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It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Though her family were not Christians, Kagome and her family enjoyed the Christmas time celebration just the same as others. Kagome especially loved the beautiful arias and ballads for both the religious aspect and playful aspect of December.

She didn't fancy herself to the best singer, writer or artist around; she nethertheless loved to put her all into everything when not dealing with the heavily burdened stresses of school. So when the search for Naraku had stalled out with him cowering under a rock somewhere to lick his latest wounds, Kagome snapped up the chance to go home and be with her family for a few days. InuYasha grudgingly let her go with the agreement that when a solid lead on Naraku came up he'd be able to get her with no questions or complaints.

Kagome hugged her friends good-bye and had even managed to get InuYasha to walk with her to the Well without his normal temper or attitude. They walked in comfortable silence through the magical world that is a nature's winter wonderland untarnished or ruined by the modern world's pollutions. Then Kagome was jumping through the Well and into her own time.

After spending several days with her family and getting together with her friends while Christmas shopping Kagome started to look into what kind of gifts she could bring back to the Feudal Era that was time period appropriate. She settled on all hand made items of clothing and some quilts. Her mother was more than happy to turn the trip out of town to a local crafts artist into a family outting. Souta pleaded to help chip in with the purchases and was so thrilled when he could and to also pick out a special card for his hero. Grandpa even behaved himself and told fun and humourous stories about when the children were babies.

Once home Kagome and Souta wrapped up each gift and placed them carefully into a small sports bag for Kagome to take with her the next day. Her mother went off and baked holiday treats and dishes that can be easily reheated next to the fire pit in Kaede's hut and placed those into another bag with thermal lining.

Once the sun rose Kagome was up getting herself washed and dressed to take her gifts to her friends. Her breathe puffed like soft clouds before her as her cheeks went rosy from the chill in the air. The sunlight turned the snowflakes upon the ground into millions of glittering diamonds and Kagome felt this day was sweeter than the previous ones, perhaps in part because of the season and part because of Naraku being too wounded to cause any heartaches lately.

But mostly was InuYasha's mellow mood with Kagome going home without his usual fit.

On the other side Kagome was treated to a slightly warmer chill and with a delicate snow fall coming down. The flakes were all so big and light as they coated her hair and eyelashes. It wasn't long before InuYasha silently landed beside her with his own cheeks rosy and Kagome smiled widely as she lovingly likened him to a grouchy Santa Claus with his red and white. But her heart skipped a beat when he broke into a tender smile as he gently took Kagome's packages from her and with a movement of his chin indicated for them to head over to Kaede's.

As soon as Kagome neared Kaede's hut she braced herself for the impact of the small fox youkai child against her body but instead Shippou can racing over to her and stopped in front of her opening his tiny arms wide in the universal gesture for a hug. Kagome laughed and scooped him up into her arms almost missing the barest of nods between InuYasha and Shippou. She did manage to stumble slightly when InuYasha carefully placed his arm around her shoulder letting his haori act like a warm shawl about her shoulders cocooning them in his warm and earthy scent.

At the bottom of Kaede's steps her other two friends greeted her warmly with hugs and surprisingly no unwanted touches while Kirara trilled and purred about their legs before getting distracted by a wayward snowflake.

Kaede greeted Kagome happily as she sat by her fire pit and stoked the fire up to a warm golden glow.

Kagome had everyone sit down around the fire as well telling them she had some fairly special things to say. Miroku sat near to Sango but far enough for the slayer not to feel threatened by his hands, Shippou and Kirara sat beside Sango and InuYasha sat closer than usual to Kagome who felt a warm wave of love for the hanyou wash over her at his unconscious decision.

With her friends gathered about her Kagome explained about Christmas of her time period to her friends. They listened and marvelled at the magic of it and each murmured how they wish they could go through the Well as well to witness such amazing sights as the ones Kagome was describing.

They did brighten up when Kagome opened up her thermal bag and said she had brought some dishes and treats of the holiday with her and these just needed to be reheated. So as Kaede and Sango placed the corning ware dishes just beside the fire, Kagome explained next about the gift-giving that went along with the Christmas season and they all became excited about this new idea.

Kagome gasped as she opened the sports bag with the presents as her mother had packed in a sizable amount of ornaments and garlands for them to decorate at least three Christmas trees. With eyes sparkling Kagome gathered up the packages containing the decorations and soon had everyone outside finding a couple of trees in the forest they could decorate for the season.

They selected trees far away enough from frightening any villagers who may be out hunting for a meal and set about to decorating the trees. Kagome taught her friends the carols she did knew very well and they sang them as they had fun. InuYasha was also singing but more quietly than the others and put forth a fake grumpy face about having to decorate but everyone could see how his eyes glowed and his face smoothed out from its usual hard emotional walls to be so very boyishly vulnerable.

He had never had this type of accepting interaction with any other person nor did he ever experience such play time in his life. He felt for the first time what it was like to play with other children.

