No More Confusion by SakuraRyuu
Summary: Kagome makes it impossible for Inuyasha to confuse her with Kikyo.
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Chapter 3 by SakuraRyuu
Author's Notes:
Inuyasha travels with Kikyo for a short while.
In his search for Kikyo Inuyasha took to the countryside. He had no idea where she would be, so he stopped at each village he came to asking if they had seen an itinerant priestess. It was three days before he came to a village that had seen her, and two more before he was finally able to catch up to her. Coming up from behind on a trail he called her name. It was no surprise she didn’t stop walking.

“What do you want, Inuyasha?” Not bothering to slow her pace or turn around she spoke out knowing he would hear her.

“I want to travel with you.”

“I have no need for your protection. Besides, a hanyou will prevent me from helping in villages I come across. They will not accept me if you are my traveling partner.”

“I’ll stay in the forest once we come to a village so they won’t see me with you.”

For a time they traveled in silence, Inuyasha simply being happy to be by Kikyo’s side again. He reminisced it was like the old days when they fought youkai together so they wouldn’t get the Sacred Jewel.

“So, where is Kagome?”

“She went back to her time.”

“Why are you here with me?”

“I couldn’t stand sitting around the village waiting on those weak humans. It takes them too long to recover from hunting the jewel shards, so I left them behind.”

“Ah, I see.”

Again silence fell between them. They traveled through the day until they came across a small village set back from the road. Kikyo made her way to the small collection of huts and Inuyasha found himself in the treetops.

Through the evening he watched her care for the sick and elderly, treating them all kindly and speaking gently to them. He noticed how she touched them all with ease, and wasn’t afraid of the open sores she treated. It made him think how, aside from the few moments they had shared, most of the time he was only allowed to touch her out of necessity. And of those times most of them were after she had been resurrected.

As darkness settled over the village everyone began to go inside, settling into their nightly routines. Inuyasha stayed in a tree close by, reluctant to leave Kikyo unguarded. She had earned a bed and a meal by helping the villagers, and she followed them in for the evening. He didn’t mind staying away because he was doing it for her comfort. He didn’t want her to suffer for being with him. Closing his eyes he tried to relax, listening to the sounds of the village.

Unexpectedly Inuyasha began to think of all the times Kagome had rushed to his side to protect him, or hold him up. All the times she fought with him to clean and bandage his wounds, knowing they would heal in just a few hours. He was reminded of all the villages they had stayed in, and all the times they had slept outside when they were rejected because of Inuyasha. She traveled with him, never asking him to hide for her benefit. He thought of Koga and how the stinking wolf was always trying to steal her away, yet she stayed. She took care of him, no matter what. These thoughts left a bad taste in his mouth.

The next morning they set back out on the road, Inuyasha carrying the provisions the villagers had given Kikyo. It felt strange to him, carrying a sack. He wasn’t used to having the extra weight. Again, Kagome snuck back into his thoughts, and how she carried her backpack, bull of books and provisions, all the time, never complaining or asking anyone else to carry it for her. And he never offered, yet here he was, carrying Kikyo’s sack because he had simply taken it from her. He didn’t like how that tasted, either.

Later that afternoon they crossed paths with a rather obstinate oni. When Inuyasha had first known Kikyo he didn’t have his sword and fought with his hands. Kikyo was used to being the one to deal the more serious of blows. Now, trying to fight together, Inuyasha found himself singed more than once by a purifying arrow. He would yell for her to step back and let him fight, but she refused. Instead of working like a team they kept getting in each other’s way. In the end the oni went down, but it was slow and agonizing for everyone involved. Not at all like the battles he fought with Kagome and his friends. Those battles went much smoother with minor injuries because they worked together.

After the oni went down, Kikyo moved on, not a thought given to Inuyasha or his wounds. He knew he would heal without any intervention, but it had been nice having Kagome fuss over him.

“I think I’m going to head back to the village in the morning. Everyone should be ready to travel again by the time I get back.”

“Inuyasha, I told you before I do not need your protection. If you are ready to go back, go now.”

“But where will you go?”

“I will continue on, going from village to village helping those I can while I wait for Naraku to resurface.”

“Alright then.” Handing her her sack of provisions, Kikyo took them then turned and walked away as if Inuyasha wasn’t still sanding there. He wished she would turn back around, as if she thought of him, but when she didn’t he couldn’t help the small pang of disappointment. Accepting he didn’t cross her mind again after she turned to walk away he turned and headed back down the road in the opposite direction.
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