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Part 3 of 4
Youkai Inuyasha bent down and lifted the Hanyou version by the throat, "You know, I think beating on you will work better than the stupid human's plan to make you regret our past. Be a lot more fun too," he said as he threw Inuyasha headfirst into a tree.
r32;Inuyasha rubbed his head and glared at the approaching Youkai, "Son of a bitch!" he screamed leaping at his Youkai self.

The Youkai's eyes lit up with amusement as he dodged the Hanyou's punches and swipes, "That's your mother too, idiot."

The Youkai grabbed the Hanyou's wrist and twisted his arm painfully behind his back, "Submit, Hanyou, or I'll break it."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes, "Big deal," he shot back while smashing thethe back of his head into the bridge of the Youkai's nose.

The Youkai brought a hand up to his bleeding nose, smirking at his blood covered hands, "Hn, good one," then faster than Inuyasha could react the Youkai pounced on his Hanyou victim, pounding on his face with angry fists.

"Not," punch. "Nearly," punch. "Good," punch. "Enough!" punch.

The Youkai grasped the Hanyou by the throat, trying to strangle him. The Youkai was breathing hard, trying to catch his breath. The last thing Inuyasha saw before everything went black was his Youkai form's demented grin as the life was choked out of him.


"What the hell?" Inuyasha groaned as he came to. What was around his neck? He brought a hand up only to feel cold metal. 'A collar?' the Hanyou thought. He absently noted the sound of chains clinking.

Rough pulling on his neck startled Inuyasha out of his reverie and forced him to his feet. He looked down and stared at the heavy chain that was going from his neck to the hands of a very smug Youkai.

"'Bout time you woke up, I've been waiting forever!" The Youkai Inuyasha cheekily said.

"I'm gonna clobber you!" Inuyasha snarled and jumped at his adversary.

"This again?" the Youkai said with a bored tone of voice. He deftly dodged the Hanyou's punches, and once again twisted the Hanyou's wrists behind his back. This time Inuyasha felt cold metal shackles fall in place, binding his arms.

"You just couldn't cooperate and make this easy, could you?" the Youkai Inuyasha scolded, walking off and tugging the protesting Hanyou behind him. "Come on now boy, come here," the Youkai taunted, throwing in a few whistles.

"I wonder what our friends are doing," he mused. "Well, no time like the present to find out!"


Miroku sat down next to Sango, who was angrily polishing her Hiraikotsu.

"He come back yet?" the monk asked.

"Nope," Sango answered, unconsciously applying more pressure at the reminder of their idiot friend. "Can't wait for him to show his face though, I'm polishing this especially for him."

Miroku gave an incredulous look to Sango, "Look, I know he's stupid, and he deserves it for the way he's treated Kagome.... But is maiming him what she would want you to do?"

"Probably not," Sango reluctantly conceded before steeling her resolve, "but he doesn't care what she wants, so why should we?"

"Because it won't help him understand," Miroku answered, "and it will hurt Kagome if you injure him on her behalf."

Sango bowed her head, "I know you're right, but still.... You don't see her Miroku, every time Inuyasha thoughtlessly hurts her, when we have to go off and talk.... I'm afraid that soon she won't be able to take much more heartache; no one could."

"I know," Miroku said softly.

"And if I end up losing someone else because of a thoughtless Hanyou, I'm not gonna care how much it would hurt Kagome."

Miroku grasped Sango by the shoulder, "And I'll probably help you. But before it comes to that, maybe we should work on getting him to understand."


"Keh, they're sitting around talking shit, nothing unusual," Inuyasha snorted.

"This has to be a Hanyou thing. I refuse to believe we're this stupid," the Youkai deadpanned. "Were you listening at all? We could lose her!"

"Keh, she'll come back. Besides, what's the big deal, it's not like I want her around anyway."

The Youkai Inuyasha shook his head in disgust and cuffed the Hanyou on the ear. He walked away yanking harshly on Inuyasha's leash, "Come on then, let's go see her."

Inuyasha dug his heels in, resisting his Youkai half's force, "Wait, what? Why?"

The Youkai looked back over his shoulder, "Why not? It ain't no big deal, right?"

The Youkai turned his attention back to dragging the stubborn Hanyou to the Bone Eater's Well. Inuyasha gulped in dread as the time portal drew ever closer; what would he be shown next?


"Stupid Inuyasha," Kagome sniffed. She wiped her nose and rubbed her eyes before plastering on a fake smile. She took a deep breath and walked through her front door, "Hey everybody, I'm back!"

"Kagome!" her mother cried cheerfully, running up to her daughter and engulfing her in a hug, "Will you be staying for Christmas?"

Kagome nodded, smiling.

"And what about Inuyasha? I know you were going to invite him," Mrs. Higurashi asked.

"She wanted me to come?" Inuyasha said in amazement.

Youkai Inuyasha looked at him in amusement, slowing down his speech as if he was speaking to a small child, "Yeah. The Past Us showed you that."

"I thought she was just saying that," Inuyasha tried to justify. At the Youkai's disbelieving look, he continued, "What? She just says stuff sometimes."

"Okay, new rule; you're not allowed to talk anymore!" the Youkai decided.

"But-" Inuyasha said only to be interrupted.

"Do you want me to conjure up a muzzle?" the Youkai threatened. As Inuyasha shook his head, the Youkai pointed to the scene before them, "Then just shut up and watch."

"Well maybe he'll change his mind," Mrs. Higurashi tried to reassure her daughter, "he does have a few days, after all."

"Yeah, maybe," Kagome said half-heartedly. "Where's Souta?"

"He's sick with the flu, the poor thing. He's been cooped up in his room for a week."

"I think I'll go up and see him," Kagome decided and climbed the stairs to drop her stuff off at her bedroom before going to visit her little brother.

"There's nothing seriously wrong with the kid is there?" Inuyasha asked, "I mean, not that I care."

"He'll be fine in a day or so," the Youkai Inuyasha answered as he led the Hanyou up the stairs. "It's Kagome you should be worried about."

"Kagome? Why?" Inuyasha asked.

"Because..." the Youkai trailed off, gesturing to Kagome, who was staring forlornly at a box that was wrapped in bright red paper.

"I'm so stupid," Kagome scolded herself as tears started to flow from her eyes, "why would he want to spend time with me?"

She discarded the gift into the wastebasket and collapsed to her knees, her sobbing finally taking over her body.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha shouted, struggling against his chains to get to the sorrowful girl. "Goddammit, let me go! Kagome needs me!"

"Too bad, it's time for us to go," the Youkai said flippantly as he started dragging Inuyasha out the window.

"No dammit! I get it! I have to start treating Kagome the way she deserves, let me start doing it!" Inuyasha protested, fighting in vain against his Youkai counterpart.

"No," the Youkai grunted, while tying the chain to the Goshinboku. "You still got more to learn, and trust me, we've been going easy on you. Your little fits and your fights you've been doing with us? You don't wanna do with the next guy; he's a lot scarier than anyone you've ever met."

The Hanyou could only growl his displeasure at his Youkai, and pull against the chain to try to free himself.

"Chains? Really?" A calm voice said from the branches above. A tall figure leaped to the ground, his back to Inuyasha as he addressed the Youkai. "Is that quite necessary?"

"Keh, you do it your way, I'll do it mine," the Youkai huffed. "See ya, Hanyou, time for you to face your future."
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