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“Come on dogboy, come out already so I can see if your costume fits!” Kagome yelled at her little brother’s locked door. She’d been arguing with the Hanyou behind it for over half an hour. They would miss her friend’s party at this rate.

“Wench, there’s no fucking way I’m going out in public dressed like this! It’s indecent!” came the reply.

“Honestly,” Kagome muttered, getting very annoyed, “it’s no big deal. I’ve been dressed in my costume for like an hour and it’s no worse! Besides, you’ve locked Souta out of his room and I think he wants to play his games!”

“Yeah,” the fidgeting boy added. He looked over to his sister’s costume; sure it was a little slutty, it definitely left less to the imagination than what she’d normally wear. But he doubted that whatever Inuyasha was wearing was worth locking himself in a room and withholding videogames from innocent little brothers!

“Why can’t I just go dressed as I normally do?” Inuyasha whined from within the room.

“Because it’s Halloween, you have to wear a costume!” Kagome answered.

“Your friends aren’t going to know!” Inuyasha retorted hotly.

“But we’re going as a couple, we have to match,” Kagome said, throwing a little bit of a pout into her voice.

Inuyasha hung his head, imagining the look Kagome was probably giving him. He could never resist it; damn his soft heart. He let out a resigned sigh, muttering, “You’re giving me that look aren’t you?”

‘Ha! Got him!’ Kagome gloated in her head. She laid the disappointment even thicker, even throwing in a lip wobble, “And I worked so hard picking out the right costumes for us!”

“Fine,” Inuyasha said dejectedly. He felt himself flush as he opened the door to present his costume. Kagome was shocked into silence over how well the costume worked for her Hanyou. Luckily, Souta was there to break the silence.

“You’re so gross Sis!” Souta exclaimed in shock, “You just wanted to see Inu no nii-chan in a loincloth!”

Kagome blushed, “That’s… that’s ridiculous Souta!”

Inuyasha just shuffled his feet and stared at the floor, not able to look anyone in the eye. Kagome had lured him to her time for a Halloween party, saying it was something that boyfriends and girlfriends did. She’d been manipulating him with that line every other week since he’d nervously asked to court her last summer. She’d promised that he’d have a good time and wouldn’t even have to cover his ears if he came. That part was true at least; the costume she’d picked out was simply a ripped leopard print loincloth that went down mid-thigh and a plastic spear. She’d at least let him trade out that wimpy thing for Tetsusaiga.

He finally mustered up the nerve to look up at his Miko, shocked at what he saw. His innocent, pure Kagome was wearing a skin tight tan outfit. Like his costume, she was only covered to her mid-thigh; but that’s where the similarities ended though. For one thing, she actually had a top; it was a tight short-sleeved blouse. It was strategically laced across the chest to give a “busting out” affect, and to finish the effect, she had on a little matching hat.

Kagome noticed her tongue-tied Hanyou staring and sent him a dazzling smile, “What do you think?”

Inuyasha took a few moments to gather his thoughts, “Wench, you are not going out looking like that!”

Kagome rolled her eyes and grabbed Inuyasha’s wrist, dragging him mid-protest.

“…and what are we even supposed to be?” Inuyasha finally finished, not noticing that Kagome had successfully dragged him out of the shrine, down the staircase, and halfway down the street.

“Well, I’m the daring, brilliant, and gorgeous jungle explorer. You’re the savage half-man, half-beast that I found in some ancient ruins and brought back to civilization,” Kagome answered lightly.

“Keh. I thought the whole point of this stupid holiday was to pretend.”

“I’m choosing to take that as a compliment,” Kagome replied. “Now relax, you’re going to love this!”


“Fuck I hate this,” Inuyasha muttered to himself. Not only was there music blasting far above the Hanyou’s tolerance, but he had to deal with the overpowering scent of sweaty, hormone driven teenagers.

“Kago-hic-me, let’s boogie!”

Speaking of which… some Hojo guy wearing a green skirt and a plastic sword just wouldn’t leave his girl alone. Matters weren’t helped any by Kagome’s friend who was throwing the party; she just kept steering Hojo toward them and pestering Kagome to give him a chance. Not even Inuyasha’s well placed growls would dissuade them.

“Hojo…” Kagome gathered all of her patience, as once again she had to force herself not to smack the drunken teen, “I’m here with my boyfriend, he’s the only person I’ll be dancing with.”

“Oh you! Don’t be such a Scrooge! You don’t have to play hard to get with me!” Hojo said cheerfully, grasping Kagome’s forearm to try to drag her in the middle of the dance floor. He was stopped by a firm hand on his shoulder. His gaze travelled from the clawed hand and up the muscular arm holding him back until his gaze met the half-naked Hanyou.

“Hey listen,” Inuyasha growled, “I don’t care if you’re wearing a skirt; if you don’t stop bothering Kagome I will knock you the fuck out.”

“It’s not a skirt!” Hojo loudly protested, “It’s a tunic! A tunic!”

“Keh, I might not know who, or what, a “Link” is… but I know a skirt when I see one,” Inuyasha replied. He took Kagome’s hand into his own and led her away from the stammering fool.

Hojo unsheathed his plastic sword, waving it in what his inebriated mind was a threatening motion.

“You think you can take me?” he shouted, “I’m the legend of Zelda!”

