All I Want For Christmas by Say0mi Saki
Summary: Separated by several thousand miles, Inuyasha and Kagome still refused to end their relationship. Both remaining loyal and devoted. That is, until doubts begin muddling the other's views. Still, all they really wish for is to be together again this Christmas.
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1. I: Life Sucks by Say0mi Saki

2. II: Faith by Say0mi Saki

3. III: Mister Lonely by Say0mi Saki

4. IV: Deprived by Say0mi Saki

5. V: I love you by Say0mi Saki

I: Life Sucks by Say0mi Saki
The snow is so pretty here, you would love it. I know how much you loved the snow, even with how many times you denied it. When it snowed, your eyes would always glaze over and for the tiniest of seconds, you would have the sweetest smile on your face. And by tiny, I mean tiny, before that stupid scowl of yours would take over again. Like I always tell you, you should definitely smile more often. You look nice when you smile. Very nice, actually.
I know you mentioned that it doesn't snow out there, and that's really too bad. That means your half-a-second smile wont be appearing anytime soon.

To be honest, I'm not sure what to say anymore. I can talk a mile a minute (you know that for a fact) but it's so much harder writing (or should I say, typing?). You actually have to think of what to say, whereas, most of what I spoke was just something that was already sitting on the tip of my tongue.

I miss you. A lot. I miss you so much that sometimes I wish that I didn't care about you this much. I know, it sounds awful, huh? Sorry, but that's how I feel. I probably miss you a billion times more than you miss me. Then again, maybe you don't miss me at all. You always did say that it was a hassle just to be near me, and you always did list off the many annoying traits that you found in me. Jerk.

Well, I guess I'll just stop here. Sango thinks that I spend too much time inside, so today we're going shopping for outfits to wear tonight at some party she's dragging me to.

And before you go berserk, I promise I wont dance with any guys tonight. After all, the only guy that I want to dance with is practically a million miles away. (Hint, hint, that's you dummy).

I love you.


"I love you too," Inuyasha whispered, his lips tilting up into a smile. I miss you so much that sometimes I wish that I didn't care about you this much. Could he really blame her? After all, he couldn't deny that sometimes he felt the exact same way.


No matter how many miles separated them, he could never care any less about her. It was hard, of course, to adjust to her absence. It was difficult not hearing her laugh everyday, not seeing her smile everyday, and especially not having the pleasure of holding her everyday.

Everything just went wrong after highschool.

He didn't plan his life, he just wasn't the type, but he did have a vague idea on where his life would go after highschool ended. He was ready to go to a prestigious university in Tokyo, and continue living his nearly perfect life with close friends and a devoted girlfriend.

What he wasn't expecting was learning a few weeks after his highschool graduation that his father was shipping him off to continue his studies several thousand miles away at Stanford University.

Yup, definitely wasn't expecting it.

Needless to say, he was pissed after finding out. But, if he wanted to inherit the family business, he had to follow his father's wishes. And he had to inherit the business, it would be a definite way of supporting his future family (preferably with Kagome). Sure, he could have rebelled; truth be told, he did dabble with the idea for awhile. That is - before his father threatened to cut off all financial support. Thus, cementing that studying abroad would be the only option for little ol' him.

Life just sucked sometimes.
II: Faith by Say0mi Saki
Let me just start this off with...

You're stupid.

Yep, you are extremely, extremely stupid.

Why? Because, you should know that I do miss you. Hell, I probably miss you more than you miss me. So, there.

Oh, and you know what? I do not have "sweet smiles". Shit. You really know how to bruise a guy's ego. I mean, seriously, "sweet" smile? No, not possible.

The weather's nice out here, but I gotta admit that I do miss the snow. Of course, I don't miss the snow as much as I miss seeing you're cheeks flushed from the cold.

Everytime I think of snow, I think of you giggling and twirling around; your hair would always float around in the wind too. Fuck, now I'm starting to miss that hair of yours. Great.

Stupid bitch, stop making me miss you so much. Heh. If I was to say that right now, right next to you, I'd probably already have gotten a good smack. Shit. I think I'm a masochist, I even miss being smacked around by you.

So... how was the party? Did anyone try to get touchy-feely with you? I swear - if any slimy bastard tried anything on you, I'll rip their balls off and feed it to them.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I miss you.

And I love you too, stupid.


Sighing, Kagome glanced at the picture sitting atop her nightstand. Inuyasha, Inuyasha, Inuyasha, her good ol' obnoxious Inuyasha. Gods, she missed him, especially when December rolled around and Christmas was just around the corner. In Japan, Christmas wasn't a national holiday. It was to be expected, since only half of a percentage of Japan was actually Christian.

If anything, Christmas itself seemed more like another Valentine's Day in Japan.

