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‘Tis The Season For Kissing

Kagome gazed at her image in the mirrored walls of the elevator, inspecting herself with bright and nervous cinnamon orbs. She couldn’t understand why she was so frigid; it was not like this was her first time attending the annual Christmas party for the Law Firm she worked from fresh out of university. It definitely wasn’t to say she was nervous about mingling with so many powerful men and women – especially them men. Hell she had been working in the big sea with the most powerful men for the last three years, and she was pleased to know that she was making a name for herself – professionally – for her smarts and beauty to distract her opponents but also awe them when she revealed that beauty isn’t all she was worth.

So as shaking hands smooth back the stubborn strands dancing in her face, she gave a defeated sigh when the boastingly fell back in place, dangling as if in laughter at her futility.

“Ugh!” She screamed in frustration, her crimson lips pushing out in a cute pout. “This is ridiculous…!” When her bottom lip was held prisoner between her teeth, she suddenly groan when events that took place earlier assaulted her vision, forcing her face to flush, almost putting the crimson sequin dress to shame.

“This is ridiculous,” She repeated, smoothing her palms along her side. “It’s not like I’d cave.” She scoffed, forcing the confidence that kept dwindling away every time she felt comfortable to relax to stay with her and embrace like a lover. “He doesn’t have power over me..!” She slapped her chest lightly, quirking her brow at the imagine before her. “Yeah, you hear me,” Leaning forward, the imagine mimicked her, coming closer as it too brows were nearer to her hairline. “He does not have any will over lil ol’ me!”

Smiling brightly, with a new sense of surety latching onto her, Kagome straightened to her full 5’10 height, thanks to the four inch suede pumps donning her feet beneath the long dress that was graciously caressing the floor. “I’m all good… Just… ” The elevator’s door dinged loudly, indicating the end of her journey too abruptly. Like a filled glass being broken by an impatient spoon, spilling its contents – so did Kagome’s confidence and surety.

The mass of the rich and powerful didn’t even pause as the elevator door opened fully, waiting patiently for to exit the small cab. Kagome scanned the room idly, her breath hitching as she took in the beauty of the area – the decorations never seize to captivator her, pulling her into a world of blissful ignorance that was filled with the elegantly and multiplied colorful designs that enhanced the already extravagant vicinity. She pressed a palm to her chest, exhaling slowly as her eyes shone from the bright chandeliers dangling from the naked ceiling, which gave off a sense of galactic beauty with the constellations splattered across the roof.

“Beautiful isn’t it?”

The elegant voice made her jump in surprise, noticing that he was leaning casually between the paths of the elevator’s door, stopping it from closing in on her and deny her such captivity.

“It truly is,” She breathily admitted, her eyes shining like the sparkling ocean under the twinkling sky. “From the short time I’ve been here, you always manage to outshine the previous year’s decoration – even when I say, ‘no, this can never, definitely be topped’, yet I’m always proven wrong.”

The male gave a rakish smile, making my inside spark before igniting with each slow swipe of his intense gaze from head to bottom. “If doing such a small act awards me with such a breathtaking image,” His imploring eyes enslaved her, making her shudder with an anticipation she refuse to acknowledge. When his smile morphed into a smirk, Kagome couldn’t help the erratic pumping of her heart, threatening to break her ribcage and jump right out of her chest and into his dangerous hands. “I’d probably consider doing it every day.”

Blushing so hard, she swore it was running competition with her dress, Kagome turned her head from him, catching a glimpse of said blush, which only made its color deepen. Her thick braided strand fell over her shoulder, tickling her elbow, as if to tease her about her blatant reaction. “I can’t think anything than how foolish you sound…” She rasped and then quickly cleared her throat, she made to step out. “If you’ll excuse me….”

Feeling the kiss of his palm against her elbow, Kagome automatically paused, frozen in her position as the zinging electricity coursed through her form a thousand times, before finally settling at the pit of her stomach. “I can’t to take you on a date, have you alone with me…just the two of us without any distractions.”

She scoffed, amazed by the level of confidence oozing off of him. Oh how she wished she had the ability to do that, because then she knew that she would have the proper means to deny him any and everything without feeling guilty or regretful in the end. No point in dwelling on the past right? “Sure you are,” She whispered, slowly easing her arm from his hold. She would never admit it out loud, but the mere touch of him – or something belonging to him, whether it be his clothing or even his hot breath, traveling pass his scrumptious lips – make her coherent way of thinking to vanish in thin air, causing her to revert into the opposite of herself that she’d worked her entire life to build.

