A Moment by bai
Summary: A one-shot fiction of InuYasha's wait for Kagome's return; the content happens right after the war with Naraku.
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I do not own any of the characters, all rights reserve to Rumiko Takahashi and the respective animation producers. 

1. Chapter 1 by bai

Chapter 1 by bai
Author's Notes:
First fiction I ever wrote, so hope you guys liked it.

All colors of the world plunged into a golden haze as the fiery ball of fire sunk low, taking with it the light and the ultimate source of our world. It hid behind the ragged peaks of the mountains, shooting a few rays of hope between holes. Soon enough, it will be gone, replaced by yet another planet, gleaming white and cold, isolating the shadows of the trees from its parents.


That is exactly the word that clung to his heart, tearing it apart sinew by sinew. Years have gone by, but his hopes did not falter despite the taunting emptiness in his mind called denial. He can feel it now, the loneliness creeping upon him and enveloping him in a tight embrace, beckoning for him to give in. It grew, day by day that sometimes, he can even see it before him. But that was just pure hallucinations, nothing more.

The fiery ball continued its path downward, turning his golden eyes into warm honey colors. His usual silver hair took a share of the golden hue that graces so many other objects in its pathway. The bright red apparel he wore lost its excitement, revealing the dull color that is by nature its true color. There were no other sound emitting from the forest that surrounded him. This is a moment when all things are prepared for the welcoming sight of home.

Yet all these beauties, all these warmness and wonders were lost upon him. He was oblivious to it. His eyes beheld none but the well in front of him, and all his attention were reverted to the well.

There is nothing spectacular about the well, it is just a hole in the ground with wood fencing around it. It does not come in any spectacular shapes either, it is but a square. It doesn't even hold water, thus almost stripping the “well-ness” of it. Yet to him, this well holds value above all. This well was where she first came through, and it was also where he last met her. Nobody would have thought that this well is a time portal, but now, it no longer function. The “her” that he so longed to meet with again was gone, just like a thin wisp of smoke in the air.

Unknowingly, his memories wandered back to the first day they had met. How he had hated her at first, and her, him. How they have walked side by side and hold hands; how she had sit by the well with the wind playing in her hair and how, in the end, she disappeared through it. She never came back, and he had missed her. Then there was a moment when it struck him that she did not belong to him, and that there were other people that needed her more than him. There was a moment when he realized that he had to let go and cut all ties with her. Then again, why is he still sitting by the well day, fervently hoping for a day of reunion?

Isolation once again sang an eerie song, the lyrics mocking his useless wait. Maybe it's time to give up, denial chirped in.

He got up slowly and was turning away when he heard a creak and a muffled hmph. Then, the last rap of sun shone upon a figure climbing out of the well. His eyes bulged and his jaw almost dropped in surprise. So the time portal had worked its miracle again...

That figure finally made it to the top of the well and sat there panting from exhaustion. After a while, she raised her head and smiled.

“Long time no see.”

This is the moment where all miracles work. Isolation and denial cowered, and a new feeling flow freely forth. A thousand words came and went in his mind, so shocked by this reappearance.

Then the sun sank and all else plunge into darkness. The magical moment was gone.

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