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The Miracle

The smell of fresh baked bread wafted to her nostrils. The sounds of children laughing as they played filled her ears. The dirt scuffled beneath her feet as she waddled through the village.

Kagome held her hand on top of her belly. She walked down the road with little shops on each side. She gave every shopkeeper a sweet smile of appreciation. Spotting the reason for her trip, she turned direction to stop at the small baker stand. Her mouth watered from the delicious smelling breads and pastries.

“Mmmm! These flaky pastries look delicious!” Kagome said excitedly.
‘I only came for fresh bread, but a pastry for Inuyasha and I wouldn’t hurt!’ She thought.
“I’ll take one fresh loaf of bread and two flakey pastries please!” She said happily. The baker smiled as he placed began preparing her order.

“Kagomeeeee!” Yelled Inuyasha through gritted teeth. Kagome rolled her eyes and straightened her back as he approached, replacing her hand atop her round belly.

The familiar red clad man emerged from the crowd and stomped toward her as soon as their eyes met. She tried to cement a stern look as he got closer. He hadn’t been letting her out of the house much ever since they found out she was pregnant. So if she wanted to go get fresh bread, she was definitely going to go to get it.

Inuyasha stopped only a foot from her, arms tucked into his sleeves so Kagome wouldn’t see his balled fists.

“What do you think you are doing?! I thought I told you not to leave the house without me! What if something would have happened to you? Or the pup?!” He quizzed agitatedly. Kagome sighed. She knew he was only worried about his family’s safety.

“Relax Inuyasha. Nothing happened and I am fine. I only wanted to get some fresh bread.” She soothed. She took a step forward and nuzzled her nose into his neck. He hugged her delicate form gently but securely. “Thank you for caring Inuyasha.” Kagome whispered for only his acute hearing. A grin crossed his lips.

“Here is your order ma’am!” The baker said cheerfully. Kagome escaped Inuyasha’s grasp as she grabbed her bag and paid the man. Inuyasha guided her back to their hut.

Inuyasha held up the entrance mat and let her enter first. Kagome bowed her head to him in appreciation as she stepped inside. He followed close behind. He quickly returned to his favorite spot on the floor against the wall. Kagome smiled at his familiar grouchy scowl in his usual pose. She walked towards him and attempted to sit in front of him. When her attempt failed, Inuyasha was swiftly there to assist her. Kagome was irritated that she needed so much help all the time, but she was also thankful for Inuyasha always being there for her.

Once she was settled on a sitting pillow, Inuyasha sat back down in his spot. Arms tucked into his sleeves with his eyes closed. He didn’t want to look in her face right now or he would lose his nerve to be mad at her.

Kagome placed her hand on her tummy as she released an exhausted sigh. ‘This is weird. I didn’t think I would be so tired after trying to sit down.’ She thought. Inuyasha opened one eye and glanced over her. She put a sweet smile for him. He huffed as he closed his eye and turned his head away from her.

“Awww… Don’t be like that Inuyasha. You know I can handle myself.” She cooed, trying to calm his mood. But of course it didn’t seem to work. He turned back, staring her intently in the eye.

“You can handle yourself? In your condition? Did you take the pup into consideration?” He retorted.

“Yes but-” She attempted to reply but was cut off.

“If a demon just decided to attack the village and I wasn’t there to protect you, what would have happened? You and the pup could have been hurt. I would never be able to forgive myself if anything happened to you…” He trailed off. Kagome hadn’t noticed him getting closer until he was inches from her face.

He brushed her bangs out of her face and tucked it gently behind her ear, grazing her skin with his claws. A chill ran down her spine and her breath hitched in her throat. How does he still get this reaction from her? He leaned forward to kiss her soft pink lips.

Just before their lips met, his ears caught the sound of a scream. He froze. Kagome waited for the kiss but it never came. She opened her eyes to see him frozen in front of her, eyes turned to the door way.

Worry creased her brow. She shifted her weight to sit on her knees. Cupping his cheeks in her hands, she forced him to look at her. His golden eyes showed her that he knew something was wrong.

“Go.” She said softly, giving him permission to check it out. Just like that, he rushed out of the hut in search of the scream. Kagome sighed again before plopping back down onto her bottom, wiping droplets of sweat off her forehead.

‘It sounded like it came from the forest.’ He thought, running swiftly in the direction of the forest named after him. ‘I can’t risk a demon coming this close to the village.’ He leapt into the branches of the trees and continued scanning the forest floor from above.