“Ah,” He chuckled, the sound reverting throughout her body, engulfing her in a web of false contentment. “You know how much I love a challenge,” Stepping closer to her, she felt the kiss of his lips against her neck, where he had to lower his head – his height still towering over her. She was surprise to see that his lips were warm, sensually addicting as it damned near lulled her to sleep. “…don’t you?” His hot breath tickled her neck and she almost – almost – giggled from the feelings he triggered.

“Good luck with that.”

When she made her way deeper into the party, her eyes continued its awed-inspection, taking in the multiple mistletoes dangling almost every twenty steps in any direction. “This is so stupid and desperate but so damn beautiful and romantic!” She softly gushed, sauntering through the crowd towards the mini bar, giving the occasional grins as well as hugs and light kisses on the cheeks.

All the while, as she mingled and conversed animatedly with her colleagues and some clients as well as possible clients, Kagome couldn’t help the burning sensation that slithered across her naked back, where the dress dipped low, bolding exposing her smooth back. She knew for a fact that it was her boss; the daring, unapologetic 6’3 Adonis with piercing eyes strong enough to burst throw any solid. Of course, that excluded her resolve. It definitely had to, or she’d know for a fact she was walking into this lion’s den with a futile plan.

And she wasn’t.

“…The Jacobson and Jacobson’s spoke so highly of you,” A short man gushed, his hands doing far too much touching than she’d like – especially coming from a lecher like him.

Nevertheless, Kagome smiled placidly, nodding her head in agreement. “My main goal is to make the client as comfortable as possible. It may be business, but there’s no harm in establishing an atmosphere such as the cloud of friendship,” She paused, her smile faltering a little when she felt a presence behind her.

“Kagome here is just being modest,” Her bane and boss spoke up, as if he was in the conversation all along. “She may a woman – beautiful and scrumptious,” Looking down, he waggled his brows slightly at her, making her flush slightly.

“You know, most people can argue that your words may come off as sexual harassment.”

“It wouldn’t hold up,” He countered boastingly. When he leaned closer towards her, securing their private talk, he was tempted to lick her lope, but refrained with a soft grunt. “Not when it’s something I know you want – and more.”

She shuddered when his index finger made a treacherous trail down the center of her back. “You’re just a walking torture in and of itself.” Hearing her breathing quickened, the daring male groaned deep within his throat, making it sound as if he growling.

With a quirked brow decorating the stout man’s face, Kagome smiled reassuringly at him, slightly pushing away her boss as subtly as possible. “As I was saying,” Just as the words passed her lips, a waiter came in their direction with a tray of sparkling champagne and she took two for each hand, downing the first one quickly and setting it back down, smiling bashfully as her tongue dipped at the corner of her lip where a raindrop of champagne trickled down. “Um… I was saying…” She cleared her throat, the long flute in her hand shaking slightly. “The Jacobson’s… They um…” Her eyes glazed over, and she had to shake her head slightly to regain her composure. “To accomplish…Before…”

The boss beside her grinned triumphantly.

“Are you feeling well Ms. Higurashi.”

It felt as if sheen of sweat was forming against Kagome’s skin, and she vaguely wondered if anyone behind her was paying her any mind. She’d hate to be the gossip of the company, and after today’s event earlier at the office, she couldn’t help but wonder if people thought differently of her. With a sigh, she silently scorned her boss, wishing unimaginable pain upon him for causing such an uproar. It was already difficult just being a woman and having to stand with the big boys, and she did it all with her studies. So for someone to accuse her of working her way through in terms of sexual means, she was not only pissed at them for such ignorant outlook, but annoyed at her boss for not even caring.

“Egotistic asshole,” She breathed, her eyes narrowing with a sidelong glance when he only chuckled.

“I should accompany her,” He eagerly stated, his smile charming even men in his wake. “To make sure she doesn’t fall,” He added, before excusing himself.

When her back was to the stout possible client, Kagome noticed that her boss’ hand was now decently placed in the middle of her back, the whisper of his touch keeping her alert. “We should go this way,” He mumbled, pulling her along on the far right towards an entrance where he tugged her forward without even a look at her.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Kagome breathed out her eyes opened to saucers, rooting herself in place even when he tried to pull her forward. “This is playing dirty!” She hissed, jabbing him with a sparkling crimson nail angrily. She glared hotly at him, willing him to dissipate before her very eyes.

