Gentle Times by SakuraRyuu
Summary: Shippo plots.

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Inuyasha and all characters in this fan fiction are the property of Rumiko Takahashi.

1. Gentle Times by SakuraRyuu

Gentle Times by SakuraRyuu
Shippo clapped his hands together and rubbed them anxiously. Looking at his latest prank he couldn’t help but giggle before he scampered off after his prey.

Peaking around a bush, he found Kagome leaned up against Goshinboku with Inuyasha’s head in her lap, his arms above his head and wrapped around her waist, hands clasped at her back. They were enjoying the crisp autumn afternoon, the leaves falling around them with the sway of the tree’s branches. They were smiling warmly at eachother, Kagome tickling Inuyasha’s ear with an orange leaf until it twitched. Each time she would giggle, he other hand touching him miscellaneously. Shippo eased back on his haunches, all ideas of terrorizing the hanyou now gone.

Never had Shippo seen Inuyasha so relaxed and the simple ease of the situation wasn’t lost on the kit. You would never know to look at them now how volatile their relationship had been before Kagome was returned to her time for so long. There were times he was certain the oblivious hanyou would break the girl’s heart one time too many times and she wouldn’t come back from a visit home. There were also times he wondered about what the Inuyasha-shaped holes in the ground must look like in Kagome’s time. But now there was such peace and happiness between them you would never think they fought with eachother a day in their lives together.

As the afternoon waned to a stunning sunset that fit the autumn theme of the day, Shippo continued to sit and watch the couple. Darkness began to creep through the village causing people to retreat back into the warmth of their huts. He watched as Inuyasha sat up and offered Kagome his hand, helping her up. Smoothing out her clothes the kit heard her wonder aloud where he was. Reassuring her he would return soon the man looked over his shoulder toward the bush Shippo was hiding behind and winked.

Thinking to himself he’ll save his prank for another day Shippo came out of hiding to chase after his parents back to their hut.
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