Sunset Birthday by RipVanWinkle
Summary: Happy Birthday Kagome!
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1. Chapter 1 by RipVanWinkle

Chapter 1 by RipVanWinkle
Author's Notes:
I was organizing my computer when I happened upon this, I wrote this a while maybe 3 years go. I think its sweet and my roommate thought I should go ahead and post it. So here you guys go. Hope you enjoy
It was around four in the morning when her alarm went off. The girl turned under her sheets, pulling them even closer to her body, blocking out the chilly morning air. Cracking open one chocolate brown eye, the girl looked to the clock that was sitting across her room on her desk.


She closed her eye and whined, willing her body to just ignore the thing and go back to sleep. She was almost there to, but a loud banging on her wall behind her brought her out of her dose, followed closely by her younger brother's yells. “Get up Kagome they will be here soon!”

Kagome quickly sat up in bed and stumble off of it and onto the floor, only to groan in pain. Even from her position on the floor, she could hear the snickering of her brother Souta. “Good job brainless!”

Shut up Souta!”

Another bang on the opposite side of her wall went off. “Both of you stop it, Kagome turn off your alarm and get dressed your friends will be here soon, and Souta go back to bed, you have soccer practice later this morning!”

Both siblings called out to there mother in apology, quickly doing what they were told. Kagome untangled herself from her bedding and crawled along the floor, reaching up with her hand, she silenced her alarm clock. Thankful for the now peaceful morning. Yet another noise went off, this time it was her cell phone.

Whining Kagome, leaned up on her knees and pulled her phone off the desk, taking it off its charger. Flipping it open she grunting out a hello,

Kagome we will be there in 10 minutes be outside so we don't have to honk the horn!” Her friend Eri was shouting in her ear over the blaring music in the car. 'Why is she so loud..'

Kagome pulled the phone away from her ear to look at the screen, checking to see how much time she had. “Kagome, Hello?!”

Sorry Eri I was just checking to see the time. Alright I'll be out with my things in a minute, so should I dress in my swim suit or just regular clothes?”

While she was waiting on the phone for a reply, Kagome got up off the floor, double checking over her things. Glad she packed the previous night before. “Suit, okay we just turned down your street, be there in like 7 minutes, bye!”

Kagome quickly muttered a goodbye and hung up the phone, flipping it closed. “Now where did I put my suit...?'”


It didn't take long for Kagome to get ready, she was already outside and waiting for her friends before they even pulled up in the jeep.

About to start her way down the stairs Kagome paused and looked over to the well, a sad look in her eyes.


They did it, Naraku was dead, and the jewel was once again whole.

Kagome looked up to her companions, the years of stress and hardship could be seen on there faces.

A blur of orange and cream dashed about her legs, both Shippo and Kirara dancing and shouting with joy, well Shippo was making most of the noises. Kagome softly giggled to herself, “We must have a big feast with lots and lots of treats, can we mama?”

He had run off with Kirara before she could even give him an answer. 'From all he has seen, he is still so innocent..'

Kagome watched as each of her friends were over come with emotion. Sango, she was holding her younger brother's body close to her chest, as tears of both regret and happiness spilled from her eyes. “You can rest now Kohaku...say hello to father and the others for me”

Not far behind Sango was Miroku, he was staring at his now curse free hand, with a look of both confusion and surprise, “Im free...”

Kagome couldn't help but smile at her friends, no her family, her brother and sister, “ so happy..”

She paused and looked around her friends, trying to seek out the one person she loved with all her heart, 'Where is Inuyasha?'

The said Hanyou was standing over the remains of what use to be Naraku, his clothes were tattered and torn, his body was covered with gashes and scars, yet to Kagome he looked even more beautiful.

As if sensing her, Inuyasha turned around, his golden gaze locking with her brown ones. Kagome gasped softly, he...he was smiling, and not one of his cocky grins either, Inuyasha was truly smiling, a smile that reached his eyes.

We did it Kagome...”

Kagome took a step towards him, yet suddenly her world began to disappear, the jewel that was closed tightly within her grip fell through her hand. With a panic Kagome looked down, her whole body was disappearing. Fading away as if it was nothing. Kagome looked up to Inuyasha in fear, his eyes that were happy were now frightful. “Kagome!”

With the call of her name, Miroku, Sango, and even Shippo looked up to her, weapons at ready.

Inuyasha!”, Kagome reached out towards him, even though her hand was disappearing, she still reached.

A voice suddenly broke through the clearing. That belonging to the now reanimated miko, Kikyo, “Now the jewel is whole, her mission is finished, Kagome is to return to her world, never to come into ours again.”

No...Im not done...Im not done!”


End of flashback--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A blaring horn brought Kagome back to earth.

Kagome come on already!” She looked up to see her Eri hanging half out the window, her hands cupped around her mouth. Her brown eyes showing her impatience.

Kagome blushed darkly and ran down the stairs, 'I never got to say goodbye..'

Hurry up Kagome, we want to beat the traffic!” Eri sat back into her seat putting her seatbelt back on.

Coming!” Kagome rushed down the stairs and threw her things into the back of the jeep, then hopped in herself. Crawling over the back of the seat Kagome plopped down and put her seatbelt on.

I can't believe it, this is going to be our first summer together in 3 years. Its been us three but you Kagome, you have been sick a lot.”

Kagome could only nod her head from the back seat, at Eri's statement. “Umm..yeah, but Im all better now.” she laughed nervously.

Conversation suddenly picked up around Kagome, moving forward and on to another topic, yet it left her far in the past. 'My first summer without them...'

Kagome shook her head and smiled to herself, 'Enough already, Inuyasha would yell at me for moping so much, get it together Kagome you are stronger than this!'

