All I Want For Christmas by Say0mi Saki
Summary: Separated by several thousand miles, Inuyasha and Kagome still refused to end their relationship. Both remaining loyal and devoted. That is, until doubts begin muddling the other's views. Still, all they really wish for is to be together again this Christmas.
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V: I love you by Say0mi Saki
I love you.


Knotted brows complimented an incredulous indigo gaze. "What the fuck?" He muttered, his pensive stare boring holes into the screen. This was, by far, the shortest message he'd ever received from Kagome.

Often times, he could always trust her emails to lighten his mood. When his eyes would land on the message - obviously sent by his beloved girlfriend - all the stress of the day would ebb away, and nothing else mattered. If he failed an exam, fell on his face, slipped down the stars, and walked into a door all in the same day - it just didn't matter anymore, once her email blinked back at him. Messages that were usually a bit lengthy, messages that never failed to fill him in on the daily happening's of her life, messages that made him smile.

So, a message composed of only a single sentence was ... shocking.

Not to mention, his attempts for a long phone conversation with her failed when she didn't answer his past five calls. Calls that weren't ever returned.

What was going on?

"Maybe, I should try to give her a call again." He murmured to himself as he absently reached for his cell phone and dialed familiar numbers.



Inuyasha almost cheered.


He noted her groggy tone before clearing his throat. "Uh, yeah, hey? What's up?"

"Inuyasha, you are aware that it's four in the morning out here, right?"

He could already picture her adorable pout. "Sorry, I just really missed you."



More silence. Again, what the hell was going on?

"I love you."

It always made his heart flutter, hearing - actually hearing - her say this. Still, she was acting strange. "Kagome, should I be worried about anything? You seem kinda out of it right now."

"I'm fine, don't worry, okay? I - I have to get going though Inu. I need to squeeze in a couple more hours of sleep before my classes start up," She sighed. "I... I love you Inuyasha."

And before he could even respond, the droll of the dial tone was already pulsing in his ears.

That night, he couldn't find any sleep.
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