On a New Moon Night by Roxotaku
Summary: Written for the Paper Lanterns prompt at firsttweak on LJ. This is post manga/post anime canon as I see it. Kagome waits for InuYasha's return on a night of the New Moon.
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Disclaimer: InuYasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and her publishers and Viz, etc. I make no money from this story.

1. Chapter 1 On a New Moon Night by Roxotaku

Chapter 1 On a New Moon Night by Roxotaku

Disclaimer: InuYasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and her publishers and Viz, etc. I make no money from this story.


On a New Moon Night




In the little house above the fields, all was quiet except for the sound of the fire crackling in the hearth. Kagome tended to it, pushing stray locks of hair out of her face as she bent over. Occasionally she glanced at her baby daughter, sleeping peacefully in her wrappings nearby. The babies round face had a rosy glow, and wisps of silver white hair framed it like lace.


Outside the wind was picking up, and Kagome listened to it anxiously. Glancing out a window, she could see clouds moving in and blanketing the stars on this moonless night. Her thoughts constantly turned to her husband, who was returning from a job with Miroku out of town.


Getting up from where she crouched, Kagome opened the door to the front porch. A cold wind buffeted her immediately, and she wrapped her arms around her middle. The two yellow, paper andons she had hung from the roof were swaying precariously in the wind, and did not provide the light she needed to see very far. With a sigh, she went back in the house.


The next thing Kagome remembered, she woke up, coughing, to a roaring sound. Looking at the hearth, she noticed it was embers. She had fallen asleep next to it while waiting. Turning, she saw what was causing the noise…


“Kagome, Kagome!”


Adrenaline pumping, Kagome grabbed the baby as InuYasha came bursting through the flaming front of the house. He whipped off his suikan and wrapped it around his wife and child, holding them in his arms. Then he began to kick furiously at the house’s back wall, trying vainly to break it. Suddenly an axe broke through from the other side, and InuYasha grabbed at the boards and pulled while other hands did the same from the outside. The flames had begun to engulf the house, and were licking at their feet. In her trembling arms, the baby had begun to cry as she held her close. Finally, with a roar InuYasha put his shoulder into the hole in the wall, carrying the three of them out of there. On the other side, Miroku steadied them as they almost tumbled to the ground from the momentum. 


“Are you okay?” InuYasha said.


Shoulders shaking as she coughed from the heat and the smoke, Kagome nodded. Tears streamed out of her eyes as InuYasha turned her around in his arms to face him. The voices of approaching villagers could be heard, and Miroku dashed to the front of the house to meet them and help fight the blaze. InuYasha tilted her face up, and she could smell singed hair. The fire lit his dark hair and eyes, and she could see the look of concern on his face.


“What…how?” Kagome stammered.


“The andons fell and broke, starting the fire,” InuYasha said. “There is no other explanation. I knew this could happen, why did you put them out when the wind was so strong?”


“I wanted you to be able to find your way home,” Kagome said in a small voice. “We are all alone out here…and this is your human night.”


InuYasha sighed and pulled her in close, her head on his shoulder. She sniffled, her nose running, and InuYasha took an edge of the suikan and gently wiped her face. He ran his hand through her hair and kissed her forehead.


“It does not matter if I am human or hanyou, or if it is the darkest of nights and I am blind,” InuYasha said. “I will always find you…I will always find my way home to my family.”


The small family huddled together as the behind them the villagers put out the fire. Their house was gone…but they were safe. They were together.



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