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FOR MOONSTAR9411: My First Christmas by ED Staff

Kagome smiled as she stood outside her home looking at her house that was covered with Christmas lights. She didn't even seem to feel the cold as it softly snowed. She just loved to look at the lights

" Kagome come inside dear before you get sick "

Kagome smiled at her mother " yes momma " she looked up at the lights again before she walked inside

" hey sis you think Inuyasha will be visiting soon?

Kagome looked at her younger brother sota and made a face " I hope not! " though she knew he would come for her since she said she'd be back two nights again. She was shocked he hadn't already come"

she ran up to her room knowing she had to get back before he did come to get her. She glanced around not seeing her half demon friend. The man she loved, she blushed brightly. Now wasn't the time to be thinking about that! " she just ran around her room getting everything ready not seeing her window open until she heard a male's voice

" there you are witch!!! "

Kagome jumped and turned yelling " sit boy!! " she flinched as Inuyasha slammed into the floor of her room, though she was happy he fell inside and not outside " oh!! Inuyasha I'm so sorry!!

She seen him glare at her and knew he had a reason to be angry " honest , you scared me and I reacted, will you forgive me?

Inuyasha just looked at her able to tell she was sorry " just forget it, but your late so I came to get you"

" I'm sorry but I was helping put up the lights for Christmas

Inuyasha just looked confused " what is a Chris -- mas "? Is it some type of demon?

Kagome giggled he looked so cute as his ears twitched looking so confused " no Christmas is a holiday " she sighed when he just looked more confused. She forgot sometimes that he wouldn't know what a holiday was " look its a day when ---" she jumped when her bedroom door opened and sota ran in

" Inuyasha!! I thought I heard your voice , you have to come and see my new game!

Kagome looked at him annoyed " sota how many times do I have to tell you to knock before entering my roo--" she stopped as she watched sota drag out a very confused Inuyasha " oh well I could always explain Christmas to him later

she ran out her room moments later hearing Inuyasha yell something about a demon tree. She yelled " sit boy " just as he was going to attack their Christmas tree " Inuyasha that's not a demon!! , its just a tree with lights on it "

Inuyasha growled at her as he slammed into the ground" ' will you stop with that word!!!! " he looked at the tree " why would you put lights on a tree?

Kagome smiled and took him outside so he could see the house " we also put them on houses, isn't it beautiful? I just love Christmas lights "

" why? What's the point in doing it?

" well hmm. It is just nice , now let me tell you about Christmas". She walks to the tree as she sits beside him as she tells him about gifts and Santa

" so you have seen this Santa? Is he a demon?

" well no, he isn't real, only little kids believe in him, when you get older you stop believing "

Inuyasha just shakes his head. It was to confusing " you said people get gifts?

" yes from family and friends and you also give gifts, it is so much fun to unwrap gifts "

Inuyasha just looks thoughtful until he hears Kagome's next words "

"Well since we are talking I'd like to stay a few more days "

Inuyasha growled as he stood up " no!! You are already late and we have shards to found, so lets go!! " he would never come out and tell her he had missed her and didn't like it when she wasn't at his side, he felt alone even though the others was there

Kagome got up slowly " Inuyasha, Christmas is in two days, I won't be missing it, even if i have to S you until your back is broken!! I wish to be here with my family!!

Inuyasha growled at her " fine stay here for all I care!!! He just went and jumped into the well back to his own time


Kagome stood looking out her window, it was Christmas and yet she didn't feel as happy as she should

" why don't you go get him dear?

Kagome looked at her mother " you mean Inuyasha? He wouldn't wish to be here "

" I'm betting he does, you said he has no family but a half brother that wants him died am I right? When Kagome nodes. She just smiled "well we are waiting on him , after all, we can't have Christmas without the whole family right?

Kagome smiles brightly and hugs her mother before she runs and jumps into the well to go get the other member of their family --------------

Inuyasha sat on the tree as he looked up at the sky. He was annoyed that Kagome sent him home " damn witch, she knows we have shards to find. He sighs as his ears went down slightly, he knew the truth was he missed her. He thought of going after her but remembered that Christmas thing" meant for families and I have no family but Kagome does so how could I ask her to come back with me? "

his ears twitched as he stood up fast " that's Kagome's scent!! He jumped off the tree and ran to the well just as she was getting out " what are you doing here witch?