“All’s fair Ms. Higurashi,” He chuckled when she rolled her eyes at him, his shaking form pulling her attention at his broad shoulders, making her lick her lips as memories once again flooded her mind. “You’re going to give your eyes a permanent damage.”

“Anything’s better than falling in your trap!” She hissed once more, looking behind her to see if anyone was coming before focusing ahead of her, where the vacant hall seemed to stretch on. “I know you how competitive you can get,” Still looking around as if someone would catch them in the act of something illicit, she leaned closer to him, the hiss in her words making her words sound like an angry melody. “You’re sick!” She finally accused her hand waving towards the ceiling.

Looking at her solemnly, his bright gaze setting everything aflame as he watched her silently in admiration from the mere personality oozing off of her, without fear of what he may do or simply who he was. “I like that about you, you know?” Chuckling when she gave him an incredulous look, he nudged her slightly. “You’re not afraid to speak your mind – nor do you care who I am.”

Snorting, she folded her arms. “Like I’m going to let an asshole who dresses up decently once in a while seduce how I act around him, just because he may be one of the most influential men in the country, possible the whole world.” Shaking her head, she turned her nose upwards from him. “Once an asshole – egotistic and all – always an asshole – egotistic and all.” She finished flippantly.

Throwing his head back, he laughed loudly, the booming sound making her jump at first before a smile tugged at her lips. “I love the way you manipulate your words.” He breathed, his eyes shining with an emotion she couldn’t put her finger on. “You’re just so amazing.” Lacing his fingers with hers, he walked backwards slowly, in the direction towards the hall before tugging her forward.

“You know damn well the moment I walk forward, I would have lost!” Though, looking at the decoration along the hall as it enchants her into caving she wondered if it would be an actual lost. The green dangling from above, made a train towards the very end, making it impossible to step anywhere that didn’t cause for the green and red to dangle above her directly.

“It wouldn’t be much of a loss would it?” His proximity shocked her, causing her to inhale deeply.

Taking a whiff of his natural wood and spice scent, just beneath his aftershave, she had to admit, that if she could take it that scent for the rest of her life, allow it to drug her sensuality and sexuality, then she would be the most happiest woman in the whole world.

“And then I’m taken back to the root of your attitude,” The same smile tugged at her lips, threatening to spread her lips in a wide smile.

“I’m just being honest,” Taking another step towards her, she heard as he inhaled her deeply, his nose kissing her neck. “You smell so fucking good.” He groaned, pulling her closer to him with the hand that was holding one of hers.

“I think it’s the champagne,” She squeaked.

Chuckling, and causing his hot breath to make her shudder in return, she gripped her flute for control as her lids grew heavy. “You damn well know it’s not that.”

At the feel of his tongue grazing her neck, she groaned, leaning her head to the side to gain him more access.

She was a goner.


“Emilia,” The voice on the intercom frightened the petite girl at the front desk. “I’d like a word with Ms Kagome,” The voice continued, as the female fiddled for a pen and paper. “On your way to lunch, be sure to send her up immediately.”

“Y-Yes Taisho.”

In the big spacious office, a tall man, dressed in a dark designer’s suit stood facing the floor to ceiling window, looking out at the distance where the ocean was in clear view as his building was the tallest in the city. “That…” Shaking his head, he turned towards his door in preparation for the spitfire that worked underneath him – not in the way he wished it – but still…

“Difficult women are such a tease,” Chuckling, he walked towards the door when he heard a buzz, indicating the access of the first door that led into a small lobby.

“Ah, Kagome,” He mumbled, standing in the doorway as she looked him over.

Nodding, Kagome stood firm, her posture poised elegantly yet professionally all the same. “Mr. Taisho.” She whispered, her eyes half lidded, giving off an air of aloofness in his presence.

Mr. Taisho grinned, sagging against the door frame with a folded arm. “I won’t bite you Kags,” He teased, revealing the closeness between them by the use of her nickname. “Not to say I won’t, if you but ask…Or,” Shrugging, he pursed his lips. “Express it with your actions.”

“Ugh, you’re such an asshole.” She spat, folding her arms as well. “I don’t know why I thought in your case with age, came a sense of maturity.” Rolling her eyes at him, she stepped a little closer to him, almost daringly.

