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FOR MOONSTAR9411 by ED Staff

Kagome walked briskly towards the back of the church. She tried to choke back her tears as she slipped through the back door, making sure not to be seen. The cold December air hit her and she wrapped her arms around her waist. The last thing she needed was the two people occupying the church to notice her. She barely wanted to admit what she saw to herself, but eyes didn’t lie, even if her mind wanted them to.

She swiped her hand across her cheek furiously as a lone tear fell despite her efforts to hold it back. She tightened her arms around her waist, cursing herself for leaving her coat in the car. She was halfway to where she parked her car when she heard her name being called in the distance. ‘Now you remember me.’ She thought bitterly to herself.

She picked up her pace as best she could on the rocky path. Before she knew it, she was in her car and driving towards the city. She heard the ringtone on her cell play softly as she drove. She had left her purse with her house keys and phone in the car on the passenger seat before she entered the church. She had arrived earlier than everyone else to ensure that everything was perfect for her special day. At least, she thought she had arrived before anyone else….

“Some special day this turned out to be.” She grumbled to herself as she pressed a bit harder on the gas pedal. She was going fifty in a forty mile zone, but she needed to get away faster. She needed to run from it all, especially the pain. She ignored the ringing of her cell as she weaved in and out of traffic. She had no destination; she just wanted to be far away from it all.

The scene she bore witness to in the small dressing room at the church kept playing over and over in her head as she drove. Hands running across skin, lips touching, whispered words, heavy breathing.

Tears fell from her eyes uncontrollably as a sob tore from her lips. She shouldn’t be crying over this, but she couldn’t stop herself.

It hurt.

It hurt to be betrayed by the two people you trusted most in the world. It hurt even more to witness that betrayal with your own eyes.

It hurt seeing your soon to be husband fucking your best friend in the church you were to be married in that very same day. That was the type of pain you couldn’t run from. That was the type of pain that made you drive seventy five miles an hour on a cold December day, with roads full of snow and ice.

That was the type of pain that made tears fall from your eyes so fast that your vision became blurry and you lost control of the wheel.

Kagome screamed as her car swerved over a patch of black ice. She took her foot off the gas and fought back the impulse to slam on the brakes. She fought with the wheel, trying to regain her control.

But it was too late.

Before she knew what was happening, there was a loud crunch and her head jerked and hit the steering wheel.

“Fuck!” She yelled out, clutching her head. The pain was intense, she squeezed her eyes shut and hissed. There was going to be bruising for sure.

She rubbed at the aching spot on her head for a few more moments before she registered the fact that there was a loud voice outside her car door. Kagome turned her head just enough to see a man standing beside her car. She could only see him from the neck down in her position.

“You gonna stay in your car like a coward or come out?” She heard the voice shout.

“Just fucking great.” Kagome groaned to herself. The last thing she needed was someone yelling at her after the shit she just went through.

Suddenly feeling pissed she jerked up and slammed her door open, barely missing the man who moved back in the nick of time.

“Look Mister, I don’t know who the hell you think you are, but I don’t appreciate your fucking yelling.” She snapped as she got out of her car. “It’s not my fault I slid on the fucking ice.”

The wind blew hair in Kagome’s face as soon as she was out of her car. She still had her jacket off and no hat on.

“Might have helped if you weren’t trying to be fucking Speed Racer, dumb ass.” The man fired back. Kagome finally got her hair out of her face and looked up, opening her mouth to rip him a new one.

She froze as she stared into the pissed off face of her past. She hadn’t seen him in three years. Not since they had broken up and she had moved out of town.

“Yash?” She asked softly, not believing it was really him. She watched as his golden eyes swept over her face and lit up with recognition.

“Kagome.” He said her name on a whisper she almost didn’t hear. His voice was still the same; Smooth and masculine. How the hell hadn’t she recognized it?

They both stood there, staring at one another in disbelief. Kagome noticed he had let his hair grow out. The thick, black locks now hung down past his shoulder blades. He had it pulled back in a low ponytail. She noticed his full lips were slightly parted and she has the sudden urge to feel them against hers again.

She shook her head and immediately regretted it. Pain exploded behind her eyes and before she knew it she was being cradled in a pair of familiar, strong arms. She tried to ask what was going on, but darkness was creeping up on her vision fast. Before she knew it, she was out.


Kagome felt something cold and wet on her forehead and tried to swat it off. She felt a hand grab hers and pull it down to her side. Her eyes popped open and she immediately squeezed them shut. There was a throbbing in her head and she suddenly remembered the accident.

“Yash?” She asked her voice cracking. Her throat felt dry and sore. Great, on top of everything else, she was now getting sick. Wonderful.

“You know, you always had a bad habit of going out in the middle of winter with no coat on.” She heard his deep, masculine voice say next to her.

