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FOR 3LUE3UTTERFLY: Five for You, Two for Us, One for Me by ED Staff
Inuyasha looked down at his stash spread across his bed. He stood with his hands on his hips, and his weight on his right leg with his left foot kicked out to the side, and a grin on his face. He knew Kagome wasn’t Jewish, and neither was he, but he was going to borrow from the religion and do a Five Days of Christmas themed gift giving bonanza to her, and oh, did he have to be sneaky. It had taken a bit of planning to get all the gifts delivered to her, but it would be so very worth it to see her flustered face every day at work.

The first gift came on December 20th. The flower delivery many came to her office just before lunch, and delivered the beautiful arrangement of red roses and white carnations. Inuyasha watched Kagome’s office from his office door across the room full of cubbies and open office space as Sango accepted the delivery, and slipped in two specially made flowers before letting Kagome know they had come. He watched as she knocked on the office door, Kagome opened it, and the baffled look on her face as she accepted the flowers. Walking into the room Sango purposely didn’t close the door behind her, so he could watch Kagome sit the bouquet on her desk, and Sango innocently point out the two unusual flowers that were combined with the rest. He watched as she pulled the flowers out and unwrapped them. He began his track across the office so he would arrive at her door just after she discovered what the flowers really were, forcing her to hide them in embarrassment.

Sango knocked on her boss’s door, trying to keep a simple smile on her face. Kagome answered, genuinely surprised to see the beautiful Christmas bouquet handed to her.

“Whom would these be from?” Kagome was genuinely puzzled because she knew it wasn’t from Inuyasha. He just didn’t send her flowers.

“I don’t know,” Sango replied. “Why not put them on your desk, and dig around to see if there’s a card?” She expertly maneuvered her friend inside, leaving the door open because she knew Inuyasha was watching.

The girls began to shuffle the flowers around, looking for some type of identifier, when Kagome notice two flowers that did not match the rest.

“Oh, these are unusual. They’re silk? Why would these two flowers be different?” Kagome pulled them out and noticed they had ties underneath each bud. Undoing the tie on the red flower it fell into a heap on her desk. Reaching down she shook it out, and noticed a very racy pair of red, silk, panties… with no cheeks in them! Someone had sent her a pair of red thong panties! She was almost afraid to untie the white flower, but when she did she found a white, silk blindfold. She looked at Sango, shock on her face.

“Oh my gosh, Sango! These can’t be for me! Are you sure they were meant for me? What am I supposed to do with these?!” She held the red panties pinched between her fingers, waving them in the air. It was all Sango could do not to laugh.

The pitch of Kagome’s voice was gradually getting higher as her panic increased. When she heard the knock on her door she almost tripped over her own feet as she spun to see who was there, hiding her presents behind her back. It reminded Inuyasha of a kid getting caught with his Dad’s Playboy. He found it hard not to laugh.

“Ready for lunch, Kagome?” He noticed how flushed his wife was, and found himself trying hard to keep his voice pleasant and his expression innocent.

“Uhm, yes, yes. I’ll be right there. Just give me a minute, ok, Inuyasha?” He nodded, walking away from her door. Turning to her secretary Kagome whispered, “Do something with these! Inuyasha can’t see them!” Sango nodded, wishing her friend a good lunch.

The 21st brought a second delivery, this one a bit bolder. Again, just before lunch, a square box from a local jeweler arrived for Kagome. Looking confused, she took the box from Sango’s outstretched hands, and walked to her desk. Again, Sango didn’t close the office door, and Inuyasha found himself watching from across the room. Kagome untied the ribbon around the box, and gasped at the beautiful diamond and ruby bracelet she found inside. Digging through the box she didn’t find a card, but she did find a red, silk baby doll nightgown with a white boa along the edges. Holding it up he could see her face redden. He coughed loudly before he reached her office door, giving her seconds to stuff everything back in the box. Smiling, Inuyasha invited his wife to lunch again.

“Sure thing! I’ll be right there!” Kagome tried to be nonchalant about handing the box back to Sango before grabbing her coat and walking out ahead of Inuyasha. Over her shoulder Inuyasha threw a wink and a smile at Sango, who couldn’t help but laugh.

Day three lunches were delivered for her and Sango while Inuyasha was out of the office for the day. Placed randomly among her eating utensils was an extra something heavy wrapped in a napkin. “What in the world,” she thought as she unwrapped it, and screamed when a flesh colored vibrator fell out into her lap.

“Oh my gosh, Kagome, what?!” Sango was instantly on her feet, running around Kagome’s desk to see what had scared her. “Wait a minute, is that…”

“Who the Hell puts vibrators in people’s lunches?!” Kagome was almost at the end of her rope. She pushed her lunch across her desk, while Sango picked up the offending object and Kagome opened her desk drawer for her to drop it in, slamming it as if to lock the vibrator into an abyss of darkness.