Every Christmas Eve, everyone would usually gather around at her Shrine and eat her mother's home-made "Christmas cake". It was always something she looked forward to, having everyone together, comfortably lounging around.

And every year, Inuyasha would be by her side. Albeit, his usual grouchy self, but a touch more romantic in very subtle ways.

"Oh Inuyasha, I wish you weren't so far away."

On Christmas day, gifts would be exchanged, and every year Inuyasha managed to surprise her with unexpectedly thoughtful gifts. Last year's gift was the most astonishing yet.

Right infront of an ancient tree, across her house, and beneath a mistletoe; instead of kissing her, he bent down on one knee, and pulled out a ring from his pocket. A simple gold band with an embroidery of glittering diamonds.

Kagome, I know we're still young, and we're only half way through our senior year of highschool, but I love you. You know I do. This is a promise ring, and I promise you that when we're ready, you'll be the one that I'll marry.

Of course, in classic Inuyasha form, he stuttered the entire way through, and when she was rendered speechless; he ended up biting her head off for taking too long to respond.

Ah, gotta love the guy.

And she did love him, she was positive that he genuinely loved her as well.

Still, what if the long distance became too much to handle for him? And ... and what if he found someone else? Some exotic foreigner with flaxen hair and blue eyes?

She just had to have faith in him, and she had to trust that he would come back for her.

If he didn't - well, she didn't even want to think of that becoming a reality.
III: Mister Lonely by Say0mi Saki
Inuyasha, you're an idiot. You probably already know that though.

And you're right, if you called me a bitch right here, right now; I would have smacked you so hard, you'll not only be seeing stars, but you'll be seeing flying fairies and unicorns too. Dummy.

Just for the record, you don't have to worry about, "pulling anyone's dick out and feeding it to them," because no one laid a hand on me. I kept my promise, and I didn't dance with anyone either. The party wasn't all that great. Sango got a little crazy, you know how she gets with liquor. Her and Miroku are having a lover's spat, and they were both trying to prove something to eachother by having fun with other people. Geez, I'm surrounded by idiots, aren't I?

The snow is clearing up, but weather forecasts' claim that it wont even get a chance to fully clear up, before it starts snowing again. I'm beginning to hate the snow, no matter how pretty it is. I just keep thinking about how much I miss seeing your half-a-second smile. By the way, your smile is sweet, whether you like it or not. If you really don't like that description, then how about 'cute' or 'adorable'? Do you like those, any better?

Ha! At this point, you're probably scowling at the screen already. You're just too predictable Inuyasha, but I still love you.

So, how are you doing out there? You never really fill me in on your little rendezvous. You better not be having too much fun. -_-

Shit, Sango's screaming for me now. I have to end this email here. Brunettes with hang over's are dangerous, especially pissed off ones. Shit, shit, shit! I can already feel the vomit on my clothes. This is why I choose not to drink. GAH!

Love you!


Inuyasha's lips quirked into a smirk, his violet eyes skimming through the message once more. He missed being surrounded by his friends and family, and like the whipped man that he was, he missed just being near his Kagome the most. No matter how much time passed, a vivid image of baby blue's and obsidian waves would remain implanted in his minds eye. A flawless optical allusion of his bride-to-be, because she damn sure was going to be the woman that he would marry.

No one else.

Apparently, America was the most festive during December with promises of holiday cheer and celebrations with loved ones.

It only made him lonelier. Northern California was nice with a variety of different cultures, and although he wasn't too social, there were still plenty of friendly people that he met. But, it just wasn't his home. He missed Japan, he missed his family, he missed his friends, and dammit - he missed Kagome!

To put it plainly, he was home-sick.

While, his family was fairly well-off with a more than decently successful business, they were going through some trouble with a few bitter assholes. Law suits were being made, and wild rumors were being concocted about his family name. In the midst of all the chaos, he was planted thousands of miles away while his family scrambled to fight off the sudden disorder.

The result of this tumult for 'lil ol' him?

Well - his plans, the fire that kept him going these last few months, were extinguished.

He was advised to stay put in California. After all, Christmas wasn't too big of a deal in Japan anyway.

But, spending Christmas with friends, family, and Kagome was tradition for him.

So, how could he possibly survive the occasion without them?

Especially when he already made special plans for this Christmas year.
IV: Deprived by Say0mi Saki
No, 'adorable' and 'cute' aren't any better than sweet. If anything - they're worse! You know what? I am neither of these, thank you very much. Damn, you're really just aiming to hurt a guy's pride, huh?

You're evil, you're lucky you're hot enough to make up for that little trait. Heh. And about, "hitting me so hard that I'll be seeing unicorns, fairies, and stars"? What the fuck is that shit? You're fuckin' lame Kagome. Seriously. Plus, as if any of your hits could ever hurt me. Psh. You're little ass, yeah right.

