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“Congratulations mam, you’re 2 months pregnant!” the doctor had told her. Sure, she wanted kids, but she thought it would be a while before her and Inuyasha would have any. Oh god, how would he take the news? Hell, how would she tell him? And what a perfect time of year too. She could just picture it

“Hey baby, I’m pregnant, Merry Christmas!”

Yeah, that would go over well. She came to the doctors this morning thinking she had caught some sort of flu, expecting some antibiotics and to be sent on her way. Instead, she came out rubbing her belly wondering how the hell it happened. Well, ok that’s silly, she thought with a blush. But she and Inuyasha had been quite careful. They were still in their first year of marriage and had wanted to wait to have children. She needed to talk to someone. Immediately, she dialed her best friend.

“Sango, I have something to tell you” she started to say.

“You’re pregnant aren’t you?” Sango replied as if it were no shock. How the hell did this woman always know what the heck was going on?

“How the flip did you know? I swear you have some sixth sense or something!” Kagome exclaimed.

“I’m psychic” Sango zinged back and laughed. Kagome honestly wondered if she really was, but didn’t reply.

“So, how do you plan on telling Inuyasha?”

“That’s just it Sango. I don’t know! I’m scared! I know he wouldn’t reject the baby, but how will he take the news? I don’t know what to do!”

“Ok, calm down my love. Do you need to meet me somewhere?”

“No, I just need time to think. I mean, Christmas is two days away, this is just so crazy it happening right now.”

“It’s ok Kagome, I think he’ll take it fine. Take a walk or something, calm down, and just take your time and tell him. It will be alright.”

“Ok Sango, thanks for talking to me. Sorry I’m such a blubbery mess” Kagome said as she wiped a stray tear.

“No problem, what are friends for? I’ll catch you later babe. Bye!”

“Bye” Kagome replied back and hung up the phone.

She drove for a little while, and then went home. By the time she got home, she had calmed down and accepted the idea, but she still couldn’t bring herself to tell her husband. As they laid down for bed and he wrapped his arms around her, she silently wondered if he would really be ok with the idea. She was going to be up all night.

Inuyasha knew something was wrong with Kagome. She had been sick recently and he was worried. She was supposed to go to the doctor today, but she had yet to speak of it. Was something wrong? Oh god, what if she had some sort of disease and was afraid to tell him? He couldn’t handle it. He wanted to ask her, but wanted her to volunteer the information herself. He knew how her temper could flare when he kept prodding. So as he wrapped his arm around her as they lay in bad, he inhaled her scent, and sent a silent prayer to the heavens praying his beautiful wife was alright.

The next morning Kagome got up early. She and Sango were doing some last minute shopping, and then later tonight, her, Sango, Miroku, and Inuyasha would have dinner together at a restaurant across town. She still hadn’t told him. She decided she’d tell him on Christmas and gradually lead up to it. No need to do it now before meeting friends and freak him out. No, she certainly could ---

Before she could finish the thought, she was in the bathroom hugging the toilet bowl. Man, she had to endure nine months of this? Damn.
Inuyasha rushed in after her, frantic and worried, fussing over her in a manner that was almost irritating. But she knew he did it because he loved her. Grimacing, she shooed Inuyasha out and cleaned herself up. She had to meet Sango soon.

After she cleaned up, Inuyasha all but blocked her from the door, insisting she stay home. They fought, until he finally relented and let her go. She kissed him on the cheek and headed out the door.


The shopping trip had been successful. Kagome even bought a few things for the baby. Wow, it was so weird to say it still, but seeing all the clothes and toys and other baby things had Kagome wanting this baby so bad, she could have bought half the store! She settled for a few onsies and tees, deciding to go the cliché’ route and package them up and presenting them as a gift to Inuyasha. Hopefully he wasn’t entirely clueless as to what they meant.

The dinner with Miroku and Sango went well, and everyone had a good time. Inuyasha was shocked Kagome hadn’t ordered her usual Cosmopolitan, and Miroku smirked at her with an all knowing smile. Shit. He knew too. Damn Sango and her big mouth! Hopefully neither had told Inuyasha. She doubted it though, he seemed oblivious.
Tomorrow morning, she would tell him. She had to.


