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FOR DANGERSQUE: Family For the Holidays by ED Staff
Winter Break was fast approaching and Kagome couldn’t be more excited. Her dorm room was as decorated for Christmas as such a small, cramped space would allow, and she kept trying to cram more decorations in. She had bought a tiny pine tree in a little, clay pot to sit on her desk, and she decorated it with tiny ornaments and lights she found at a hobby shop. Twinkle lights wrapped around her window, and she had painstakingly colored and cut out Santa, snowmen, gingerbread men and reindeer, and taped them all over her walls. Watching her teeter on a ladder to hang more twinkle lights around the walls of her room, Inuyasha waited for her to lose her balance and fall.

“You know you have to take that shit down in two weeks. I don’t know why you’re even bothering.” Sure he was grumpy, but lately Inuyasha had been grumpier than usual. They had been friends since freshman year and an item for the last two, and Kagome had learned to overlook his gruffness. This year, though, was worse than usual.

“Oh, poo, Inuyasha. Quit being such a grump ass. Can’t you enjoy the holidays just a little? If nothing else the decorations are always so pretty.” Kagome turned and sighed, seeing her friend sitting across her bed leaned against the wall. Leaving her lights hanging haphazardly she climbed down the ladder and went to sit next to him.

“Look, I know it sucks, and your parents are being unreasonable, but that’s no reason to not enjoy the holidays. It’s a time of year to be thankful for the supportive friends and family you do have, so fuck ‘em.” Listening to Kagome curse always made Inuyasha chuckle, and this time was no acceptation. She nudged his shoulder playfully with her own.

“Come on. Help me finish hanging these lights, then we’ll watch a movie.”

Inuyasha groaned. He knew what movie was coming. Smiling wickedly, Kagome nodded. “Awww, yeah, you know the one. And luckily TBS is playing it back to back to back today.” Of course they were. What holiday wasn’t complete with a continuous playing of A Christmas Story? Inuyasha groaned.

Several hours later found Inuyasha and Kagome sharing a pizza to the flicker of almost 200 twinkle lights while they watched the marathon run of Kagome’s favorite Christmas movie. He looked at her out of the corner of his eye, smiling as she sat enthralled. It was like she’d never seen the movie before. Her adoration warmed his heart. Feeling the vibration of his phone ringing in his pocket, Inuyasha took it out and groaned when he looked at the screen. Peeking over his shoulder Kagome recognized the number.

“Answer it.”

“I don’t want to talk to them.”

“Inuyasha, it’s the holidays, and they’re your family.”

“They sure weren’t worried about that when they disowned me for changing my major. You would have thought I robbed a bank or something! And they aren’t even paying for my tuition so it’s not like they have anything to say about it to begin with.” Looking darkly at his phone Inuyasha made a decision. “You know what? Fuck ‘em.”

“Well, maybe not exactly. You do need to face them eventually, you know.” Kagome began to worry her lip between her teeth.

“Yeah, well, not today.” Smiling at his best girl Inuyasha leaned in for a kiss.

Knowing Inuyasha wasn’t going home for Christmas Kagome invited him to come home with her instead, and spend the holiday with her family. She couldn’t bear the thought of him muddling around his apartment, alone, on the most family friendly day of the year. She was going to make this the best damn Christmas Inuyasha ever had or she would kill him in the process!

The day after finals was spent doing laundry and packing. Finally, Inuyasha’s truck was loaded and they were leaving the university in their rear view mirror. Looking over at her love, Kagome put her hand on his thigh and gave it a friendly squeeze.

“I’m so excited you’re coming home with me for the holiday! The semester has been grueling, and this is just what we need before we take on our senior year. Momma is so looking forward to having you around, too. Sota has been making her crazy the closer Christmas gets, and now that he’ll be on Winter Break, too, she needs another guy around to help keep him busy.”

“Kagome, I’m a good deal older than your brother. You may not want me to keep him busy, considering the things I like to do to keep myself preoccupied.” With this Inuyasha ran his hand up under Kagome’s skirt, making her squeal.

“Ok, you got me. I don’t want you showing him any of that sort of thing. But you can keep him company, play games with him, help get the shrine ready for the holiday traffic, that sort of thing.”

“Oh! So I’m free, slave labor!”

“Well, maybe. But I’m sure I can find a way to repay you if you behave.” Kagome gave Inuyasha a peck on the cheek.

“Or if I misbehave.” Inuyasha spared Kagome a wink, making her blush.

Upon arriving at the shrine Inuyasha brought their bags up to the house, and followed Kagome into the house.

