All I Want For Christmas by Say0mi Saki
Summary: Separated by several thousand miles, Inuyasha and Kagome still refused to end their relationship. Both remaining loyal and devoted. That is, until doubts begin muddling the other's views. Still, all they really wish for is to be together again this Christmas.
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II: Faith by Say0mi Saki
Let me just start this off with...

You're stupid.

Yep, you are extremely, extremely stupid.

Why? Because, you should know that I do miss you. Hell, I probably miss you more than you miss me. So, there.

Oh, and you know what? I do not have "sweet smiles". Shit. You really know how to bruise a guy's ego. I mean, seriously, "sweet" smile? No, not possible.

The weather's nice out here, but I gotta admit that I do miss the snow. Of course, I don't miss the snow as much as I miss seeing you're cheeks flushed from the cold.

Everytime I think of snow, I think of you giggling and twirling around; your hair would always float around in the wind too. Fuck, now I'm starting to miss that hair of yours. Great.

Stupid bitch, stop making me miss you so much. Heh. If I was to say that right now, right next to you, I'd probably already have gotten a good smack. Shit. I think I'm a masochist, I even miss being smacked around by you.

So... how was the party? Did anyone try to get touchy-feely with you? I swear - if any slimy bastard tried anything on you, I'll rip their balls off and feed it to them.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I miss you.

And I love you too, stupid.


Sighing, Kagome glanced at the picture sitting atop her nightstand. Inuyasha, Inuyasha, Inuyasha, her good ol' obnoxious Inuyasha. Gods, she missed him, especially when December rolled around and Christmas was just around the corner. In Japan, Christmas wasn't a national holiday. It was to be expected, since only half of a percentage of Japan was actually Christian.

If anything, Christmas itself seemed more like another Valentine's Day in Japan.

Every Christmas Eve, everyone would usually gather around at her Shrine and eat her mother's home-made "Christmas cake". It was always something she looked forward to, having everyone together, comfortably lounging around.

And every year, Inuyasha would be by her side. Albeit, his usual grouchy self, but a touch more romantic in very subtle ways.

"Oh Inuyasha, I wish you weren't so far away."

On Christmas day, gifts would be exchanged, and every year Inuyasha managed to surprise her with unexpectedly thoughtful gifts. Last year's gift was the most astonishing yet.

Right infront of an ancient tree, across her house, and beneath a mistletoe; instead of kissing her, he bent down on one knee, and pulled out a ring from his pocket. A simple gold band with an embroidery of glittering diamonds.

Kagome, I know we're still young, and we're only half way through our senior year of highschool, but I love you. You know I do. This is a promise ring, and I promise you that when we're ready, you'll be the one that I'll marry.

Of course, in classic Inuyasha form, he stuttered the entire way through, and when she was rendered speechless; he ended up biting her head off for taking too long to respond.

Ah, gotta love the guy.

And she did love him, she was positive that he genuinely loved her as well.

Still, what if the long distance became too much to handle for him? And ... and what if he found someone else? Some exotic foreigner with flaxen hair and blue eyes?

She just had to have faith in him, and she had to trust that he would come back for her.

If he didn't - well, she didn't even want to think of that becoming a reality.
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