Beneath the Darkness by YoukaiCait
Summary: Something dark is on the prowl this full moon.
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First Night. by YoukaiCait
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...When all the world has gone to sleep...

Kagome couldn't sleep. Buyo was curled up against her belly, shaking. Something was wrong.

...The hunters to the forest creep…

She couldn’t shake the feeling of being…hunted. She’d had this feeling, many times before when she was shard-hunting in the feudal era, but here? In the modern era?!

...From out the wild wood comes the call…

A howl ripped through the night. Buyo screamed; Kagome burrowed deeper into her bed. This wasn’t right!

Light spilled onto her bedroom floor, the full moon leaching all color from everything. The silver rays caressed what could be seen of Kagome’s form.

..."The hunt is life ... the hunt is all ..."

A growl reaches her ears. She covers them in vain. Louder it gets. Louder, louder until finally it cuts off. Then, the tapping starts.

“Why did I stay home alone?” she whispered.

Dark laughter is her answer.
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