She felt herself smile. They had, had plenty of fights during their relationship about her not bundling up before leaving the apartment they once shared. A dull pain started in her chest at the memory.

She opened her eyes slowly and turned her head towards him. She was lying on a couch, with him kneeling beside her. He looked down at her with a smile on his face. “I swear you think you’re invincible.”

“Yeah, I’m a regular Superwoman.” She said sarcastically. “Sorry about your car Yash. I’ll pay for the damage.”

“Don’t worry about it; you just caught the side of my bumper.” He said a crooked smile. The smile crooked smile that used to make her undies magically disappear. “Your car might be totaled though. It’s in a ditch.”

She groaned loudly, cursing her luck. “Great, just great. This has been the day from hell.” She says more to herself then to him. She noticed him watching her closely, worry evident in his gaze.

“What happened today?” He asked. Kagome shook her head. She didn’t want to tell him the humiliating details. “Come on. Whatever it was caused you to drive like an idiot and almost kill yourself and others. Seeing as I’m in the “other” category, I deserve to know what might have ended my life.”

She narrowed her eyes at her and motioned that she wanted to sit up. He leaned back on his heels and she sat up on the couch, placing her feet on the floor. She held her head in her hands and moaned softly.

She heard him stand and walk away, but refused to life her head. He returned a few moments later and kneeled in front of her.

“Here, take these.” She looked up at the two pills he offered her. She took them gratefully and popped them into her mouth, downing the glass of water he also handed her.

He smiled when she handed him the empty glass. “Better?”

Kagome returned his smile. “Much better actually. Thanks Yash.” He sat the empty glass on the coffee table behind him and turned his attention back towards her.

“So, you gonna tell me what happened?” He asked jumping right back to the previous conversation. Kagome rolled her eyes.

“Still the same huh?” She asked him playfully. “What Inuyasha wants, Inuyasha gets.” A look came over his face that she couldn’t describe.

“Not everything.” He answered as he stared into her eyes.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what he meant. Kagome swallowed the lump in her throat and averted her eyes. She knew it had hurt him when she decided to leave, but she had wanted more at the time. More than he and their little hometown of Shikon could offer.

“Yash…” She started, but was promptly cut off.

“So, about your day from hell?” He asked her, getting up from the floor and sitting next to her on the couch. She sighed, Yash never let anything drop.

“I’m supposed to get married today.” Kagome said emotionlessly. The pain was still there, but at the moment she just felt kind of numb. She looked over and noticed Inuyasha’s body stiffen and his sharp intake of breath.

“Yash?” She asked timidly. He couldn’t have feelings for her after all these years, right? Not after she left him…

“You’re getting married? Today?” He asked, disbelief and anger in his voice. His eyebrows pulled together and he narrowed his eyes. “Who is he?”

Kagome’s eyes widened slightly. ‘What the hell…’ “His name is Hojo. We met almost a year after I left.” She regretted that sentence the moment it left her mouth.

Kagome watched as Inuyasha’s eyes went from the golden color she loved to a dark honey. He was pissed.

“So, you’re supposed to marry this Hojo guy today. What’s stopping you?” He growled.

“Am I missing something?” Kagome asked. She was a bit confused on why he was angry. They hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in three years. He couldn’t possibly feel anything for her anymore. Even if she still cared for him…

“Not at all. I guess I just read a bit too much into our spontaneous meeting.” He grumbled and stood. “Got my hopes up.” He said as he walked over to the other couch and picked up her phone. He tossed it on the couch next to her.

“I don’t want to hold you up on your big day. I can drop you off.” He said avoiding eye contact with her.

Kagome bit her lip and felt tears prick at her eyes. He said something similar to her three years ago when she left him. I don’t want to hold you back. She was such a bitch. And look where it landed her.

She left Shikon to be something more. To branch out and get a great job with her shiny new business degree. Instead, she ended up being a secretary to Hojo at his father’s law firm.

Yeah, some hot shot she became.

“No need Yash, but if you need me out of your hair I can call a cab.” She said weakly. She had no business being there with him. Not after how she left him.

He looked down at her confused. “What do you mean no need?”

Kagome gave a humorless laugh. Mine as well tell him what her life had become. “There won’t be a wedding today. I went into the church earlier and saw my so called fiancé fucking my so called best friend.”

Inuyasha’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open. There was nothing, but silence for a few moments that seemed like hours. He slowly sat back down next to her.

“You mean to tell me, that prick was stupid enough to even notice another woman when he had you?” He asked incredulously.

“I’m not much to write home about Yash.” Kagome said feeling bitter all over again. She had tried to be everything for Hojo, but nothing ever seemed to be enough.