Inuyasha woke up to his beautiful wife already making breakfast. She looked beautiful as always, but still, something was off, and he was worried. She still refused to talk about her visit to the doctor.
After they ate some breakfast, they started to open the few presents between the two of them. He had bought her the new Kindle, some lingerie, a necklace, and some perfume. She had bought him a new I-pod, cologne, and a new suit for work. And then she shyly pulled out her last gift.

“I wanted to save this one for last. I hope you like it” she said looking worried. He wondered why. It could be a box of coal, and he’d still love it. It came from her.

He started to open it, wondering what on earth could have made her so worried. Finally, he opened the box and a bunch of small articles of clothing fell out. He sat there stunned. What the heck?

“Um, Kagome, I think you mistook my gift for someone else. I hate to break it to you, but these clothes seem a bit small”

“It’s no mistake Inuyasha, look again”

He looked and looked and still he didn’t understand. Why would she buy such small clothes? It didn’t make sense. Maybe these were for their niece?

“Are you sure these aren’t for Rin? You know, my bastard of a brother’s daughter?”

“I am absolutely certain. You know, I rather like the name Sofia. Or Kyo.”

He looked at her puzzled. Why was she telling him names?

“Kagome are you alright? What happened at the doctor? Oh god, are you going delusional and only have a few months left to live?” he asked as he started to look about frantically

Kagome gritted her teeth. This was not going as planned. He was more clueless than she ever thought capable!

“No, Inuyasha, I’m not suffering from any kind of illness. Well, not really anyway. I will be getting sick for the next few months in the mornings though” she said hoping it would finally register.

“Oh god, Kagome, please just tell me what is wrong. You don’t have to hide from me. We’ll get through whatever disease it is you have, just please tell me so we can work through this together and talk to a doctor.”

“Idiot, I’m not sick and I don’t have a disease!”

“Kagome, I know whatever the doctor told you was hard to accept---“

“I suppose it was at first” she muttered under her breath.

“Oh god, so you are sick. What is it Kagome, just tell me, I can handle it. I promise” he said suddenly sounding sad.

“I’m not sick, dammit, I’m pregnant you moron!” she said with a high pitched inflection to her voice.

“Oh god, what does that even mean? Preenant? I’ve never heard of this disease! But it’s ok, we’ll ---“

“I’m PREGNANT you fool! Pregnant! You know, like you’re sperm fertilizing my egg and all that? My belly will start getting round and fat? Pregnant as a baby will pop out of my ---“

“Oh god, why didn’t you just say that from the beginning!” he exclaimed. Oh no. He was upset.

“I tried you idiot!”

“Kagome, I can’t believe ---“

“I knew you’d be upset” Kagome started to tear up

“No, actually I’m very hap—“

“Stop trying to make me feel better. The shock is all over your face”

“Well of course I’m shocked baby, but in a good way" Kagome looked up from him, nose red and sniffling.

“Are you really? You’re not mad? I was worried you’d be upset since we had talked about having kids later”

“No, I’m not mad, and silly woman, while that may have been the plan, plans never really work for us do they? We gotta go with the flow, and I gotta tell ya, right now, after this news, I’m suddenly feeling the need to get my wife into bed”

“Just don’t get me pregnant!” she said with a laugh.

He patted her belly and laughed with her and said

“Too late for that!” and carried her carefully into the room where they made love that rivaled even the dirtiest of romance novels. Their bodies molded perfectly to each other, and with each thrust, each like, each touch, their bodies responded to one another, and they remained joined for much of the night.

With all their energy spent, the two lay in bed, his arm around her much like the nights before, and he kissed her temple and said

“I love you Kagome. And I love you little Sofia or Kyo” he said leaning down to give her still flat tummy a small kiss.

Kagome laughed. As her husband cuddled up next to her she wondered how the heck she got so lucky. On the way, she had a child she would love and cherish forever and her husband by her side to share in that love. This was more than any Christmas present could ever own up to.
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