Kagome smiled at him " we can't start Christmas yet, one member is missing

Inuyasha looked confused he didn't know why she was telling him but he looked shocked when he heard her next words " we are waiting for you Inuyasha "

he just stood there shocked " waiting for me? He thought but before he could say anything he seen the smile leave her face " was she regretting coming now? " but he sniffed and turned knowing that scent " kikyo" he looked back at Kagome

Kagome gave Inuyasha a sad smile " you better go, she's waiting " she smiled trying to hide her sadness not willing to show her tears

" Kagome I --- "

Its alight Inuyasha there is always next year right? She gave him a smile before she jumped into the well. Inuyasha just stood there before he looked at kikyo as she stepped out of the shadows

" there you are Inuyasha, come let us talk I have heard rumors of some jewel shards, we could go together, to spend some time together as while " she held her hand out to him and smiled as he walked towards her but the smile disppeared at his words "

I can't Kagome has invited me for Christmas "

she just stared at him " and what is this Christmas?

" its where family's get together to spend time together and give gifts " he smiled softly as he walked back to the well with his hands on it

" but your not her family , you are alone just as I am, we are the same "

" no kikyo we are not the same anymore, because of Kagome I am not alone " he went to jump but stopped at her next words

" doses she mean more to you then I do? Will you leave me and go to her? When you said I was the woman you love

Inuyasha looked at her slowly " I did love you kikyo and now I wish to revenge your death and to let you rest In peace but -- " he looked towards the well then back at her " because of Kagome I started to live again , to make friends, to learn to trust, to feel I was fine the way I am now a half demon, because of Kagome I learned to love again, she is my family now and she's waiting for me

" if you go you truly are choosing her"

Inuyasha looked at the woman he once loved and smiled softly before he jumped into the well where the woman he loved now was waiting


Kagome wipped the tears away after climbing out of the well. She had been so happy at the thought of having Inuyasha there for Christmas only for kikyo to show up. She sighed as she opened the door to the well house and looked at the falling snow. before she walked inside the house slowly

" hey sis where is Inuyasha? Mom said he was coming to spend it with us "

" he had someone else to go see, so lets just go open up gifts OK?

Sota watched her walk towards their living room and though she smiled at him, he knew it was forced. He just sighed and followed her before he sat watching her talk to their mother. He hated to see the sadness in her eyes,

" well should we start opening gifts? Their mother asked though they nodded it was easy to see they wasn't as happy as they should be since Inuyasha had yet to get there " hello Inuyasha dear " she thought to herself as she looked behind Kagome

Kagome smiled weakly as she looked at everyone " you want to go first sota? She blinked when he simply stared at something behind her . She turned slowly and looked shocked seeing Inuyasha "

" hey witch you forgot me, you invite me then run off "

before him or her could say anything he was pulled down by sota to sit beside him and Kagome. He looked unsure as he looked at them, but soon he found himself smiling as he got into the whole gift giving thing. He was shocked that even he got gifts. Though he never said how happy he felt being there, feeling like he truly did have a family " Inuyasha? Will you come outside we Me to the tree" Kagome smiled when he nodded and got up and walked outside .

She was still shocked he had come. She wanted to ask him about kikyo but just couldn't. So she just sat under the tree with him " I am really happy you came Inuyasha, I know what Christmas gift I'm going to give you "

she smiled softly at his confused look so instead of saying anything she reached up wrapping her hands around his beaded necklace but looked shocked when he put his hand in hers to stop her " Inuyasha?

Inuyasha just shook his head no. For some reason he hated the thought of her taking it off. It was almost like if she did, it would be like breaking their link together " just leave it on witch , you may need it

" then what Christmas gift should I give you?

" you already gave me one, you made me feel like a really did have a family, but I have to give you, yours

Kagome smiled at them words " oh Inuyasha, I don't need a gift, I'm just happy you cam-- she looked shocked when he leaned down and kissed her softly, she blushed brightly but closed her eyes and kissed him back, when they pulled apart she started to cry gently, happy tears when she heard him whisper I love you. " she wrapped her arms around him as she whispered I love you too "


Kagome glared at Inuyasha when they climbed out of the well to his time " I told you I wasn't ready to come back yet!!! "

" well to bad!! We wasted enough time, we have to find them shards!!!! So move it witch

" sit boy !!!!!!!! " she glanced at him before she started walking before she smiled when she heard him yelling her name. She looked at him as he walked over to her glaring but she only smiled and took his hand and knew.

This was the most wonderful Christmas she'd ever had because Inuyasha was there with her.

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