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FOR DEVAIGH: Her Kiss by ED Staff
Title: Her Kiss

Inuyasha watched Kagome wave goodbye as she jumped into the well. Transporting her back to her own time. He hated when she left, but if it made her happy he would endure it.

The winter snow had already fallen once and frozen the ground. Inuyasha perched himself into the sacred tree where he met Kagome for the first time. Not long ago, he almost lost her. Inuyasha flinched at that thought. The memory haunted his thoughts the past week.


Naraku squeezed his tentacle arm tightly around Kagome's petite form. She welped in pain.

"Kagome!!" Inuyasha screamed.

"I will take back the heart of the woman my weak human self fell in love with. Her reincarnated heart." Naraku sinisterly chuckled. A tentacle raised and transforming into a hand with razors for fingers. Directed towards Kagome body. Inuyasha's chest stopped pounding.

'No. I can't lose her.' He thought. Without hesitation, he lept up with faster speed than ever before. He sliced the hand clean off with Tetsaiga. Naraku was shocked. In an attempt to reclaim the situation, he tried engulfing Kagome into his skin. She screamed in fear. Inuyasha's eyes flew to her. He was at her side in a moment. He cut the disgusting flesh that wrapped around his love. He lifted her into his arms and jumped away from the now hurting Naraku to safety.

Gently, he laid Kagome down on the ground behind him. "Are you alright Kagome?" He whispered. She looked up at him and nodded weakly. He kissed her forehead before turning back to the battle. He was not in the mood for this right now. He focused on his blade. And then his target. His anger raging. His demonic wind swirled the area.

"You die now Naraku!!" He yelled lifting his sword. "Backlash Wave!"

The ripping tornadoes ravished the land heading towards its master's desired target. Naraku wasn't fast enough to move out of the way. It began tearing through the tainted skin of his deformed body. As always, however, he created a barrier around his head. Inuyasha snarled. Naraku frowned before transporting elsewhere.

He sighed and turned back to Kagome. She had passed out from pain and exhaustion. He held her close still knelt to the ground. Even though he was mad, he was also grateful. Grateful she was alive.

XxX End FlashbackXxX

'That damn Naraku.' He thought bitterly. He has always hated the bastard but he almost took it way too far. Inuyasha was forced to attempt to visualize his life without her that day. There was nothing. He would have lost his mind.

All he wanted now was to make her the happiest person he could. Anything she wanted, he would make sure she had. He has tried to show her his feelings since that day in little ways. He hasn't flat out said that he loves her yet. He doesn't know if he was what she wanted.

"Inuyasha?" Called an older, frail voice from the base of the tree. Inuyasha snapped back from his thoughts. He looked down and saw it was only Kaede, out picking herbs for some of the sick villagers. "What are ye doing sitting out in the cold all alone?" She asked. Inuyasha huffed.

"What are you doing all by yourself in the cold? I think it's you who shouldn't be out here on your own. Not me." He said with sarcasm. Kaede only giggled. Inuyasha always got annoyed easily when he is caught thinking of Kagome.

"Inuyasha, ye know that Christmas will be here tomorrow." She said, starting to walk away. Inuyasha's ears twitched. He jumped down and walked with her for a little while.

"What do ye plan to give her?" Kaede finally broke the silence. Inuyasha didn't say anything. He just stared ahead. "Well, I think ye should really consider giving her something to show her how ye feel." She said, picking the last frost covered herb she needed. She began walking towards the village and Inuyasha stopped following.

Kaede paused and looked back. "Inuyasha? Aren't ye coming?" She asked.

"I'll catch up later." He replied, turning and running back into his namesake forest. She only grinned. Proud of the seed she planted in Inuyasha's mind. Little did Kaede know that Inuyasha had already thought of something but couldn't decide to give it to her or not. She helped him made that decision. He would do it.

Inuyasha sped through the forest heading in the direction of where he and Kagome parted ways. The Bone Eater's Well. He reached its frail looking wooden brim and could still smell the sweet residing scent of Kagome.

He paused as he placed a hand on the chilled wood. 'I'll be with you soon, Kagome.' His mind echoed her name. He jumped into the well and was enveloped in the blue magical light.


Kagome climbed the rickety ladder out of the well and sighed in relief as she reached the top. She climbed over the ledge and made her way to the well house doors. She was greeted by the bright sun with a chilly breeze. A fresh sheet of snow covered the ground and Kagome was happy for her coat and scarf. She hugged them closer to her as she briskly walked towards the house.

She slid the door open and quickly shut it behind her, not wanting to let the home's heat out. She slipped off her shoes, scarf and coat before rushing to the dining room to find her much missed family.

"Mom! Grandpa! Sota!" She called. Everyone was sitting around the table staring at the door way where Kagome now stood. Her mother got up excitedly and greeted her daughter with a hug. Kagome was so happy to see her family after so long of being gone. But something was missing. She didn't feel complete in her own home, even with her family. Someone was missing. Someone close to her heart.

