Too Bad That Doesnít Exist by SakuraRyuu
Summary: InuYasha gets in a full day with his extended family.
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InuYasha and all characters in this fan fiction are the property of Rumiko Takahashi.

1. Chapter 1 by SakuraRyuu

Chapter 1 by SakuraRyuu
InuYasha wondered about the concept of daycare in the feudal era. He had heard Kagome mention daycare from her time but it sounded much less painful than what he was subjected to every time he and his mate went to visit Miroku, Sango and their children.

Kagome explained there were a certain number of adults to children and there were rules the children had to follow while they were at daycare. There was even daycare for animals the humans kept. Looking over the current situation they definitely had the right number of adults for the number of children. Four adults, three children, no problem, right? Oh, so wrong. Kagome fawned over Sango’s infant son Takeo, while it became one hanyou for two girls and he was definitely outnumbered. Miroku, of course, stood laughing nearby.

When it came to getting into trouble these two girls were faster than any youkai InuYasha had ever battled. Etsuko and Yasuko were cleverer than the most cunning of enemies. The tricks their Uncle Shippou taught them kept them busy, but not on a positive note. Instead they used them against him, making him almost wish his eyes could move independently of each other so he could watch them both at the same time.

After an early, picnic supper Kagome had the girls stomping on berries to make jam while she and Sango talked, Takeo napping next to his mother. Miroku and InuYasha watched over the girls from a respectable distance away, and for good reason. The stomping of berries wasn’t going as planned. The twins had long ago pummeled the berries into mush; however, Etsuko lost her balance and pulled Yasuko down with her. Before any of the adults could intervene the girls were laughing, covered from head to toe in squashed berries, and scooping up handfuls to throw at anyone who came near. Thankfully Kagome had enough forethought to not put many berries in the tub to be stomped and the twins were quickly running out of ammunition, much to the delight of their parents. It was decided once they were completely out of pulp to throw the adults would gang up on them and force them into the stream for a bath.

Trying to grab the girls for a bath was a no win situation. InuYasha thought he could certainly manage to grab one of them and carry her off, not wanting Kagome to get kicked in her slightly rounding belly by either toddle during their struggle to get away. Again, he was wrong. Miroku had brought a long cloth to grab Yasuko in and he was quite successful in keeping hold of the girl. InuYasha, however, had no such luck. Etsuko was covered in berries and juice, and slippery as snot. He managed to pick her up fine, but once she started to struggle he lost his grip and she slid to the ground. Once her feet hit dirt she took off, InuYasha in hot pursuit. After several near misses he eventually dove for the child, grabbing her around the waste and cradling her in his arms. He ran full speed for the stream and splashed in, child and all. Miroku almost dropped Yasuko he was laughing so hard.

By the end of the bath both men were soaked and the girls were clean. Kagome and Sango took all three children back to the family’s hut to dress them for bed. InuYasha and Miroku sat under Goshinboku nearby, waiting for the evening breeze to dry them off.

“Miroku, Kagome mentioned they have daycare in her era. It’s where parents send their children or pets away for someone else to care for while they work or leave home.” InuYasha casually mentioned to his friend.
“Too bad we don’t live in Kagome’s era.” Miroku responded drowsily.
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