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Kagome Higurashi was half immersed in a rather large bin full of various hats. She had entered Madame Gisou's Costume Palace sometime earlier that afternoon looking for the final touches for her geisha costume. Her friends were hosting a masquerade party for New Years, and she only had a few hours to pull together something to wear. Because of this, she decided to do something relatively easy. Seeing as how most of her time was spent in the feudal era it wasn’t hard for her to get an accurate costume. Behind her Inuyasha huffed for what seemed like the thousandth time since they had walked in the shop. It was apparent he was bored but he had insisted on tagging along.

Inuyasha was coming with her to the party. Kagome had decided that the hanyou wouldn’t stick out in his fire rat or his usual appearance so there had been no need to consider a costume for him. It was one thing she had been thankful for. After much begging on her part Inuyasha had finally agreed to let Kagome come back to her time with one exception. Him. So he followed her through the well.

At first she thought he was upset with her because she has stalled their hunt for shards again. However when he had insisted to tag along Kagome couldn’t help but be a little concerned.

I don’t know why he insisted on coming with me. He hates my side of the well. She thought, a slight suspicious look floating across her face. Kagome took a glance over her shoulder looking at her hanyou. His eyes were closed and his head was down. He was leaning against a wall next to a large mirror that met the floor.

What Kagome didn’t realize was he had a good reason for coming with her. The last time he had come to collect her; Inuyasha had overheard Kagome and those three girls talking. They said that Hobo guy would be at the party. If he had anything to do with it, Inuyasha wasn’t going to let Hobo get anywhere near Kagome. She belonged to him. He had come with her not only to keep an eye on her, but to protect her from her friends, even if Kagome didn’t see it that way.

Kagome had moved to the section with all of the robes, hoping something would speak to her. While she dug through the rack of clothes and bins of matching accessories, she didn’t realize Inuyasha had found the section with all of the animal costumes.

Inuyasha opened his eyes. True to his nature, he was well aware of every move Kagome made. He had noticed her peeking at him though his half-shut eyes, knowing she had not realized he was watching her. A smirk danced across his lips as golden eyes followed the miko. When he briefly disappeared behind a rack Inuyasha adjusted his position trying to keep Kagome in sight. A flash to his left caught his attention. Looking over, he saw to his astonishment, a bear. Its paws were raised as if poised to strike. On instinct, Inuyasha drew his claws as he sniffed the air around him. It was only then that he caught sight of several other animals. All of which were unmoving and not alive. What is this? He thought stepping over for a closer look.

The Hanyou was amazed. He was surrounded by fur; striped, spotted and solid colors were everywhere. Animals he didn’t even recognize stared back at him through empty eyes. There were dogs and wolves panthers and small cats. One large costume in particular caught his eye. A large white wolf complete with a tail was lying across the top of one rack. That one looks like my baka of a brother, Inuyasha thought with a small laugh.
As he explored this new area his clawed hands couldn’t help but to reach out and touch the fur. It was soft, but strange. Something wasn’t right. The fur bristled on his touch, the ends prickling his hands.

Kagome was so intent upon her search she had started to ignore a certain hanyou. With her not there to explain things, he had found something else that had caught his attention. A large box full of headbands with what appeared to be various animal ears sat on a table. His confusion caused him to address the miko.

“What are these?” he said, digging through the pile until something else caught his eye.


“This thing. They…they look like mine.” He said, pulling one pair out of the box. He held it up to his face, inspecting the strange material.
Confused, Kagome looked up from the bin she was currently digging in. To her surprise, Inuyasha was holding a pair of white, furry, dog ears between his claws.

“Oh. They’re dog ears.” Kagome said with a half-hearted shrug, resuming her search.

“Keh.” Inuyasha said, with his usual smirk. “I can see that woman. I mean how do they work? What are they for?”

“Oh.” She laughed and took a few steps closer to him.

“You put them on. It’s a costume piece. People wear them on their heads and they look like you.” She replied, as she reached up, removing his hat and touched one of his ears. The hanyou closed his eyes at her touch, leaning into her hand as her fingers nimbly scratched his head. After a moment, she smiled at him and patted his head before taking a step back.

It took the hanyou a moment to realize she had stopped and how much he missed it.

Opening his eyes, Inuyasha saw Kagome running her hands over a strange blue robe thing that sparkled. She seemed lost in thought. However he wasn’t done with her…yet. His curiosity was not satisfied.

“Do you?”

“What?” she replied, turning her blue eyes back on him.
“Do you ever wear them?”

“No.” Kagome said with a roll of her eyes. “I don’t. I’m usually with you in the feudal era anyway.” She sighed, and continued. “Not that I’m complaining. I just don’t dress up much. Besides, those headbands always annoy me.”


“Why are you so interested in those?” Kagome asked, quirking a brow at Inuyasha. The headband was still dangling from his claws as he inspected the white, furry triangles. The image made her smile.
Golden orbs met hers as he smirked again. “Seeing as how you seem to love mine, I thought you’d love to have your own.”

“That’s diff-“

He thrust the headband in her face. “Here put them on.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Save it woman. I wanna see how you look with ears like mine”
“We’re wasting time! I need to finish my costume! I don’t want to be late getting home.” She frowned and started to the tap her foot. Her patience was starting to wear thin.

“Why not?” He said. “You know you want to.”

Taken aback by his strange behavior Kagome just remained silent and turned her back to him. Heading over to the other side of the shop, she stared at the various costumes. She wasn’t really seeing them as her thoughts were still with the hanyou.

What is with him lately? He’s acting really strange. She took another peek at the hanyou. He had a strange look on his face. Deciding that it wasn’t anything, Kagome turned her back towards him again trying to focus on the material in front of her.

Not taking no for an answer, Inuyasha crossed the distance between them and place the headband on Kagome’s head. He shoved them on, with a bit more force than necessary. Glaring at him, she gave him a warning. “Inuyasha, don’t make me say it!” With a mischievous glint in his eye, he shrugged. “Now you know how I feel.”

“Good puppy!” Inuyasha said with a small laugh. Kagome wasn’t amused. She looked a little irritated. He loved seeing that look on her face. It was quite amusing to see the girl from the future annoyed. At least she wasn’t angry.

“You look an Inu!” He said grabbing her shoulders. He drug the miko by her arm over to the large mirror till they both stood in front of it. His smirk was wide compared to her frown. Indeed she match him, though the white ears clashed with her raven hair. Still, his excitement was starting to win her over until he decided to continue. We’re two of a kind you and me! Though…..” He said, one claw scraping across his jawline. “I think I like mine better.”


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