Noticing how much his face practically split in half, Kagome paused slightly, narrowing her eyes accusingly at him. “What are you up to?” Looking around, as if expecting something to pop out of her, she threw a nasty glance at him every few seconds.

“Why do you think I’m always up to something?” Feigning hurt, he grasp a hand of hers, tugging her slightly towards him. “I’m but a humble –…” Her snot made him pause, laughing swirling in his amber spheres.

“Trying to kiss someone every five seconds like a spoiled brat – which you are – does not seem so humble to me.” Snatching her limb back at him, she walked passed him, but was suddenly jerked back to stand in front of him where he pinned her with a wide gaze.

“I didn’t try to kiss someone,” He had the balls to even look hurt by her comment. “You know damn well how I feel about you.”

“And you know damn well how I feel about you.” She hissed.

A slow smile formed on his lips, turning his features playful. She felt a sudden hotness in her stomach, but fight the urge to hold her tummy. Any sort of actions, whether it be big or little, this idiot had the power to figure out exactly what it meant. And even though it has been years since they’ve seen each other, before she started this job, she couldn’t understand why and how he remembered her so effortlessly.

“I know you how you feel,” He stepped closer to her, smirking bashfully down at her. “And I know you know how I feel…” Dipping his head down, his lips whispered across hers. “So stop fronting and just give in.”

Silencing forced her into stupidity, her body yearning for the touch of his lips once more, yet her mind refusing to accept it. This was Inuyasha Taisho. Known by his reputation to seduce anyone by a simple glance there way. She was lucky enough to keep under his radar, since back then she was anything but beautiful… and so accepting his teasing ways was one thing, but accepting both teasing and action was a different thing, and Kagome didn’t know if her heart was willing to fully accept that. With the way it was beating so erratically, she knew she needed more time to chastise it, teach it immunity in the wake of Inuyasha Taisho.

“I’m…” Gasping when his tongue snaked out to trace the seam of her, she gulped, her eyes darting from his glazed eyes to his lips... the temptation to allow her tongue to join his almost crippling her.

“Why don’t we just see how this goes?” His lips tickled hers, and she had to muster up control she didn’t know she had in order to keep from throwing herself against him.

“See how what goes?” She took a step back, breathing a sigh of relief when he didn’t nullified the distance she made between them. “Wanna know if I’m a good lay for the night?” She spat, “Or do you just wanna take me here in your office and get it over with?”

Inuyasha shook his head, tisking disapprovingly at her comment. “You’re so dark.” Shaking his head, he glanced up, a smirking forming on his lips once more. “’Tis the season for joyous feeling.”

“I’ll keep that in mind when I’m not around you.” Smiling sugary at him, she let it slide off of her face before rolling her head, as if the small action can rush away from her very core. “Was that all Mr. Taisho?”

“Ah, back to last name I see.”

Her blank stare made him chuckle.

“How about… letting me take you out to dinner some time, and see how it goes.”

“What? The one night stand?”

This time he rolled his eyes. “You’re infuriating woman,” Huffing he folded his arms, enunciating the muscles in his arms. “I’ve always been interested in you.”

“Sure,” She sarcastically replied. “Was that the first time you realize I had a figure, ass and breast, or was it when you realize I was Kagome without the glasses and pimples?”

“Isn’t that narcissistic of you?” He gasped. “And here I thought we had nothing in common!”

“How about a bet?”

“How about you kiss my ass?” She retorted.

“I’ll gladly do that,” He smiled, “And more.” Winking at her, he laughed when her face flushed.

“I have to get back to work.”

“One bet,” He urged, suddenly realizing that she wasn’t as easy to crack as he thought. In the past, it was simple, all he had to do was ask her twice and she would have definitely cave by then, but not now. The new and improved Kagome was powerful, confident in her decisions, never second guessing herself. He couldn’t deny the girl he left behind, and the woman he finally met and was instantly attracted to. The fact that she still treated him the same way as before, never even thinking to respect him, or gush over him simply because of the billions he’d acquire over the years, building his empire. That was the kind of woman he could see himself settling down with.

“What bet?”

“If I kiss you,” He started. “Then you owe me a date, and you have to have an open mind about what we could have.”

Rolling her eyes once more, she wet her parched lips, folding her arms – which instantly brought attention to her supple bosom. “Fine… It’s not like I’ll trip and fall on your lips.”

