No More Confusion by SakuraRyuu
Summary: Kagome makes it impossible for Inuyasha to confuse her with Kikyo.
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Genres: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Oneshot, Psychological, Tragedy
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Chapter 4 by SakuraRyuu
Author's Notes:
Inuyasha returns to the village to wait out Kagome’s return.
Inuyasha felt like he had a full head as he made his way back to Kaede’s village. He ran at a constant speed, stopping only to eat, drink, and rest in short spurts. He wanted to get back with enough time to sleep before Kagome came back. This time he was not going to get her like he was known to do. This time he would wait for her to come back when she was ready.

As he ran he thought over his time traveling with Kikyo. It wasn’t long, but it was enough to show him a few things. Like how Kikyo expected Inuyasha to hide in the forest while she earned a bed and a meal in that village. Or how they couldn’t fight together, and she would shoot her arrows with no regard to where Inuyasha was or how close they got to him. He noticed she didn’t try to care for his injuries, either. And finally, she didn’t care if he traveled with her or not, showing him no respect as a person. He made the connection that all of these things were exactly opposite of what Kagome did for him, and she did so much more. There was also so much more to her as a person than there was to Kikyo. He understood that sometimes his mind got muddled, especially when he was badly injured, and when Kagome had to borrow clothing from Kaede, it would remind him of Kikyo. The truth was anytime he saw a woman from behind with her hair back wearing the red and white colors of a priestess he thought of Kikyo. He couldn’t help that. But at this point in his life he started to feel he should know it isn’t Kikyo there to help him because she didn’t do that. She was never with him and she never took care of him. Even now she didn’t know he turned human once a month. He wasn’t sure if this is what Kagome wanted him to notice, but they were the things that made an impression on him.

Two and a half days of travel found Inuyasha back in Kaede’s village, tired and hungry. Seeing Miroku sitting next to the doorway of the hut they used he wondered if the man had moved a muscle in the week he had been gone. Walking up to him he nudged the monk with his foot, causing the man to open one eye and look at him.

“Inuyasha! Glad to have you back! How were your travels?” Miroku stood to his feet t welcome his friend back properly.

“They were fine. No jewel shards, no sign of Naraku, and only one small battle with an oni in the woods. Kagome back?”

“Not yet, my friend. Why don’t you go inside and rest? I just brought up some cool drinking water. Kaede will be by soon with stew for supper, then we can go down to the stream to wash, and settle in for the night.”

“Keh.” Inuyasha went in and took a long drink of the water Miroku offered. Once he was finished he sat with his back against the wall in a corner of the room, and closed his eyes. He was wearier than he thought, easily dozing off.

The smell of warming stew woke him some time later, making his stomach rumble.

“Aye, Inuyasha, you may join us for an evening meal. I’m glad to see you’ve returned from traveling with my sister. I trust your travels went well?”

Taking the offered bowl Inuyasha put a spoonful in his mouth, savoring the robust flavor. Chewing the rabbit and vegetable, he swallowed and replied, “It was peaceful enough. We had a run in with an oni but there was no sign of the Jewel shards or Naraku.”

Giving him a knowing smile Kaede asked, “Did you learn your lesson?”

“Dunno. Guess we’ll find out when Kagome gets back.”

Finishing his meal he scooted back over into his previous corner and closed his eyes, ending any further discussions.
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