No More Confusion by SakuraRyuu
Summary: Kagome makes it impossible for Inuyasha to confuse her with Kikyo.
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Inuyasha and all characters in this fan fiction are the property of Rumiko Takahashi.
Chapter 1 by SakuraRyuu
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If this fic is rated T, M, MA Kagome is over the age of 18 years old.
Inspired by the fanart “I’m Not Kikyo” by sugar0o on dA.
Again Kagome was closed up in a hut in Kaede’s village with a human Inuyasha who had tried to be badass and cut it too close on the night of the full moon. The battle against the basan should have been easy, but as Inuyasha got weaker, it seemed to get stronger. Its screech was mind splitting, and when it flapped its giant wings, the warriors fell back, rolling over themselves. As it pecked dangerously at the head of one foe it used its back claw to swipe at the other. The humor wasn’t lost on Kagome at being chased around by a giant chicken. Had it been a regular chicken she would have grabbed it by the legs and dangled it upside down, causing it to go limp. Unfortunately, she wasn’t as big as she needed to be, and this chicken wasn’t going down so easy. Finally, after what felt like hours, they were able to best the beast, but not without Inuyasha taking some considerable blows, and deep gouges from dirty claws. By the time the sun had set pain, and bleeding looked like they were going to plague him throughout the night. It was still too early to tell if he would suffer the beginnings of an infection or fever.

Kagome broke out the first aid kit and gave Inuyasha what medicine she could to help make him comfortable before she set to work on his wounds. They went through their customary cycle of Inuyasha grousing, and Kagome putting her foot down only to end up nursing him anyway. She often wondered why he even bothered because it always ended the same way.

Once she got him settled down to rest Kagome left Inuyasha in Miroku’s care while she went to the closest stream to cleanse herself. The weather had been muggy, and combined with a sweaty battle and a confining hut; a cool dip was just what she needed. It was almost mid-night, much later than her usual time for a bath. Not wanting to be gone long she set about taking care of the necessities, dressed in a set of borrowed priestess robes, and headed back to the hut. Settling down next to her backpack she began to dig, making a mental note of all her supplies. She was out of clothes, thanks to the giant chicken; they needed medicines, a few things to keep Shipp occupied, but she still had her basic camping supplies. Pocket knife, matches, water bottles…

Inuyasha’s body hurt, and he could feel the hot, sore spots in his skin every time he breathed. Cracking his eyes open the first thing he noticed was how much they ached. Everything was fuzzy, making his head swim. His mouth was also dry, and the wet cloth over his forehead was no longer cool. Noticing the priestess a few feet away sitting cross-legged, her back to him, he licked his lips and tried to call out to her.

“Kikyo…” His voice was raspy, and barely above a whisper. She didn’t turn around so he tried again.

“Kikyo.” That time she stopped what she was doing, and turned her body toward him slowly. Confused at first Inuyasha didn’t register the look on the woman’s face, just that it wasn’t the face he was expecting.

Kagome’s heart skipped a beat. Kikyo. They had been traveling together long enough for him to know she wasn’t Kikyo. Inuyasha should have known by then it was always Kagome who looked after him, not the resurrected woman. He should have known by then Kikyo was never with him, but Kagome always was. She felt that familiar pang in her chest, but this time it was different. This time it took her breath away.

“What do you need, Inuyasha?”


Kagome grabbed a water bottle from her backpack and helped him hold his head up while she held the bottle to his lips. He drank greedily but she stopped him for fear too much at once making him sick. Checking his bandages quickly, she let him settle into sleep while she went back to where she had previously been sitting.

She picked up her pocketknife and began to use the blade to push around the stuff she had piled on the floor. Kagome could no longer concentrate, her mind rolling around Kikyo’s name in Inuyasha’s voice over and over again. Finally she stood, walking out into the night.

“Kagome, where are you going? Even though morning is close it’s still too dark for you to be wandering.” Miroku had been sitting outside the door, leaning against the hut.

“I’m going to go for a short walk. It’s too stuffy in there. Pry just to the well and back. Keep an eye on Inuyasha? There’s a water bottle he was drinking from next to him.”

“I’ll be sure to.” Miroku gave her a friendly smile to see her off.

She had to get away, even if it was for a moment. She couldn’t afford the luxury of sneaking off in the night, but walking up to the well was perfectly normal for her, so that’s where she went. Sitting on the edge of the well Kagome began to dig at the lip with the blade of her pocketknife. The longer she sat the deeper the hole she gouged into the well. When she noticed she felt guilty. She never had been a vandal, and the well was sacred. Sitting her knife down she stood up and stretched tall, arms above her head. Putting her hands on her face she ran them back through her hair and gathered it up in her hands off her back. Suddenly she froze, eyes big. Letting her hair fall back she tilted her head back and gathered it up again as if to put it in a ponytail. Instead she grabbed her pocketknife, and sliced through her locks just below where her hand held it all together. Knife falling to the ground she looked at the fistful of hair she now held. Amazed at what she had done she began to laugh. Once it started she couldn’t stop. She laughed so hard she eventually got a stitch in her side and had to sit on the ground, resting against the well. Finally the laughs turned into giggles, and those subsided into silence as she watched the sun rise.

Waking at the feel of his transformation Inuyasha opened his eyes and waited. As the sun rose so did he, feeling much more like himself instead of the pitiful human he had been all night. Noticing Kagome’s backpack open and her stuff spread out all over the floor, he stood, walking outside. She wasn’t anymore there than she had been in the hut. Nudging Miroku awake he asked, “Where’s Kagome?”

“I’m glad to see you’re up, Inuyasha! She was very worried about you.”

“So worried she’s no where around? Where’d she go?”

“To the well. It was still dark when she went. She asked me to stay here with you.”

“She went home. Nice.” Headed out in a dead run Inuyasha made his way to the well, ready to jump in and tear Kagome a new one once he got to her house. But once he reached the well he stopped dead in his tracks. Sitting against it, her head tilted back so her hair fell over the lip and into the well, sat Kagome, staring up at the sky.

“What are you doing? You been here all night? Miroku said you left hours ago while I was all banged up and human in that hut.” As he ranted he walked closer, noticing Kagome didn’t seem to be noticing him. “Hey, Kagome. You listenin’?”

Slowly Kagome turned her head to look at him, and Inuyasha saw the biggest, saddest eyes he had ever seen. Turning away from him again she went to stand, and that’s when Inuyasha noticed her shoulder length hair, and the first of hair she carried. Walking toward him she stopped a few feet away and laughed cynically.

“Who am I, Inuyasha?” Kagome waited for him to answer. When he said nothing she screamed at him, throwing her first of hair at his chest. “Do I look like her now, Inuyasha?! Can you tell that I’m not Kikyo NOW?!”

Stunned, Inuyasha watched as Kagome walked back to the hut, her hair blowing in the wind.
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