen to something else for a while? I need a break from the holiday cheer.”

“Inuyasha, you’re such a Scrooge!” Laughing, she shook her head. “Sorry, but no way. I live for this time of year, and you know it. You won’t let me listen to Christmas music any other time, so suffer in silence.” Smiling she went back to looking out the window, snapping pictures of the scenery as it flew past them.

Thinking (hoping) she wouldn’t notice, Inuyasha gradually turned the radio down from his steering wheel as they drove. When he could barely hear the music anymore he waited for Kagome to be engrossed with her camera again, then nonchalantly reached over and took the CD out of the dash. Cracking his window he slipped it out of the crack onto the road and rolled his window back up.

Noticing the cold draft Kagome whipped around with a loud, “Hey!” Then she saw it. Her favorite holiday CD being thrown out onto the street for people to drive over and ruin. “INUYASHA! What the hell are you doing?!” She was now facing him fully with a scornful, yet indignant look on her face.

“Why? Wha’d ya see?” Inuyasha was trying the completely innocent act, which made Kagome angrier.

“Turn this truck around and go back and get it now. That’s bullshit, throwing my stuff out the window like it’s trash!” Camera forgotten all her focus was solely on Inuyasha and getting her property recovered.

“Hey, I asked nicely. You didn’t even notice you could barely hear it. If it hadn’t been for the draft you never would have known it was gone.” Now he was getting mad to which Kagome called bullshit on.

“Don’t you dare try to be mad at me and blame me. I wouldn’t dare throw anything of yours out.”

“Oh yeah? What about my t-shirt I cut the grass in?”

“You mean the shirt that has more holes than fabric. I didn’t throw it out, I cut it up and use it for dust rags.” Kagome crossed her arms over her chest.

“Same fucking thing. I don’t have it to wear anymore so you may as wells have thrown it out. And what about my favorite flannel sleep pants?” Now he was digging and he knew it.

“You mean the flannel pants that wear thread bare, and I could see the crack of your ass in because your farts had rotted away the seams? Yeah, dust rags. But still not thrown out. Now turn this truck around and go get my CD off the road before it gets ruined!”

“Kagome, it’s miles back. I’m not turning around.” And he was seriously not going to.

Smiling dangerously Kagome replied, “Ok, fine,” and turned away from him. She knew she could hold this stand off much longer than he could, and if he wanted to try her so be it. Picking her camera back up she turned her attention back to the scenery.

Later that day they made it to their cabin. Both bundling back up before getting out of the truck, Inuyasha waited to cut the heat until they both were ready. There were several inches of snow on the ground already, and it was still snowing. He was glad the cabin they had rented for their winter get away was gas so he wouldn’t have to worry about wood for the fireplace, and the stove would help heat the cabin more thoroughly by using real fire to cook with.

Kagome was packing up her camera when Inuyasha got out and slammed the car door. “Good,” she thought. “If he thinks he’s frustrated now, just wait. As the days go by he’s going to jerking off every five minutes to release the tension.” She chuckled darkly to herself. Finally ready she shouldered her camera bag and got out to help unload.

As soon as Inuyasha opened the cabin door with the first load Kagome rushed in and turned up the heat and fireplace. Inuyasha continued to make trips out while Kagome stayed inside to put things away. He brought the groceries for the week in first, and by the time he was bringing in their luggage Kagome was finished putting them away.

“It’s awful damn hot in here,” he grumbled, heading toward the thermostat. “Did you crank this thing up to 90?” Turning it down he turned to face Kagome. He was struck dumb by the look of her. She was standing in the living room facing him in her dark blue, skinny jeans that were unbuttoned and unzipped low enough for him to see she had no panties on. She crossed her arms under her breasts, pushing them up and out of her skimpy, lacey, black bra. He loved when she wore skimpy, lacey things up top and nothing underneath below.

“Uhm, yes? Who else is here to do it?” Turning her back to him she unhooked her bra with one hand and headed back toward the bedroom, flinging it over her shoulder. He saw just a hint of her breast before she disappeared through the doorway.