Ass...hmm, what a nice ass, you have. Fuck. Can you tell just how deprived I am? I'm starting to feel like Miroku, and that's never good. Speaking of Miroku, what's going on between him and Sango? Those two still trying to make the other jealous? Damn. You are surrounded by idiots. Tell those idiots that I miss them too, though.

Rendezvous, eh? Well, I don't do much out here in the bay area. Believe it or not, it's not nearly as exciting as you would think. Maybe if you were here, then it'd be a whole 'lot better. The weather's stupid, it's like a bitch, always PMS-ing. Some days it's freezing, other days it's windy, and then randomly the sun comes out as if it's the middle of summer. I know, what the hell right? When it's one one those spontaneous 'summer' in the middle of winter days, that's when I wish you were here the most. So, I could see you frolic around in a skimpy bikini.

Speaking of bikini's, do you still have that one bikini I got for you? You know, the one you never wore? With the little bow? Now, that's what you call 'cute'. Then again, I'd kill any guy who even looked at you, and since the material is nearly nonexistent... it'll probably draw more attention than I could handle you getting.

I'm really, really, really, really deprived. Of a lot.

Very. Deprived.

I miss waking up next to you, you already know I'm a 'cuddlier'.

I'm heading to class soon, gotta get ready. Call you tonight?

Love you.


"Hey, Kagome! We're suppose to be having fun, and you keep going through your phone!"

Kagome directed a sheepish smile towards her friend. "Sorry Yuka. I was just checking my email."

Yuka rolled her eyes, giggling knowingly as she spoke, "Inuyasha?"

Kagome could only nod, a sigh drifting pass her lips. Gods, the more she heard from him, the more she missed him. Although, if she heard from him less frequently, she'd be going insane with paranoia. Either way, it was a lose-lose situation. Her too cocky for his own good, but sweet natured boyfriend had her eating at the palm of his hands.

"What'd he say?"

"Well," Kagome nibbled on a fry before speaking. "The basic, 'I miss you-I love you' stuff and then he mentioned how deprived he is. If you know what I mean." Kagome chuckled, reaching for her soda.

"Deprived? As in, deprived?"

She nodded.

"Oh!" A gasp. "That's not good, he's all the way in sunny California and deprived. What if he decides to fix that?" Yuka inquired, her brow cocked.

"Fix... oh, you mean sleep with someone?"


Kagome's brows knitted, blue eyes steeling at the brunette. "Yuka, Inuyasha wouldn't do that to me. He loves me."

The short haired girl only pursed her lips; sable hair swinging along with every shake of her head. "How can you expect a red-blooded male, probably surrounded by beautiful females to not test the waters?"

"Yuka, I don't think I like where this conversation is heading." Really, she didn't. Secretly, she was afraid of that. Sometimes, she questioned herself on keeping him tied to her. Was she an awful person? Was she asking for too much? Was she being selfish?

Question after question, doubt after doubt, would bombard her. They would twist and writhe with eachother until the very basis of her doubts would spawn a picture of tangled limbs and naked skin. Inuyasha with some other girl, someone closer, someone easily attainable.

But... he wouldn't. He loved her.

V: I love you by Say0mi Saki
I love you.


Knotted brows complimented an incredulous indigo gaze. "What the fuck?" He muttered, his pensive stare boring holes into the screen. This was, by far, the shortest message he'd ever received from Kagome.

Often times, he could always trust her emails to lighten his mood. When his eyes would land on the message - obviously sent by his beloved girlfriend - all the stress of the day would ebb away, and nothing else mattered. If he failed an exam, fell on his face, slipped down the stars, and walked into a door all in the same day - it just didn't matter anymore, once her email blinked back at him. Messages that were usually a bit lengthy, messages that never failed to fill him in on the daily happening's of her life, messages that made him smile.

So, a message composed of only a single sentence was ... shocking.

Not to mention, his attempts for a long phone conversation with her failed when she didn't answer his past five calls. Calls that weren't ever returned.

What was going on?

"Maybe, I should try to give her a call again." He murmured to himself as he absently reached for his cell phone and dialed familiar numbers.



Inuyasha almost cheered.


He noted her groggy tone before clearing his throat. "Uh, yeah, hey? What's up?"

"Inuyasha, you are aware that it's four in the morning out here, right?"

He could already picture her adorable pout. "Sorry, I just really missed you."



More silence. Again, what the hell was going on?

"I love you."

It always made his heart flutter, hearing - actually hearing - her say this. Still, she was acting strange. "Kagome, should I be worried about anything? You seem kinda out of it right now."

"I'm fine, don't worry, okay? I - I have to get going though Inu. I need to squeeze in a couple more hours of sleep before my classes start up," She sighed. "I... I love you Inuyasha."

And before he could even respond, the droll of the dial tone was already pulsing in his ears.

That night, he couldn't find any sleep.
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