With that Hojo charged the Hanyou, who nonchalantly stepped out of the way. There was a loud crash as Hojo ran face first, full steam into a wall. He stood still for a moment, as if he were stuck to the wall before he crumpled to the floor. An angry Eri stomped her way over to the Miko and Hanyou.

“Oh my God Kagome! Can’t you get your violent boyfriend to behave for a few hours?” she snarled.

“Hey!” Inuyasha protested, but he was interrupted by his girlfriend.

“Eri, I don’t know what you have against Inuyasha, or why you’ve repeatedly tried to push Hojo on me with my boyfriend here, but this is the last straw!” Kagome spat back at the girl, “Inuyasha didn’t do anything other than get me out of an uncomfortable situation that you keep trying to put me in. Inuyasha didn’t lay a hand on Hojo, and he certainly didn’t get Hojo so drunk he forgot to put on the brakes before face-planting into a wall. Back the hell off!”

Eri gasped in shock at her friend, “I’m going to have to ask you two to leave. I can’t have my house getting wrecked by hooligans!”

“Fine,” Kagome growled, dragging Inuyasha out by the wrist, “come on, Inuyasha!”


“So what now?” Inuyasha asked Kagome.

Kagome looked down at her watch, it was only ten o’clock, “It’s still so early, I don’t want to go home yet!”

“What about there?” Inuyasha asked, gesturing to a deserted park.

“That’ll do,” Kagome agreed.

They walked in a comfortable silence until they came to a bench that was sitting by a lake. Deciding that this was as good a place as any, Inuyasha and Kagome decided to just sit down and enjoy each other’s company. It was a chilly night, and Kagome let out a shiver.

Inuyasha automatically went to hand her his hoari before remembering that he currently only had a loincloth to wear. “Keh, I knew I should have dressed normally. Bet you don’t think matching costumes was such a smart idea now.”

“Sh-shut up,” Kagome answered, “Seeing you in a loincloth was worth it.”

“So the runt was right,” Inuyasha grinned. Kagome only looked at him with a ‘no duh’ expression.

Kagome shivered again, and wrapped her arms tightly around herself.

“Guess I’ll just have to get creative,” Inuyasha said lightly as he grabbed the girl and deposited her in his lap. He wrapped his arms tightly around the girl and pulled her snugly into his chest. He buried his nose and mouth into the crook of her neck, enjoying the scent.

Kagome felt herself slowly start to warm. She couldn’t believe it, she was mostly clothed while Inuyasha was practically naked but he still took it upon himself to warm her up!

“Don’t you ever get cold?” Kagome asked, and cut off his typical reply before he could give it, “and don’t say it’s because of your Youkai blood; Shippou’s full Youkai and I know for a fact that he gets cold.”

Inuyasha thought for a moment then moved his chin to rest on Kagome’s shoulder, “That’s ‘cause the brat never spent a winter alone without anyone to light him a fire. I got used to it, I don’t feel the cold anymore.”

“Oh,” Kagome whispered.

Deciding that he didn’t want Kagome dwelling on his shitty childhood, Inuyasha decided to distract her. He deftly spun her around so she was straddling his lap. He captured Kagome’s lips with his own and nuzzled her chest.

“What are-“

“Keh, you dress like that all night, you have to expect me to react,” Inuyasha said, moving a hand down to cup Kagome’s bottom.

Kagome jumped in shock, “You’ve been hanging around Miroku too much!”

“Dark cloud, something something spiritual whatever…” Inuyasha muttered as he focused his attention to Kagome’s throat.

Gentle flakes of snow fell around them, and Kagome pushed Inuyasha back slightly, “You’re not the only one who’s hot and bothered because of a costume.”

Kagome placed a quick peck between Inuyasha’s ears and moved her way down to his chest, giving him little nips and licks. Inuyasha’s eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned with pleasure as his Miko goddess paid homage to his body. His hands found their way to Kagome’s hair as he knocked her hat off and lightly stroked her hair. They enjoyed each other’s attentions, completely oblivious as the snow slowly started to pick up.

“Holy shit Kagome-“

Kagome placed a finger over Inuyasha’s mouth, “Shh.”

She nuzzled Inuyasha’s chest for a moment before kneeling down and gently kissing his thighs. Inuyasha gasped when Kagome accidentally brushed the bulge in his loincloth. Curious, she took a stronger hold and squeezed experimentally. Inuyasha writhed in pure pleasure; Kagome placed a light kiss to his crotch over his clothes. She gently lifted the skimpy covering to peer at the gift Inuyasha had to offer.

Inuyasha placed his hands on Kagome’s shoulders, stopping her. He took a moment to appreciate the sight of Kagome on her knees before his groin before he gently lifted her up by her armpits and placed her back in his lap. He gave her a small lick under her chin.

“Not yet,” he muttered. He didn’t think they were ready to go that far yet. He finally noticed the gradually building cover of snow. “Let’s go before we get buried.”

Kagome nodded in agreement, and Inuyasha deftly stood up, cradling her to his chest as he started the walk home. Kagome relaxed and rested her head on Inuyasha’s shoulder as she let him carry her.

“Kagome?” Inuyasha asked.


“Something that green guy said has been bothering me… What’s a Zelda?”
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