All I Want For Christmas by Say0mi Saki
Summary: Separated by several thousand miles, Inuyasha and Kagome still refused to end their relationship. Both remaining loyal and devoted. That is, until doubts begin muddling the other's views. Still, all they really wish for is to be together again this Christmas.
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IV: Deprived by Say0mi Saki
No, 'adorable' and 'cute' aren't any better than sweet. If anything - they're worse! You know what? I am neither of these, thank you very much. Damn, you're really just aiming to hurt a guy's pride, huh?

You're evil, you're lucky you're hot enough to make up for that little trait. Heh. And about, "hitting me so hard that I'll be seeing unicorns, fairies, and stars"? What the fuck is that shit? You're fuckin' lame Kagome. Seriously. Plus, as if any of your hits could ever hurt me. Psh. You're little ass, yeah right.

Ass...hmm, what a nice ass, you have. Fuck. Can you tell just how deprived I am? I'm starting to feel like Miroku, and that's never good. Speaking of Miroku, what's going on between him and Sango? Those two still trying to make the other jealous? Damn. You are surrounded by idiots. Tell those idiots that I miss them too, though.

Rendezvous, eh? Well, I don't do much out here in the bay area. Believe it or not, it's not nearly as exciting as you would think. Maybe if you were here, then it'd be a whole 'lot better. The weather's stupid, it's like a bitch, always PMS-ing. Some days it's freezing, other days it's windy, and then randomly the sun comes out as if it's the middle of summer. I know, what the hell right? When it's one one those spontaneous 'summer' in the middle of winter days, that's when I wish you were here the most. So, I could see you frolic around in a skimpy bikini.

Speaking of bikini's, do you still have that one bikini I got for you? You know, the one you never wore? With the little bow? Now, that's what you call 'cute'. Then again, I'd kill any guy who even looked at you, and since the material is nearly nonexistent... it'll probably draw more attention than I could handle you getting.

I'm really, really, really, really deprived. Of a lot.

Very. Deprived.

I miss waking up next to you, you already know I'm a 'cuddlier'.

I'm heading to class soon, gotta get ready. Call you tonight?

Love you.


"Hey, Kagome! We're suppose to be having fun, and you keep going through your phone!"

Kagome directed a sheepish smile towards her friend. "Sorry Yuka. I was just checking my email."

Yuka rolled her eyes, giggling knowingly as she spoke, "Inuyasha?"

Kagome could only nod, a sigh drifting pass her lips. Gods, the more she heard from him, the more she missed him. Although, if she heard from him less frequently, she'd be going insane with paranoia. Either way, it was a lose-lose situation. Her too cocky for his own good, but sweet natured boyfriend had her eating at the palm of his hands.

"What'd he say?"

"Well," Kagome nibbled on a fry before speaking. "The basic, 'I miss you-I love you' stuff and then he mentioned how deprived he is. If you know what I mean." Kagome chuckled, reaching for her soda.

"Deprived? As in, deprived?"

She nodded.

"Oh!" A gasp. "That's not good, he's all the way in sunny California and deprived. What if he decides to fix that?" Yuka inquired, her brow cocked.

"Fix... oh, you mean sleep with someone?"


Kagome's brows knitted, blue eyes steeling at the brunette. "Yuka, Inuyasha wouldn't do that to me. He loves me."

The short haired girl only pursed her lips; sable hair swinging along with every shake of her head. "How can you expect a red-blooded male, probably surrounded by beautiful females to not test the waters?"

"Yuka, I don't think I like where this conversation is heading." Really, she didn't. Secretly, she was afraid of that. Sometimes, she questioned herself on keeping him tied to her. Was she an awful person? Was she asking for too much? Was she being selfish?

Question after question, doubt after doubt, would bombard her. They would twist and writhe with eachother until the very basis of her doubts would spawn a picture of tangled limbs and naked skin. Inuyasha with some other girl, someone closer, someone easily attainable.

But... he wouldn't. He loved her.

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