No More Confusion by SakuraRyuu
Summary: Kagome makes it impossible for Inuyasha to confuse her with Kikyo.
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Chapter 6 by SakuraRyuu
Author's Notes:
Kagome is back and joins Inuyasha to see what he has discovered.
Climbing out of the well, Kagome wasn’t surprised that no one was waiting for her. She hadn’t known when she was coming back so she couldn’t expect anyone else to know, either. Putting both feet on the ground she stood and gave her backpack a jostle to get it settled more comfortably on her back, then headed down toward the village. Walking past the first hut she got a warm welcome from some of the village children playing out front. Making her way to Kaede’s hut she saw Miroku first, sitting outside the door like he had been the morning she left. She wondered quietly to herself if he had moved a muscle while she had been away.

Hearing the village children welcome someone, Miroku had opened his eyes to see Kagome walking his way. Standing, he greeted her warmly, making her feel genuinely missed. “Ah, Kagome! Welcome back! You’ve been missed! You’re looking well! How is your family?”

“Hello, Miroku! They are good, thank you! How have things been here?”

“It’s been quiet. No sign of Naraku and no word of any Jewel shards so we have been here. I have been helping Kaede around the village, and enjoying the time to rest. And you?”

“I spent much of my time the same way. I helped Momma clean the house from top to bottom, and helped grandpa with the shrine. I even helped Sota with his homework.” At this Miroku laughed, knowing how much her brother annoyed her. “But my first day home I had a total girl’s day. I got my hair properly cut then I went to a place that cleans your feet and paints your toes nails. It was wonderful.”

“I’m glad to hear you got the chance to relax and enjoy yourself. If you’re going to be looking for Inuyasha soon, he went to the lake to fish. The truth is I think he’s been feeling a bit restless.”

“Ok, thank you. I’m going to go in and say hello to Kaede, then head out to meet him if he isn’t back yet.”

An hour later Kagome set out to the lake the village used for fishing. She had to agree with Miroku, Inuyasha had to be restless to go fishing at this time of the year. The fish in the lake were only half grown, and there was plenty of easy game in the forest to tide them over until the fish were fully-grown. Seeing him sitting on the edge of the lake cross-legged, his back toward her, she walked up next to him and sat, being careful to respect his space until he was ready for her to.

Not turning his head to look at her he simply said, “You’re back.”

Looking out over the lake she answered, “I am.”

“How was school? I’m sure you spent your time running around with your friends in the future.” He didn’t try to hide the sarcasm dripping from his voice, and Kagome didn’t try to acknowledge it.

“As a matter of fact I spent the time with my family. I got a proper haircut, had my feet cleaned, I helped Momma clean the house from top to bottom, and I help grandpa around the shrine. We went shopping for supplies that are now at Kaede’s, and I helped Sota with his homework. In the evenings we would watch movies and fall asleep. It was good, and I feel really good, so I guess I needed it. How about you? Did Miroku actually send you off with Kikyo?”

“No, he didn’t. I went myself. Miroku explained there are things I keep doing and I’m not trying to understand why they make you mad. That I compare you to Kikyo, which ends us up in the situation we were in when you left, but that I don’t compare Kikyo to you, and unless I do that I won’t understand what you want me to. So I left.”

“It took me about 3 days to find where she was and another day to catch up. She wasn’t happy to see me like you are, and that’s where the comparison’s started. As we walked we came across a village. She went in to help the villagers, and earn a bed and a meal. She knew they wouldn’t accept me so I stayed in the trees nearby. I remembered all the villages you and I had stayed in, and the villages we left because they wouldn’t accept me. We had gotten into a battle with an oni and her sole concern was taking it down, no matter who got in the way. If I didn’t get out of the way fast enough her arrows singed me. That happened a couple of times. We both were trying to take the lead and she wouldn’t step back to let me do what I had to. The battle went on too long and I was watching over my shoulder for the oni and for her because I felt caught in the middle of their battle. It didn’t go as easily or smoothly as any of the battles we fought. And after she just walked away and left me on my own to get cleaned up. Then I noticed I was carrying her sack of provisions, of which nothing was going to be shared with me. But you carry everything in your backpack that we all use.”

“It started out just being happy to be with her but as the day went on into the night and the next day I started seeing more ways of how you take care of me, and everyone in our group. We all fight well together, we stick together, and we are all accepted or no one is. You have respect for me. I started to see you are so much more than Kikyo with who you are and what you do.”

“I also discovered something. I’m used to seeing you in your school uniform and I’m used to seeing Kikyo in her priestess clothes. When I see any woman in this era wearing priestess clothes I automatically think of Kikyo. It’s not something I can help. It does confuse me to see you wearing those clothes, and when my mind is already confused from a fight and an injury, and a priestess comes to me that I don’t recognize as Kaede, I’m going to think it’s Kikyo because they are the only two priestesses I’ve known. I’m not trying to hurt you by calling out her name. I’m trying to find out if it’s her, since you wear something different.”

Kagome sat quietly, contemplating what he had said. “I get it, Inuyasha. I just want you to see me for me, and it doesn’t seem you can do that. In my mind, when I’m hurt and the same person always takes care of me, why would I think that person is someone else who’s never around? I don’t want to be compared to Kikyo anymore because we are not the same; we are not copies. I am more than her in ways that make her less than me and Sango is more than me in ways that does make her better, yet I don’t get compared to her. So I don’t want to be compared to anyone. I am me, and if anyone can’t see that, I can’t be bothered with them.”

Both sitting in silence a few minutes more, looking out over the lake.

“So, we good?” Kagome wasn’t willing to leave until they had some type of understanding.

“Keh. I feel like I understand you better. I’ll do my best.”

“That’s all I ask, Inuyasha. I just ask you to do your best in seeing and appreciating me for me. I’m not anyone else.”


They spent the rest of the afternoon in companionable silence watching the sunset and enjoying each other’s company.

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