In hot pursuit he was shocked to find the door locked when he went to open it. Looking at the knob in confusion he called, “Hey, open up!”

“Hey, go get my CD!” was her curt response.

“Not funny. Open the door.” He stood jiggling the knob as if it were going to unlock because he wanted it to.

“I know it’s not. Go find something to do until I’m finished.” Inuyasha heard the bathroom door close.

“Dammit.” Huffing at the door indignantly he went to the kitchen to grab a beer. He tossed his coat on the floor in the entryway, and grabbed a beer from the fridge. Going back into the living room he picked up the remote and flopped back on the couch. Turning the TV on he took a long draw from his bottle when he saw a pair of naked legs pass in front of him. He creased his brow and looked at the fireplace again when he realized their bedroom wall and the living room wall shared the fireplace. Where he sat on the couch gave him the perfect view to watch the flat screen TV hung on the wall over the fireplace, or watch what was going on in the room he wasn’t allowed access to.

From his spot on the couch he could only see the foot of the bed, but if he got closer he was sure he would be able to see into the room. Deciding to test his theory he sat on the end of the loveseat, and sure enough he could see the Jacuzzi in the far corner. If he sat in the armchair he could see the dresser and the doorway into the bathroom. Inuyasha chuckled to himself.

“So she thinks she’s going to keep me from seeing her naked? Not likely.” He sat back on the couch and waited a few more minutes, trying to create a game plan. All thought was knocked out of his head when he saw Kagome pass by again in a robe. Unrolling her yoga mat in front of the fireplace she sat on it, and crossed her legs. Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun, her face clean. Looking Inuyasha directly in the eye she removed her robe to reveal naked skin underneath. Letting it fall around her she rested her hands on her knees, raised her head defiantly, and closed her eyes to meditate.

He swore he saw the woman smirk before she closed her eyes. He watched as her chest rose and fell steadily with each deep, measured breath, all interest in the TV lost. Taking a drink of his beer his eyes grazed her hungrily as he saw her skin begin to glow. He noticed a bead of sweat run down her neck, gaining speed as it picked up more droplets. That bead of sweat became the center of his focus as it ran down over the inside of her left breast and down her thin stomach to rest in her fine nest of curls between her thighs.

It was almost more than he could bear, watching the sweat run down her body while she sat naked before him and a wall between them. Just as he was about to get up Kagome’s eyes opened and she smiled. Winking she turned and stood, placed her feet together, then bent over, presenting Inuyasha with a lovely view of her bare ass and a peak at her lips. She rolled her mat back up and picked up her robe. Peaking around her legs at him she smiled, and stood. She flung her robe across the end of the bed, and walked out of site.

“Hmph,” Inuyasha grumbled. He got up and adjusted his stiffened cock before heading to the kitchen for another beer. Untwisting the cap he tossed it in the trash, and flopped onto the loveseat this time. He didn’t want to miss anything if Kagome decided to repeat the show. He wasn’t disappointed.

Coming back into his view she kneeled down and looked for him through the fireplace. He noticed she was still naked and now she was armed with their black bag. Seeing where he was now seated she smiled and gave him a thumbs up, approving of his choice. She stood back up and headed to the bed.

He watched her bare backside settled onto the fluffy comforter, and damn if she didn’t look sexy. He could see the beautiful curves of her body and the tendrils of hair teased her skin. He knew if he were allowed to run his tongue over her she would taste like salt. To keep from drooling he took a sip of his beer. He couldn’t see what she was doing but he had a healthy idea. His suspicions were confirmed when he heard the familiar buzz come on then cut off.

“Oh, that heathen bitch,” he though ruefully. As if she could hear him she turned her body to swing her legs up on the bed, and smiled at him again before settling back on the pillow. He saw the vibrator sitting on the nightstand by her head. Letting one leg fall to the side her middle was wide open for his greedy eyes to devour, had it not been for the robe obscuring his view.