Shrugging, he grinned, slowly pointing his finger to the heavens. “How bout I pick you up at seven, to escort me to the annual Christmas party.

“You’re a sleaze dog!” Jumping up slightly, she knocked the mistletoe from between them. It was just like him to play dirty. Inuyasha was never known for playing fair and the fact that he was so sure on this best spoke a lot about him on a whole. How the hell could she be attracted to this guy in more ways than one; more ways than simply his looks.

“I’ll let this slide!” He shouted, laughing when she was heading to where she came from and grasping her by the elbow, drawing her back flush against his front to whisper in her ear. “Let’s just seal the deal, and continue this matter later.”

Before she could object, he spun her around, his lips instantly connecting with hers in a sensual kiss, using her sudden gasp to delve into her mouth, exploring it, where he battled sensually with her own tongue. When a groan broke out from deep within her, her body sagging against him, Inuyasha wrapped his arms around her, drawing her even closer to his frame.

“It’s on,” He mumbled against her lips, nipping her teasingly when she simply wet her lips, gulped and then staggered slowly towards the door.

“You’re an asshole,” She squeaked, and then walked away confidently with her head held high, out of his office.

End Flashback

“Now can I get a date?”

She rolled her eyes, his obnoxious voice pulling her out of her trance. How could one guy be filled with so much egotism to the point of no return? His looks were enough to get him any decent girl he chose, but no – he just had to turn something good into something sour with his attitude.

She shook her head, a smile still playing on her lips. “You’re always playing dirty.”

He ignored her and gave her a firm nudge under the first mistletoe. “I’m not.” He took one step beside her, his smile brightening his features as laughter swirled in his golden gaze.

She took a step forward. “This is not the way to ask a woman out.”

Mirroring her action, he too took a step forward, beside her. “I’m not asking out just any woman.”

Another step.

“Are you saying I’m difficult?

“Yes.” With another step, he grinned. “And I’m not complaining. You’ll definitely make my life interesting.” He looked up at the mistletoes. “You do know I’ve practically won right?”

“Sure, because every guy who demands a date with a stupid bet ought to spend time with me.” She took two steps forward, and then turned around to face him.

The music in the main room changed to a soft melody, and Kagome would bet all her money that no one was dancing. People out there would be quicker to get deals, and clients than to actually enjoy the season with their loved ones. To dance and laugh while being held closely by their significant other. Kagome sighed softly, her dream for that sort of love to come… Not for a guy to be intimidated by her just because of her brain.

“No, but you should give a guy who likes you a chance,” He whispered, the seriousness clouding over his visage. “You keep judging me without getting to know me…” When he took one step towards her, he sighed softly. “Honestly, don’t you think as a childhood friend, someone who knows me before the media got a wind of me, to give me a chance?”

“It’s not like I don’t want to, because I do,” She pursed her lips, her face tinting. “I just… It’s so…”

“I’m still the same Kags,” He flashed her a grin, but let it fall. “At least give me the chance to prove it?”

“Inuyasha…” She rested her hands on her hips, huffing loudly as her head lulled back slowly. Maybe giving in wasn’t such a bad idea right? To be honest, she really liked Inuyasha, she still do and simply giving in to try and see where it can go would save her from living a life of what ifs. “It’s been forever since we last spoke. And people change.”

“Then how about learning how I’ve changed for yourself,” When he took a step closer to her, he smiled softly when she didn’t move – knowing that she was finally seeing the appeal in giving him a chance.

Biting her bottom lip softly, she looked off in the distance, hearing faint laughter away from their secluded spot. “How about dancing with me?”

“Only if you promise to acknowledge the season.”

“Does my red dress differ you from the season called Christmas?”

“No, stupid,” He laced an arm around her waist,” Winking at her he captured her lips in a light kiss. “I’m talking about the season of kissing.”

She giggled. “Oh, Oh… so ‘tis the season for kissing eh?”

“That’s the only season I’m eager for.” He silenced her by deepening the kiss, taking sweet pleasure from the melody of a groan travelling from deep within her.

Finally, she accepted it all, raising her arms to his shoulders to pull him closer. She was finally willing to give in for once without thinking about everything before anything even happened. As their tongues began a fierce battle, Kagome smiled softly, happy that her long awaited Christmas gift had finally reached its destination.

Even if it took a couple of years to reach her.

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