As they neared completion of the decorating Kagome then began a new game that would soon be the groups most favourite winter sport. Snowball fights.

Once they were all exhausted and starting to feel the chill from being wet from the snowball fight InuYasha stated he could smell the foods that Kagome had brought and they raced back to the hut and in two separate rooms stripped off their wet clothes to dry before the fire after the meal and slip on dry and warm clothes.

They sat before the fire accepting their plates as Kagome made up each one and handed them out. They ate in comfortable silence soaking up the warmth and savouring the new flavours of each bite. After Kagome gathered up the plates and placed them carefully to the wall by the door for washing, she reached for her bag with the presents again and handed out her gifts.

Her friends all got their own quilts as well as some warm kimonos, haoris and robes. They also got a scarf and mitts and a messgener-bag styled sack in which to carry their items. Kagome knew that InuYasha would store his items inside his haori so she skipped the bag for him. Kirara was vey pleased at her own special kitty quilt and promptly set to kneading the soft surface and purring up a vocal storm before she curled up and fell fast asleep.

Everyone loved their gifts and was saddened that they had nothing to give her back when Kagome raised her hand up and pointing to each one simply said can you teach me about herbs and healing to Kaede. To Miroku if he could teach her about mediations and improving her spiritual powers. For Sango she asked for help learning to fight better with other weapons. Shippou she asked about learning tricks in case they needed to escape.

But InuYasha was feeling even more low about having nothing for Kagome. Getting up he beckoned Kagome to go outside with him.

Outside he asked her to give him one day and one night to find her a gift, that he needed to do this and Kagome with a tear falling from her eye nodded her head. She watched as InuYasha took a powerful leap and disappeared into the forest in search of a gift for her.

InuYasha raced with his youkai speed across the landscape as he hunted down the perfect gift for Kagome. He stopped and examined hundreds of things but each time rejected the item as being wrong in one way or another for Kagome. He even snuck up on Kouga without being scented or seen and scowled angrily at the wolf youkai who so brazenly mistreats him and makes Kagome uncomfortable. The wolf king was proudly showing off a mostly cleaned wolf skin he was planning on giving Kagome when he next saw her to better set his claim on her and put InuYasha in his place.

InuYasha took off before he lost his control completely and got himself into a big problem that may only serve to boost the stupid wolf's delusions that Kagome wants him.

All through the late afternoon and into the dusk InuYasha searched and searched. As true night fell InuYasha slumped dejectedly into a small cave feeling like he's failed yet again at something else. He drifted into an uneasy slumber shortly after finish that thought.

He awoke several hours later with a jerk cracking his head against the back of the cave wall and swearing up a blue streak stopped moving. There it was.... The answer to what was the perfect gift for Kagome. Solved.

It was so simple.

So pure.

So incredibly rich for Kagome.

And with his gift secured, InuYasha set off back to Kaede's hut and his forest.

He pushed himself harder and harder to get back to Kagome. And finally as the dawn was breaking with the promise of a beautiful day he landed in front of Kaede's hut. His ears took in the sounds of his friends... his..... family slumbering within its walls. And his heart skipped a beat and began to pound out a rapid tattoo in his chest.

His family.

He had a family.


And he broke inside.

All the loneliness and years and years of hate and abuse that had carved chunks out of his light until there had been a bare flickering when he encountered Kikyou and with Kagome had be steadily grown as he grew alongside her.

He must had sobbed aloud and not realize it for there were his friends - family - with concerned looks on their faces followed by the sudden scent of Kagome as she wrapped herself around his rigid body. He couldn't respond as he was being questioned by everyone all at once.

He regained control over his body and slowly brought up his arms to enfold Kagome inside his embrace and curled himself around her small frame and inhaled deeply her sweet fragrance. Then he leaned back so he could look into Kagome wide and concerned blue eyes and smiled a fang baring smile.

Then he did something that shocked everyone silent.

He eased forward and captured Kagome's lips in a deep sweet kiss. She squeaked in surprise before melting into the kiss. It was only when Kirara had landed on his head and began to paw at their noses that they broke off the kiss. InuYasha, not releasing Kagome from his embrace, looked at his friends and simply stated that this Christmas was very powerful spiritual powers as he now has his deepest, most desperate desire of his heart a reality. He has a family. To his still shell shocked friends he explained he has a mother and grandmother in Kaede, a older brother in Miroku, a younger brother in Shippou and a great sister in Sango... and to Kagome...

Kagome he has a love, a woman to share the rest of his life with... if she would have him.

InuYasha gently turned Kagome around in his arms and softly told her that his gift he has for her is --- his heart. His love.

And Kagome fell against his chest, gripping his haori tightly and sobbed that his gift was the best one she could ever dream of having and she would always cherish this gift forever.

And high above in the sky the sun had just draped its brilliant warmth and light upon everyone in that every moment in which one terrible lonely hanyou finally got his Christmas Gift.

Merry Christmas
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