Suddenly, her heard the scream again, near the Sacred Tree. He jumped down to the ground and sprinted as fast as he could towards the giant, ancient tree. He passed the Bone Eaters Well so he knew he was close.

'The quicker I can take care of this, the quicker I can get back to protect Kagome.' He told himself.

He came to the clearing and was shocked at the source of the scream. A teenage couple from the village were play wrestling underneath the Great Sacred Tree. The young boy planted a soft kiss on her cheek and the girl blushed. She turned her head away and saw Inuyasha staring in shock and irritation. She screamed again but in a different manner. She shuffled away from the boy and both of them blushed.

Inuyasha crossed his arms and blushed himself as he averted his eyes. "Why are you two causing such a ruckus out here? If you're gonna get all lovey dovey, at least keep it down so the demons can't hear you." He scolded. But he was being soft on them because he knew what it was like to want some private time with his love.

"We're sorry. We were just playing around." The boy apologized. The girl next to him nodded without raising her gaze from the ground.

"Just get back to the village. Ya don't know what else could've heard you out here." He told them softly.

He jumped back into the branches but lost his footing as his body pulsed. Ba-Dum! He hit the ground with all his weight. The force should have knocked him out. But something was happening. And Inuyasha didn't know what. He pulsed again. Ba-Dum! His vision was becoming blurry.

‘Oh no.’ He thought. His eye flashed red and turquoise. He could feel his fangs and claws lengthening.

“Are you okay? That was quite a fall!” The young girl asked as the couple came closer.

“Get. Back!” Inuyasha managed, turning towards them. The two stepped back with wide eyes as they saw his appearance changing and the growls and snarls emerging from his throat.

Inuyasha stood and ran in the direction his instincts were taking him. To his mate. She needs him. He doesn’t know what’s going on, but he knows she wants him there with her.

Ba-Dum! Again. It was crippling. Each pulse. ‘What’s happening?’ He questioned. He forced his body to move faster. ‘I have to get to her now!’ He thought.

The village came into sight. Ba-Dum! He swiftly weaved through the walk ways. Ignoring all of the screaming and wide eyed villagers. That was when he heard her. Her cries of pain and agony. His body felt lighter in that second. He suddenly was able to move faster. And he was at their hut in one more second. He hesitated at the door way. He was frightened for a moment. Ba-Dum!

He pushed through the door mat. He saw her lying on the ground. Kaede was helping her. She was having the baby. Kagome turned her head and saw him standing there. She reached her hand towards him. He was by her side in an instant.

“Inuyasha.” She said weakly. Her face was pale and she was clearly out of breath. He leaned down and nuzzled her cheek. A low growl rumbled in his chest to try and smooth her. She sighed and panted as the pain returned. With his deadly claws, he delicately brushed her sweat plastered bangs off her forehead. Ba-Dum! Ba-Dum! Kagome and Inuyasha's bodies pulsed in unison. The pulse radiated off of them.

"One more strong push child!" Kaede coached. Kagome pushed with all her might and she screamed as her entire body ached. Ba-Dum! Ba-Dum! Ba-Dum!

And all of the sudden, the pain secede. She let her back fall against the floor. Inuyasha features instantly returned to normal. Kagome looked up at him to see him looking down. She didn’t have the strength to lift herself to look.

“What is it?” She called. She could hear the water splashing as Kaede washed the baby, but there was only silence. “What is it?” She called again in a panic. She squeezed Inuyasha’s hand to bring him back to her. His eyes were fixed on the baby though.

Out of nowhere, Kagome heard shrieks from tiny lungs. Her body relaxed again and she released the breath she was holding. Kaede walked beside Inuyasha and handed a bundle of blankets to Kagome as she propped herself up on her arm.

“It’s a boy.” Kaede said warmly. He was small but very healthy. His hair was as silver as his father’s but with streaks of raven black like his mother’s, with one silver ear and the other black.

Inuyasha lifted his hand to touch him but was afraid to hurt him. The little baby stopped his crying and grabbed Inuyasha’s finger and began to laugh. The sound caused both Kagome and Inuyasha to smile. He looked up at Kagome and Kagome looked up at him. She knew this was the beginning of a long and happy life with her new family. He knew that he was destined to be by her side and to protect his family for the rest of his life.

“What will you name him?” Kaede asked.

Kagome and Inuyasha looked at one another before replying in unison, “Ryuuhi.”
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