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow. “Are you fucking kidding me? If I had the chance to have you barefoot and pregnant with my ring on your finger, I’d be the happiest man alive.”

Kagome looked at him like he grew two heads. “How can you say that after what I did to you?” She was confused. She had left him, all because she thought she wanted more than he could offer her.

Inuyasha turned towards her and took her hands in his. His face softened and he smiled at her.

“I can say that because I love you. I never really stopped.” He confused and Kagome felt her mouth fall open. “To be honest, I hoped you she what life was like out there and come back to me. We had a good thing Kagome.”

They had. What they had was a really good thing, until she went and messed it up. All because she feared that staying in her hometown would make her a nobody. All her friends from high school had left to study abroad; instead she went to the college just one town over.

“We did have a good thing. Great even.” Kagome whispered, once again feeling tears prick her eyes. Inuyasha squeezed her hands.

“It was hell watching you walk out that door Kagome. I waited a month for you to come back. When you didn’t, I left. There was no point in staying if you weren’t there.”

Kagome’s eyes got impossibly larger. He waited?

“You waited?” She asked breathlessly. He smiled down at her.

“It seems that you underestimated my feelings for you, Kagome.” He said softly. “I wouldn’t have made you stay in Shikon.”

“But you wanted to open your bike shop.” Kagome argued. Since Inuyasha was a little kid he had dreamed of owning a motorcycle shop. He was obsessed with the things. It was one of the reasons she fell for him.

“I could’ve opened that anywhere.”

“Did you? Open it I mean?” She asked. She hoped he did. He deserved to have his dream come true.

His smile widened. “Yeah, I did. Nishiyori’s Custom Cycles.”

Kagome smiled and through her arms around him. “I’m so happy for you Yash.”

She felt his arms tighten around her and she let him hold her for a few moments longer before pulling back. A sudden thought hit her.

“I guess I’m going to have to find another job. I was working as Hojo’s secretary.” Kagome said sadly. She never realized how much she depended on him.

“Well, I could use a secretary. It’s hard to keep up with orders and work on bikes.” Inuyasha said with a sly smile on his face.

“Really?” She smiled at him, and then frowned. “Where are we anyway?” He laughed at her question.

“Now you ask? This is the house I bought after I opened the shop.” He told her.

She narrowed her eyes playfully. “I figured that much out. I meant what city. I wasn’t paying much attention to where I was going.”

“A few minutes outside of Tokyo.” Kagome stared at him. “What?”

“How long have you been here?”

“About a year.” He looked at her confused. She shook her head and laughed.

“You’ve been so close. I live in Tokyo.” That was where she had run off to. Shikon was about four hours from Tokyo.

Inuyasha joined in her laugh. “What are the odds?”

Kagome’s laughter ended when her phone began to ring in her purse. She pulled it out and saw Hojo’s name on the screen. She also noticed the time, 5:40. Her wedding was scheduled for four o’clock. She saw thirty other missed calls from Hojo and ten from her “best friend” Eri. She was about to answer when Inuyasha’s hand covered the phone.

Kagome looked up into his eyes, seeing the determination there. “Don’t go back.”


“What are the odds of us running into each other on the day you’re supposed to be married? What are the odds of him cheating on you? This was meant to happen.” He said with conviction.

Kagome could do nothing but stare at him. What he said made sense, but could it happen? Could they start over? Get back what they once had?

Inuyasha must have seen the questions in her eyes. “We can start slow. See where this leads.” His eyes pleaded with her.

Kagome bit her lip. She wanted to try. She wanted to be with Inuyasha again. She wanted his love and she wanted to give him hers.

“Okay. Let’s try.” She laughed at the wide smile he gave her. He pulled her into his arms and gently kissed her. She sighed at the feel of his lips on her once again. It was like coming home.

A tear fell from her eye. Inuyasha was her home and she was an idiot not to realize it before. He had given her a second chance and she would grab it and never let go.


One year later…

Kagome looked down at the beautiful little baby boy lying in the crib asleep. Emotion swam through her as her gaze roamed over his tiny body.

“What are you doing in here?” She heard a voice say behind her, right before strong arms wrapped around her waist from behind.

“Watching him sleep. He’s amazing.” She whispered. “He’s ours.”

To think, her beautiful little baby may have never been there if it hadn’t been for her ex fiancé cheating on her.

Kagome turned around in her husband’s arms and wrapped hers around his neck. He looked down at her with love and adoration in his eyes. She was so grateful to have him back in her life. Lucky that he had even taken her back.

“I love you Inuyasha.” She said with deep emotion. Words couldn’t express how much she meant those words. He smiled down at her.

“I love you Kagome.” He leaned down to kiss her.

“Thank you for giving me another chance.” She whispered against his lips.

“Any time baby. You are a beautiful chance that I would take every time.”
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