“I swear, Sango, I don’t understand! I get flowers with lingerie, a bracelet with a nighty, and lunch with a vibrator. I tried to return the bracelet, but they wouldn’t take it back. I can’t accept jewelry and naughty unmentionables from someone I don’t know! What’s Inuyasha going to say? He’ll be livid! And mad at me for accepting them, but what am I supposed to do?”

“You haven’t told Inuyasha yet?” Sango casually ate her lunch.

“How am I supposed to do that? What am I going to say, “Hey honey, guess what? I have been getting the oddest personal gifts at the office, and have no idea who they’re from. But think of all the fun we’re going to have!” Yeah, I don’t think so.” Kagome let out a long sigh and flopped back in her desk chair.

“Dunno, but you better think of something. You can’t hide this forever.”

A plainly, brown, cardboard box was delivered on the 23rd. Kagome almost cringed when she took it from Sango. “I can only imagine,” she said, asking her friend to come into her office with her, and close the door behind her. Turning to see Inuyasha across the room she mouthed, “Sorry” before she clicked the door closed.

Unwrapping the box slowly, she groaned outwardly when it was finally done. “Oh dear God, really?” She reached in and pulled out a black, squeeze bottle of anal lube. Sango couldn’t hold it in, and doubled over laughing. “It’s not funny! This really crosses the line!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You just looked so funny holding that bottle, with that look on your face.” Sango sat down in the chair in front of Kagome’s desk. “Ok, so now this person has crossed a line? I thought that happened on day 1 with the panties and blind fold.”

“Well, yeah, but this is just… you know! I have no use for this! I really have to tell Inuyasha now. I can’t let it go anymore.”

“We have off tomorrow for Christmas Eve so you’ll have all day to tell him.”

Again Kagome groaned and flopped back in her chair.

Inuyasha and Kagome spent the day of Christmas Eve visiting her family. They had decided they were going to stay home that night and Christmas day because, if they were lucky, this would be their last as a childless couple. After four years of marriage they had decided to try for children in the New Year.

After a long, exhausting day of socializing they were ready to head home, have a relaxing soak in the tub, and a quite night in front of the Christmas tree watching the lights, talking quietly, and sipping eggnog and rum. Upon reaching their door, however, Kagome immediately tensed at the sight of another plain, brown box with her name on it. She groaned as Inuyasha picked it up.

“What’s this?” Inuyasha looked the box over, shaking it next to his ear before handing it over.

“Listen, we have to talk about something,” Kagome began as she kicked off her shoes in the entryway, and hung up her coat. “Meet me in the living room?”

“Ok, be right there.” Inuyasha watched as his wife hurried off.

Once they were settled in the living room Kagome offered him the first brown box she had gotten that week. Taking it, Inuyasha opened it as she began to talk.

“Ok, so earlier this week someone had flowers delivered to my office. There was no tag on them, but inside the bouquet were two specially made flowers. When I unwrapped them, this is what they were.” She reached into the box and pulled out the red panties and white blindfold, handing them to Inuyasha for inspection. “The next day these were delivered.” This time she handed over the bracelet and nighty. She sighed as one of his eyebrows went up in question. “On the day you were out of the office Sango and I ordered lunch. This was wrapped in a napkin with mine.” Kagome handed over the vibrator, cringing as both eyebrows rose. “And yesterday I got this.” Finally she pulled out the bottle of lube. “I tried to take the bracelet back, but the jeweler wouldn’t accept it.” Looking at the new box with distress Kagome sighed. “I can only imagine what’s in that box.”

Gathering everything up Inuyasha sat it back inside the box Kagome had used to keep it all in, and picked up the second, unopened box. “Well, open it.”

She took it from him, and began to unwrap it. Too slowly, in Inuyasha’s opinion. When she finally pulled out a ball gag and rope she snorted and shoved the box at him. “I knew it.” Truly distressed she got off the couch and walked over to stare out the window. Inuyasha walked up behind her and pulled her hair aside to kiss her neck.

“Kagome, has anyone every told you you talk too much?” Her gasp was all the opportunity he needed to put the ball in her mouth and clip the gag around her head. With wide eyes she turned to look at her husband, reaching up behind her head to unfasten the hooks.

“Nope, I don’t think so.” Taking both wrists in hand Inuyasha made quick work of tying them together. “I didn’t send you all this just so you could not use it. We had agreed to try for children this next year, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.” He winked at her as he led her by the rope over to the boxes of goodies. Gathering up the one with all the clothes and lube, Inuyasha headed toward the bedroom. Kagome tried to make a grab for the lube sitting on top. “What, this?” He sat the box on their nightstand, picking up the tube. “This is just a bonus.” He grinned wickedly at the look on her face.
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