“Move the robe!” he yelled. His response was laughter.

Closing her eyes Kagome relaxed and began to run her hands over her body. Starting at her chest her hands wandered over her breasts, tweaking her nipples. He could almost hear the sounds coming from between her parted lips.

He placed his beer on the coffee table and slouched down into his seat. Unbuttoning his pants he reached into his boxers and pulled his hard cock free. He pushed his jeans down lower around his hips and fully exposed his sack and shaft. Wrapping his hand around himself he stroked his shaft as he watched Kagome touch her body.

Inuyasha saw her breathing quicken and her hands delve between her thighs, and he knew what was coming. “Pick it up,” he coaxed. True to form Kagome picked up her vibrator and turned it on. “Show daddy how you like it,” he whispered. Kagome ran the tip of it down her stomach before he saw it start to rise and fall between her legs. Each time it lowered more of it disappeared behind the robe and he could imagine it disappearing inside her. He reminisced on how wet she would get for him and how she smelled when he had his face between her legs. As he reenacted licking her in his mind his strokes became more urgent, his cock getting harder. Occasionally he would tighten his ass, thrusting up into his hand.

Kagome was becoming more urgent in her quest for release. She was just as turned on as Inuyasha was, and she loved watching him jerk off while he watched her get off. She would often sneak peaks at him when his head was tilted back, staring at his cock as he fisted it. She loved giving him head almost as much as she loved having him inside her, abusing her. Sometimes she wished they could fuck for hours because no sooner would it be over than she wanted him again. He made her a sex fiend for him and she loved being his whore.

She could feel her vibrator hitting all the right spots but it wasn’t enough. She needed him inside her right now like she needed the air she breathed. “Inuyasha!” she called out. She saw his head snap up but he didn’t slow his pace. “Please,” he saw her whisper through the glass of the fireplace.

He snickered at her, then shook his head, motioning toward the door. Kagome knew what he meant. She had locked him out, but sometimes he was just too thick. “Bathroom,” she mouthed, and then he remembered. Their bathroom also had a door that lead into the entryway.

He got out of his chair; never slowing the pace he set on his cock, and headed toward the bathroom. Kagome heard the door open to their room and she opened her eyes to see him standing at the foot of their bed, shirt off and still stroking himself.

She removed her vibrator and dropped it to the floor. Getting on her hands and knees she crawled across the bed toward Inuyasha then sat on the edge and took his dick in her mouth. He put his hands in her hair and watched as she laved and sucked him. He didn’t try to hold back as her expert blowjob caused him to cum in her mouth.

Swallowing him down she pulled away when he was finished and got on her knees before him. She turned and bent over, offering up her pussy in his favorite position. Walking to the side of the bed he picked up her vibrator and turned it on then slid himself inside her. Once he had her close to finishing he placed the vibrator on her asshole, pushing in just the tip. He knew how to fuck her as well as he knew how to get himself off. He’d never met a woman who was so crazy about sex, but this one was insatiable and she always did what he asked of her. There wasn’t a kink he had yet to suggest that she had turned down and it was the biggest turn on he’d ever encountered.

Filling up both of her holes, he fucked her until she begged for mercy. Of course he would not give it. Seeing her exhausted on her belly he told her to roll over, then dove between her legs. He loved hearing her moan and groan as he licked between her lips after being thoroughly fucked. When he was satisfied she was ready, he moved up and latched onto a nipple while he shoved his cock back inside her. The longer they fucked the tighter she got, and it became so easy to make her cum. In the wee hours of the morning she finally told him she couldn’t take anymore. Two orgasms later he came again before laying over her, rested on his forearms.

“You owe me a Christmas CD,” she gasped between breaths.

“Fuck that,” he groused, snickering at her. “I’d rather go without than buy another.”

“Yeah, well, we both know that isn’t going to happen,” she replied, kissing him on the nose.

“Just like we both know I’m not replacing that damn CD,” came his smart-ass response.
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