“Kagome! I wasn’t expecting you so early! I haven’t even finished supper yet. Hello, Inuyasha. It’s so good to see you. So, how was the drive? Did your finals go ok?” Mrs. Higurashi greeted the couple with warm hugs, ushering them into the house. She chatted on about some of the happenings around the shrine, and what Sota had been up to at school. Taking Kagome back into the kitchen, Mrs. Higurashi directed Inuyasha to take their bags up to her room, and get himself settled into the guest room. While he made himself useful, the ladies went to finish supper.

“So,” Mrs. Higurashi began, “how are things with his family?”

Kagome kept her hands busy stirring the various pots on the stove. “Not so well. They still aren’t talking, and he’s pretty bitter toward them. He feels they are being too judgmental considering he’s paying for his education. It bothers him, but he’s decided to stand his ground. I just wish he wouldn’t be so damn grumpy all the time. He’s worse than usual the closer Christmas gets.”

“Maybe you should do something nice for him.” Mrs. Higurashi knew her daughter would leap at the idea. She just had to prod her a bit. Before saying anything else she began to hum The 12 Days of Christmas.

“Oh, Momma, I know! I can do a 12 Days of Christmas thing! Every day for the next 12 days I can do something nice for him. Like make his favorite breakfast, or rent his favorite movie. You know, nothing big, just a sweet gesture to make him feel good. And I have the perfect gift to give him for Christmas, too!” Kagome clapped her hands together and bounced, excited to have a purpose. Mrs. Higurashi smiled her secret smile, knowing her daughter wouldn’t fail.

The first few days were rough ones for Kagome. Inuyasha was immediately suspicious as her good deeds started piling up. She pulled out all she knew about Inuyasha, making his favorite breakfast, rubbing his feet, drawing him a hot bath, making his favorite Christmas cookies, renting his favorite movie, letting him spend the day watching his favorite anime, taking him to his favorite ramen shop for lunch, and anything else she could think of in the days leading up to Christmas. After 12 days of the little things she was doing for him, he couldn’t take the pressure anymore.

Sitting on the couch on Christmas Eve, Inuyasha and Kagome were snuggled under a blanket sipping hot toddies be the twinkling of the tree lights. Sitting his mug aside, Inuyasha eased back onto the couch, putting his arm around Kagome’s shoulder. Her family was in bed and they finally had a moment for him to ask what was going on.

“So, Kagome, what do you have to tell me?”

Surprised, Kagome turned to her right to look at him. “What are you talking about?”

“All the good deeds and little things you’ve been doing for me lately. What’s the bad news? Are you pregnant?” A look of terror briefly flashed across Inuyasha’s face.

“What?! God, no!” Laughing, Kagome sat her mug aside, and turned her body on the couch to face Inuyasha. “You’ve been so grumpy. I wanted to do something nice for you to cheer you up. Didn’t you like it?”

“Oh, no, I did. I’ve just been waiting for the bomb to drop over the last few days. I thought you were buttering me up for something big.” Leaning in Inuyasha kissed Kagome.

Smiling, Kagome replied, “No, not at all.” She was glad he couldn’t smell a lie.

The next morning found the family gathered around the Christmas tree, adults with coffee, and Sota with pure adrenaline.

“Come on! Come on! Come on! What are we waiting for?!” The boy was practically bouncing off the walls waiting for presents to be handed out. Mrs. Higurashi laughed.

“Ok, Sota! You can play Santa, now hand out some presents so we can get started.”

In a little more than an hour everything had been unwrapped, Sota was asleep in his pile of goodies, and the adults were enjoying a quiet reprieve. As they chatted about how to spend the day, a knock at the door caught their attention. Everyone exchanged quizzical looks before Kagome gave a shrug and offered to answer the door.

Her family slowly followed her to the door, Inuyasha coming up behind. After inviting her guests in, Kagome turned and introduced them to her family.

“Momma, Grandpa, this is Mr. & Mrs. Taisho, Inuyasha’s parents.”

From the back of the group they heard, “What the Hell, Kagome?” Inuyasha stepped between Mrs. Higurashi and Kagome’s Grandfather to stand in front of his girlfriend. “What are they doing here?”

“Inuyasha, please don’t be angry. I couldn’t let the holiday go by without you seeing your family. It’s Christmas! I’m glad you came with me for the holiday, but you should spend some of it with your family, too.”

For the first time during the entire Winter Break Inuyasha gave Kagome his most genuine smile. Leaning in, he gave her a kiss on the cheek and whispered into her ear, “Thank you for such a wonderful gift.”

Kagome knew they wouldn’t work everything out, but she knew she had given Inuyasha and his family a push in the right direction.
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