No More Confusion by SakuraRyuu
Summary: Kagome makes it impossible for Inuyasha to confuse her with Kikyo.
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Chapter 5 by SakuraRyuu
Author's Notes:
Kagome settles into a comfortable routine at home.
It took about four days before Kagome found herself staring out her bedroom window at the well house. The first day she came home, dropped her bag in her room and went straight to the tub. One hot shower later she put on a pair of cute blue shorts, a white top, and blue sandals, and was headed into the city for a proper haircut. She fell in love with the simplicity of her new bob cut. She could still pull her hair out of her face, it was short, bouncy, and cute, and she was able to towel dry it and be ready to go. It took no time to dry on it’s own. It just felt so good to look so different. For fun she stopped by a nail salon and got a pedicure. She never got them before because her travels destroyed her feet. She just trimmed her nails and went, but now that she was home for a while she could enjoy being a modern girl, wearing cute clothes, with her cute haircut, and her cute pedicure. She got home in time for supper, and fell asleep on the couch watching a movie with her family. Laying a blanket over her her mother left her to sleep, knowing it would be peaceful.

Her second day home had her helping her mother clean house. After breakfast they started with the upstairs, cleaning windows, dusting, vacuuming, and making minor repairs. Settling for a light lunch of sandwiches the tackled the downstairs. By suppertime the house felt fresh and clean. While both women headed to their bathrooms to shower and change, Kagome’s grandpa had ordered pizza, and they had a carpet picnic in the living room, eating pizza, drinking soda and watching movies. Full and tired from the day’s work Kagome excused herself at the end of the first movie and went to bed, Buyo following her up the stairs. That night he slept wrapped around her head, his purring lulling her to sleep.

Making a late appearance the next morning Kagome brushed her teeth and made it to the kitchen for left over pancakes and coffee for breakfast. Seeing her mother dressed to leave she stopped her to see where she was headed.

“Hey, Momma. I don’t have anything to do yet today. Where you headed?”

“Oh, Kagome, dear, I’m going to do some grocery shopping. Would you like to come with me? I could really use the help.”

“Oh, yeah, sure. Let me run upstairs and get dressed.” Putting her dishes in the dishwasher Kagome ran upstairs, threw on a lovely blue sundress and blue sandals, and headed down to meet her mother.

Walking down the street Mrs. Higurashi finally asked, “So, what happened?”

“He had gotten hurt and I took care of him, then while he was sleeping I went to get cleaned up. I had to borrow clothes from Kaede, and when he woke up enough to notice me he called me Kikyo. Again. I still helped him, but after I went to the well, and I don’t know what happened after that. One minute I’m digging at the lip of the well with my pocketknife and the next I have my hair in my hand, except it wasn’t attached to my head anymore. When Inuyasha came for me that morning after he transformed I threw it at him and asked if I still looked like her. I just couldn’t stand it anymore, Momma. I couldn’t stand him calling me her name after all I do for him every single day we are together. Even now I’ll be buying supplies for when I go back, so even when he isn’t here I’m still doing things for him. It’s like, whenever he’s really hurt, he doesn’t even see me. He just wishes I were her. I had to find a way to be different. A way he wouldn’t be able to overlook, because he sure doesn’t see anything else.”

“It must be hard in his position. To him it’s just been a few months since he and Kikyo destroyed each other, and his heart still hurts, I’m sure. Now here she is again, and no matter how hard he tries she won’t have him. Then here you are, Kagome, reminding him. He never really got the chance to get over the relationship ending, and he definitely hasn’t had the chance to move on. And he can never have anything with her because she isn’t even human anymore. Not to mention she only wants him to die. I can’t imagine living with all that on my back all the time, feeling it crushing me.”

“It’s not like I’m not sympathetic, Momma. I know he still loves her and I know she won’t let him go. I just want him to see me. I want him to know and understand I am the one who takes care of him, of all of them. I know things about him she never did. I want him to look at me and see me, Momma. No matter what condition he’s in, no matter what I’m wearing or how I smell, I want him to know it’s me, and I want him to recognize all I do that she never has. I feel there should be no mistaking who is who.”

“I understand, Kagome. Come. Let’s get our shopping done.” With a warm hug and a smile they headed in to the grocer’s.

The rest of Kagome’s time home found her helping her grandfather on the grounds of the shrine gardening, clearing out storage, and greeting guests. Every day she got up, got dressed, and found something worthwhile to do at home that left her comfortably tired at the end of the day. She even spent some time playing with Sota and helping him with homework. At the end of the week she was feeling restless, and started packing her backpack.

On her eighth day home she said goodbye to her family and headed for the well house. Sitting on the steps inside she stared at the well, hesitant to make the final leap. She missed everyone but she just wasn’t sure if she was ready to face Inuyasha yet. She had told him not to come for her and he hadn’t, which made her wonder how he had spent his time away from her. The thought gave her nervous butterflies. Finally she stood, climbed over the side of the well, and dropped in.
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