'Inuyasha.' She thought, closing her eyes and picturing his amber eyes and fanged grin she loved so much. A small smile graced her lips. Just thinking about him made her happy.

"Kagome, dear, we were just sitting down for our Christmas Eve diner. Will you be able to stay and eat with us?" Her mother offered sweetly. Kagome nodded happily. They all returned to their places at the table and Kagome joined them.

A wonderful, festive meal covered the top of the table and Kagome was more than eager to dig in. So she did. Her mother, grandpa and Sota all laughed at her appetite. They joined in eating and laughing in each others company.

"Hey sis! Where is Inuyasha? Shouldn't he be with you?" Sota asked, wanting to play with his sister's boy toy again. She sighed.

"He let me come home to see you guys a while for the holiday!" She told them with a fake smile. She was happy to see her family, but she wanted him to come with her. She finished the contents of the bowl in front of her.

"Thanks for the meal mom!" She thanked, before bowing and excusing herself upstairs. She decided to take a quick bath and relax in her room for a while. She collapsed forward into her bed sheets with a towel still wrapped around her.

All she could think about was Inuyasha. She wasn't sure why, but she felt so close to him lately. Like he was letting her get close. She sighed once again and got up to put on some pjs.

She plopped back down, on her back this time. Staring at the ceiling. Picturing Inuyasha's strong features illuminated her mind. She closed her eyes, wishing he would appear.

Her window silently slid open and Inuyasha inspected the room, finding his love lying on her bed. He grinned slightly and entered the room, silently shutting the window behind him.

A chill ran down Kagome's spine from an unexpected cold breeze. She opened her eyes as she sat up to look for the source. Inuyasha pressed his lips into hers. Kagome was shocked, but didn't want to stop it. She relaxed and kissed him back. Inuyasha pulled back to look into her eyes. He could see the surprise filling her face.

'He has never showed this much affection before.' Her mind raced. They were both in ecstasy in each others presence.

He pulled her into his arms for an embrace they both desired. Kagome wrapped her arms around him as her cheeks dusted with pink. She had wanted this display of her emotions for so long and now he was right here in front of her, pouring out his. Her Christmas wish came true.

"Kagome." His voice broke through her thoughts. She looked up into his soft and loving expression. "I know I haven't shown you how I've felt for a long time, but I'm unable to picture my life without you." He said. The image of Naraku flashed through her mind. She flinched slightly. Inuyasha saw her reaction and his heart broke. He hugged her tighter to his chest protectively. "I'll never let anyone hurt you. I promise." He whispered to soothe her mind. "But I don't want to spend another minute away from you." He pulled back from her hold. He reached into his fire rat kimono and pulled out a stone mounted on a slender piece of metal. A ring. Kagome gasped. The stone sparked pink with swirls of white."Kagome, will you marry me?" He asked. Kagome felt the tears of joy filling her eyes.

"Yes! Of course I will!" She replied. Inuyasha excitedly placed the ring on her finger and she threw herself into him once more. Inuyasha was filled with relief and happiness. All he could do was smile as her rubbed her back to calm his new fiancé.

When she finally settled down, she whipped her eyes and looked to him. "But when how did you get this Inuyasha?" She asked looking at the mesmerizing ring on her finger.

"After that day, I went to Totosai and asked him to make a ring to show my love for you. He took one of my fangs and merged it with a love stone customizing it specifically for you." He explained. "No one will ever have the same love I have for you and that ring is proof. But if you don't like it, I can have him make whatever ring you want." He told her franticly. Scared she was unhappy with his choice. Kagome placed a hand on his cheek, forcing him to look into her eyes.

"It is the most beautiful ring I could ever ask for. I wouldn't trade it for the world." She said, leaning in for a kiss to seal their magical Christmas engagement. Inuyasha flipped her onto her back, hovering over top of her.

"Kagome, you don't know how much I love. I always have." He said softly. Kagome felt her heart and stomach fluttering.

"I have too Inuyasha. Always." She whispered, scared of choking on her words. He leaned in slowly, pausing less than inches from her lips. The intensity thickened the air with each passing second.

Inuyasha finally broke his hesitation. Kissing Kagome's soft pink lips. As slow and passionate kiss. Kagome held her breath. Her lungs stopped pumping her much needed air.

Inuyasha became more aggressive in his kisses. Not wanting to stop. Ever. He would kiss her lips forever. He was intoxicated. Nothing could be better.

He pulled back so Kagome could take a breath. She panted deeply. But not for more than a minute. Inuyasha couldn't resist her lips. Her kisses. He places a hand on her hip. Kagome tangled her fingers though Inuyasha's silky, silver hair. His hand wandered further up her side.

It felt as if there was an aura surrounding them. Creating a world with only them in it. No one else could possible exist. The love they shared for one another could never be matched.

'I was destined to live for her.'

'I will love him for all eternity.'
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