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Part 4 of 4
'Who the? Is that the future me?' Inuyasha wondered to himself as he stared at the figure before him. Inuyasha blinked a few times and noticed the lack of dog ears on the man's head. 'Well, that answers that.'

"Keh, who are you supposed to be?" Inuyasha asked.

"Don't you recognize me?" the man asked. "Don't you see the resemblance?"

"Look, it's been a bad day. I've been fighting with myself, with Kagome, you guys are making me relive shit I'd rather forget, so for the love of the Kami, just give me some straight answers," Inuyasha said wearily.

The man nodded, "I have a few names, the Inu no Taisho, Touga… I guess you can call me 'Dad.'"

"Great, can we get this over with so I can make things up with Kagome?" Inuyasha asked, resigned to his fate and not even caring anymore.

"It's important that you take this seriously, son," Touga lectured. "I don't think you quite grasp what you have to lose."


Kagome walked off from her three friends. She couldn't believe it, she had finally graduated high school! She idly thought back to three years before, a feeling of melancholy coming over her.

'Three days after the well on this side disappeared, the well reappeared in a pillar of light. And I returned with Inuyasha.'

Kagome's family called her name in joy, rushing to embrace their missing family member.

"Inuyasha saved me," Kagome had said to her mother. She turned to the Hanyou that was perched on the lip of the well, "Inuyasha, thank-"

Kagome watched in stunned disbelief as her Hanyou disappeared in a flash of light. Desperately, she rushed to the portal, trying to get back to him, crying out, "Inuyasha! Inuyasha!"

'Since then, the well no longer connected.'

Kagome came to a stop before the well, contemplating, 'The reason the well won't connect is probably because of my feelings. When the Bone Eater's Well disappeared and I was plunged into that darkness, I was so scared and sad. But I didn't know that I had been in that darkness for three days. That made Mama, Jii-chan, and Souta scared and sad as well. I felt terrible, and was so happy to return home. And then the well closed. Inuyasha, I've thought about you all the time since then.... The reason I went to the Sengoku Jidai; the reason the Shikon No Tama disappeared and the well stopped connecting.... What I had to do is done....'

"Goodbye Inuyasha," Kagome said sadly, turning around, and exiting the well house. With a heavy heart, she shut the door on that part of her life forever.


"What the Hell?" Inuyasha cried. "We go through all that and she just gives up?"

Touga placed his hand gently on his son's shoulder, "With the way you've been treating her, can you honestly say you've given her a reason to try?"

"I guess not," Inuyasha mumbled despondently.

"That's not all either," Touga said apologetically.


Lightning flashed across the sky, dumping rain down on the huddled figure by the well.

Inuyasha sniffed at the crouching figure, and coughed at the stench. He took in the shivering, wasting frame, the formerly silver hair was now dingy and grey.

"That's not me is it?" Inuyasha asked.

Touga nodded, "Ten years after the battle."

"Come on wench, I know you're going to come back... You promised," the future Inuyasha mumbled as he stared down into the well.

"I don't have until the end of time... we found a way to get through this before, come on, help me out here," he pleaded, hoping his message was getting through to the future. "I built you a hut," he tried to coax.

"Now be a good girl, everyone's waiting for you..."

"Holy shit I've gone crazy. Where are Sango and Miroku? They wouldn't have let me turn out like this," Inuyasha asked.

"The separation became too much for you after a few years," Touga explained. "Eventually you started spending all of your time sitting by the well trying to talk to Kagome. Your mind went.... They tried to help you at first but..." he trailed off.

"But what?" Inuyasha asked.

"They had their own children to worry about, and they couldn't bear to watch their best friend break down like this. I'm sorry Inuyasha; they gave up."

"Please come back to me Kagome," Inuyasha said pitifully into the dark well.


"Where are we now?" Inuyasha asked, looking around a mostly deserted temple. A body was burning on a pyre, and only one small family was in attendance. Inuyasha cocked his head and looked at the man, he looked familiar. Like Souta, but older.

"Oh no, did Kagome's mother die?" Inuyasha asked, looking frantically around for Kagome. "Where's Kagome? She wouldn't miss her mother's funeral."

"Kagome's mother passed a few years ago," Touga confirmed, "this isn't her mother's funeral."

"But then whose..." Inuyasha began fitting the pieces together. "No. It's not!"

"It is," Touga confirmed, "Kagome wasn't going to live forever you know."

"But what about her husband? Her kids? Her friends? She must have had a million of them," Inuyasha stubbornly protested.

"She never married. No kids either. And as for her friends, well, sometimes people drift away. Kagome spent most of her adult life alone," Touga informed his son somberly.

Inuyasha fell to his knees in horror, "But she was so loving, I mean, she always loved kids. She would have been the world's best mother; the world's best wife.... How could she live out her life and not have people see that?"

Touga looked at Inuyasha and waited a beat before answering, "She never married because she never allowed herself to be courted by anyone. She never courted because she never got over you."

"You know, if you want to show Kagome moving on without me; fine. I can even take going insane over it. But making me watch Kagome being alone and forgotten when she dies.... That's a goddamn dirty trick!" Inuyasha snarled as he lunged for his father. He grabbed the Youkai's throat with both hands, glaring at his father with fire in his eyes.

"Why are you guys showing me this? The past, the present, the future; I can't change this! I can't do anything about it!" he shouted.

"Wow, you're really angry about someone you claimed earlier not to care about," Touga replied.

"You know damn well how I feel about her!" Inuyasha snarled.

"Then treat her like it!" Touga shot back. "The future's not set in stone; you still have time to change it. But it won't happen if you keep treating Kagome like something unpleasant you just stepped in. You still have a couple of days before Christmas, get her a nice gift and spend them with her!"


Inuyasha started awake. He brushed the snow off his face, and looked down at the snowdrift he'd waken up in. 'How long have I been here?' he wondered.

He quickly rose to his feet and was off like a shot in search of Sango; after all, what did he know about getting a gift for a girl?

A few hours later, Inuyasha stealthily slid through a window the Higurashis had left unlocked. The shocked look on the occupant's face made Inuyasha chuckle. He walked over and ruffled the boy's hair.

"Hey kid, I heard you were sick. How are you feeling?"

"I'm getting better," Souta croaked out. "What are you doing here? Sis said you weren't coming."

"Souta," Inuyasha said, sounding half-offended, "have you ever known your sister to be right about anything? Ever?"

Souta smiled and shook his head, "I guess not."

"Get some sleep, I need to see your sister," Inuyasha ordered, and quietly exited the room. Gulping nervously he walked up to Kagome's door.

"Here goes nothing," he mumbled before knocking lightly.

"Mom, I told you I'm-" Kagome stopped as a red fire rat covered chest filled her vision. She looked up with shining, watery eyes, "Inuyasha?"

"Um... Hey Kagome," Inuyasha said nervously. He held a crudely wrapped gift in front of him, "Sorry about earlier. And well, everything before that too."

Kagome could only blink in amazement before she launched herself at the unprepared Hanyou. They both tumbled to the floor, with Inuyasha making sure he took the brunt of the fall. Inuyasha didn't mind the arms locked tightly around his neck or the face that was burying itself in his chest. Finally, Kagome regained control of herself.

"Merry Christmas, Inuyasha," she said happily.

"Keh, I still don't understand it. But you too Kagome," he answered before placing a light kiss to the top of her head.
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