No More Confusion by SakuraRyuu
Summary: Kagome makes it impossible for Inuyasha to confuse her with Kikyo.
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Chapter 2 by SakuraRyuu
Author's Notes:
Kagome takes some "Me" time and gives Inuyasha some "She" time.
Still sitting at the hut Miroku saw Kagome before he heard her and what he heard when she got close enough was almost enough to make him blush. As she got closer he noticed something off about her but it wasn’t until she blew past him into the hut that he saw she had cut her hair. It was virtually unheard of for a grown woman to have her locks so short and he knew the village would talk. Turning around back towards the well he saw Inuyasha moving a bit slower, stopping every so often to pick something up. By the time he reached the hut to go in Kagome was coming out. They nearly ran into each other over the threshold.

“I’m going home for a while. I need to have my hair properly cut, we are low on supplies, and I need more clothes.” You could hear the disdain in her voice when she gestured to what she had on.

“Yeah, ok. Don’t you want to take this with you?” Inuyasha had collected as much of the hair she had thrown at him as he could to return to her.

She looked at it in disgust. With fake cheeriness she said, “Burn it. Then we get to wait and see if it’s resurrected. Won’t that be fun?”

Miroku stopped her. “Kagome, you don’t seem yourself, and you definitely don’t look yourself. What can I help you with?”

“I think Koga over there – Oops! I meant Inuyasha, honestly! I think Inuyasha could use your help more than me. I’m sure he won’t understand why I just called him Koga instead of Inuyasha, I’m sure he won’t understand I’m mad, I’m sure he won’t remember what he said, and I’m sure he’ll be angry for no reason at all because all of these things are what he does. Then he’ll get it in some small way, become indignant, and go to my house raising Hell, because that’s also what he does. My suggestion would be to send him to Kikyo and let her take care of him for a while, and let her listen to all his crap, and leave me alone while I take care of my own things. I’m bored of this never ending cycle of stupid right now, and I refuse to take it home with me, which means he stays here. Maybe if he spends some time with her, expecting her to do what I do for him, he’ll finally figure out when she doesn’t that we are different. Then it won’t just be my short hair that will force him to recognize me as Kagome instead of automatically thinking I’m Kikyo.”

“I think I understand. Please be careful and get some much-needed rest. When you are feeling better come back. I’m sure we will still be here.”

“Ok, Miroku. Thank you.” Smiling kindly to her friend she made her way to the well and hopped in.

“Hey, wait up Kagome! I’ll walk you to the well!”

“Fuck off, Inuyasha. I don’t want you near this well. You wish Kikyo was me so bad go hang out with her and leave me along until I get back.” Bag over her shoulder Kagome jumped in not even bothering to give a second glance.

Once home she wasn’t interested in talking about anything with anyone. What was there to say? “He called me Kikyo one too many times so I lopped my hair off to help him figure out who’s who?” That sounded just crazy. Cutting her hair was more than that. It was a freedom. She was free to be seen for herself, she was free to be differentiated from any other priestess who traveled the roads, she was free to disguise herself if she wanted. It was like freeing a whole new person.

At the salon she went for an adorable bob cut that brought the waves out in her hair to make it fuller and bouncy. Kagome found it was still long enough she could tie it back off her neck and out of her face to help keep her cool. She could literally wash it, towel dry it, and go! The simplicity of the style won her over instantly.

Back at the shrine Kagome just took some time to relax. No school, no pesky friends, just her hanging around the house, helping her family, and occasionally going into the city to stock up on supplies. A few days turned into a week but what did it matter to her? She was where people knew her, and that’s what was most important to her at the time.

Inuyasha almost immediately went down the well after Kagome but Miroku got to him first. “You heard what she said. Do you know why she’s mad at you? Do you know what caused her to cut her hair? Do you understand any of what’s going on?”

“Yeah, sorta. I woke up in the hut last night needing water and Kagome was wearing priestess robes. I called her Kikyo. She answered and took care of me anyway, then I guess she left. When I got to the well this morning I was pitching a fit when she asked me who she was. I knew she was Kagome but I didn’t know what to say. Then she threw all that hair at me and said something like I should have no problem telling them apart now. All I know is I gotta go fix this.”

“Inuyasha, she doesn’t want you to fix it, she wants you to figure it out. She wants you to travel and fight with Kikyo for a while and see what that’s like. I think she wants you to know the difference between being in Kagome’s care and in Kikyo’s care. There’s something there she wants you to see.”

“See what?” Now Inuyasha was getting irritable, true to form.

“I can’t tell you. It’s something you have to figure out on your own, but whatever it should should help you realize the differences between Kagome and Kikyo so you don’t keep mistaking her anymore. She knows you don’t mistake Kikyo for Kagome so why would you mistake Kagome for Kikyo? These are things you need to discover while she’s gone.”

“Then I guess I need to go find Kikyo.”
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