Thankful by kirarakat55
Summary: Tis the season to be thankful. Inuyasa shares what he is thankful for.
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1. Chapter 1 by kirarakat55

Chapter 1 by kirarakat55
Author's Notes:
I am still working on Sutoka Satsujin, I promise. But this time of year fills me with things to be thankful for and I thought why not give you all something for the season. I hope you enjoy. :)
The house was filled with the rich aroma of seasonal food. The turkey was in the oven, the dressing and other trimmings lined the kitchen counters and friends and family were caught in deep conversation in the living room. A few choice words filled the air as they carried on an immensely deep conversation.

Sesshomaru with his life mate—Rin—showed a rare visage of happiness. Usually the former lord of the West was stoic and frigid, but tonight, during this time of thanks he showed his true love toward Rin and his secret appreciation for the rest of the group that he came to know as his pack.

Rin on the other hand always congenial with her affection beamed with satisfaction and love for the small mismatched group. Her brown eyes twinkled with pure unsaturated happiness. For her things could not get any better than they were right at this moment.

Kouga, though he gave his mate loving looks and sweet caress didn’t miss a few hateful glares to the half-demon that stole his woman. He loved Ayame with every fiber in his being, but the competitive side of him was not too thrilled that he lost Kagome to a ‘mutt’ in the first place. However, with that slight animosity aside, life was perfect.

Of course, Ayame didn’t miss the heated glares the two young males shared, but she was confident that Kouga would be faithful to her. Actually, she knew he would because hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and he has already felt some of her fury. No doubt he wouldn’t do anything again to upset her.

Sango, usually too shy and proper to give outright displays of affection, seemed to be enamored with the cozy atmosphere. The warm laughter, the friendly and loving banter, and the delicious food filling the room with love, she couldn’t help herself. She smiled at her husband of three years and wrapped her arms around him tightly. She may have joined in the conversation, but her eyes never left his young face. Miroku, seemed quiet content with this—his eyes never left her either.

It was a happy time. A time full of so much love and laughter that Inuyasha just knew his chest would burst from the swelling of his heart, but it would be okay, everything was just as it was meant to be. A single tear escaped his amber eye.

A gentle hand squeezed his shoulder and Inuyasha was brought back to the present. He was brought back to the well kept graveyard of his family and friends. It was a season to be thankful, and he was, but it was still hard to let go of the past.

“Are you ready Inuyasha?”

Inuyasha swallowed thickly and slowly nodded his head. “Yeah, I just have to say goodbye first. Can you give me one more minute?”

His older, more genteel brother nodded and moved back to the tree line. He wouldn’t admit it but being in the graveyard surrounded by his deceased loved ones at this time of year always made Thanksgiving hard, but it was even harder for his brother. He watched as Inuyasha dusted the leaves off Kagome’s grave and bowed his head. He knew this was extremely hard for his brother, but he also knew the need Inuyasha had when it came to visiting every year.

Once Inuyasha said his last good bye, he stood and wiped the tears from his cheeks before he turned to face his brother. Sesshomaru couldn’t find it in his hear tot say a bad thing about an adult male demon crying, he just couldn’t. He, too, knew all too well the hurt that comes to losing a loved one—a mate. Instead he just clapped his brother on the shoulder and led him to the parked car.

“How do you do it Sesshomaru? How do you come here year after year for the past 50 years and not shed a tear for Rin?”

“It is not easy Dear Brother. It is probably the hardest thing in the world for me to do. I loved Rin more than life itself. The thing I try to do is just remember the good times. I am thankful for the years I did have with her. I am thankful for the love we shared, and even though it is hard, those thoughts help get me through.” Sesshomaru squeezed Inuyasha’s shoulder tenderly. “I don’t know if it will ever get easier, but we all learn to deal with it in our own way.”

“I do remember the good times, I remember all the times I’ve had with Kagome good and bad, but it’s those thoughts that seem to make this so much harder. She was my world Sesshomaru. She was the only one who truly accepted me for me. And though I am thankful for every blinking—or sleeping—moment I had with her, it doesn’t take away the hurt of losing her.” Another tear escaped his amber eyes and he turned slightly so he could see the grave stone he just left behind.

“Like I said, Inuyasha I don’t think this will get any easier the pain of lost is so grand in the scheme of things that it will always be heavy on our hearts, but you will one day find another who loves you for who you are. Never forget your worth Inuyasha, never forget your blood. We are the two sons of Inu Tashio, we are powerful and though in this era it doesn’t make a difference we are the rulers of the west.”

Inuyasha sighed deeply, “I know and I haven’t, but when did you get so compassionate?”

Sesshomaru couldn’t help but to chuckle at the question. When did he get so compassionate? “Dear brother, it happened when I lost Rin. She told me to always be compassionate to everyone I meet and that one day the love I had for her could be shared with others. It was then that I realized being the stoic, frigid bastard I once was, did nothing for me as a person. It just made me that…a bastard.” He smiled again at his brother.

“Yeah, I am so thankful for that.” He chuckled, “and I am thankful for everything I have been through with everyone. Without it I would not be standing here today.”

Sesshomaru knew all to well the outcome that could have happened if Inuyasha hadn’t realized the love he had for Kagome. “So, finally, we can both agree to be thankful for everything life throws at us.”

Inuyasha nodded and let the first genuine smile in almost 50 years grace his face. “Most definitely! Do you think Shippo has dinner ready?”

“I doubt it. You know that fox can’t cook to save his life.”

Leaving part of his heart in the graveyard, Inuyasha followed Sesshomaru to the car. It was Thanksgiving and though it was a hard time for the brothers, they learned to remember, to be thankful, and every year the hardship became easier to embrace. They both loved their mates and their friends and they knew one day they would all be together again. Until then they were extremely thankful to have had them in their lives.
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