Kagome leaned forward in her seat and joined in on the conversation, her smile bright and wide, yet it finally reached her eyes, “So ladies how does it feel to be done with high school?!”


The beach was great, yet it was packed with people. Families and friends were out about having fun, with swimming and just hanging out.

Oh man, isn't this great, open waters, sand, boys, ice cream, boys, sun, and BOYS!”

Both Eri and Yuki were jumping around with each other, while they both pointed out several good looking guys. “What about that one over there?!”

No no that one!”

Ayumi and Kagome just giggled over there antics and found a place to just sit and relax on the beach. All of them made quick work of choosing a nice spot to make there own. Putting down towels and the ice cooler that held there food.

I got a new swimsuit for the summer, what do you guys think?” Everyones eyes turned to Eri as she pulled off her sun dress, revealing her light blue bikini-short set. “Isn't it cute?”

Eri turned and did a pose for them, however Yuka nudged Eri away and posed in her own bathing suit, it was a full bikini set, that had yellow and brown patterns all over it. “Sure its cute, but we aren't in high school anymore, Im looking for college men” Yuka turned her head and gave Eri a challenging look, “Who ever gets the most numbers wins....”

All Kagome and Ayumi could do was sigh as they watched there friends go out and make fools of themselves.

Those two...” Ayumi shook her head and pulled off her own sundress, she was in a cute one piece green suit with rainbow stars all over it. “Aww Ayumi I love it!”

Ayumi could only blush at Kagome's words, “Ah..thank you, but what about yours?”

Kagome smiled and pulled off her shirt, just revealing the bikini top of her suit, It was a halter top that was bright red, with black claw like marking slashed over the material in a cool design.

Wow Kagome when did you go out and get that?” Ayumi leaned back her eyebrows arching, “And when did you have the time to workout, Kagome you got toned!”

Now it was Kagome's turn to blush, 'I guess I have to thank Inuyasha's stubbornness, keeping up with him was always a workout...'

I uh...guess it was from all the rehab I had to take,”

Wow, that sucks but, you look amazing, you don't even look like you were sick!”

Kagome waved off Ayumi and started taking off her shorts. “I'm just lucky I guess..”

It was around mid day when all four of them decided to go out for a swim, cooling off in the hot weather. The contest that was going on between Eri and Yuka was now over, the girls having given up because most of the guys that were on the beach had come with girlfriends, and some were even gay.

Man...I don't understand it, how could all the good ones be gay, I'm not saying its a bad thing, its just what a waste!” Eri sighed as she fell down on to her towel.

Yeah no kidding, I went out and bought this thing so I could pick up guys, now its just a waste of money!” Yuka reached into the cooler and pulled out a bottle of water.

Kagome leaned back and just closed her eyes letting the sun beet down on her face, warming her whole body. “Its only just after noon, you guys still have time don't you, I mean not every man here can be single, right?”

This time Ayumi spoke up, as she put down her book, “Yeah Kagome's right, its only the first day of summer we still have 2 months left, and even after that is over with, you guys can't forget university”

Both Yuka and Eri sat up straight their eyes wide, “That right University boys!”

It seemed that the fire was once again lite in their eyes, 'With the way they chase after guys, it kinda reminds me of Miroku,' Kagome giggled to herself, as she reached into the cooler, pulling out a bottle of water.


It was a little past 5, the sun had started its journey on disappearing behind the horizon. The air was still warm but it would be getting chilly soon. Right now it was just Kagome and Yuka. Eri and Ayumi had went off to get sodas for everyone, not to long ego.

So Kagome, what ever happened to that guy?” Yuka had her eyes closed but she knew Kagome was blushing, it always happened when ever the topic about her boyfriend came up.

Oh umm, he moved away, so we had to break up...”

At this Yuka opened her eyes to look up at Kagome, her bangs were down over her nose hiding her eyes, yet the tears slowly fell. “Oh Kagome....”

Yuka was surprised when Kagome suddenly looked up, her eyes still tearful yet her smile bright and happy, “Its okay, I'll get over it, it might take me a while....years really...but I'll get over it” will” Yuka reached up and gave Kagome a great hug, Even though Kagome and her weren't as close to each other as her and Ayumi, Kagome her were still good friends.

A movement behind Kagome caught Yuka's eye and she smiled, “So Kagome...are you enjoying your birthday so far?”

The shocked look on Kagome's face only made Yuka laugh, “You forgot about your own birthday?”

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!”

Kagome turned around and gasped when she saw Ayumi and Eri holding a few balloons and a birthday cake, with sparkler candles. “You guys...”

Happy birthday dear Kagome...happy birthday to you!”

The cake was sat down in front of her, “Thank you, I can't believe I forgot it was my birthday.”

Kagome leaned over and pulled all three of them in a big hug,” You guys are the best!”

Eri, pulled out of Kagome's hold and smiled at her, “Pfft of course, now blow out your candles, I don't want sand all over it!”

Kagome smiled and looked down at her cake, her eyes tearing up slightly, taking a big breath she blew as hard as she could, wanting with all her might her wish to come true. All of the candles went out except one, yet she didn't get the chance to try it again.

For her cake was now all over her face, and body, including her friends.

Blinking in confusion Kagome looked down at her now ruined cake, It having a red ball right in the middle of it.

Gah, who threw that!” Eri was livid, as well as Yuka, both of the girl were looking around frantically for the guilty suspect.

A guy walked up to the group of girls his hands hang loosely at his sides, “Sorry about that,  I didn't mean to throw it so hard..”

The anger left Eri and Yuka's suddenly, as they stared up at the man in front of them. His hair was shaggy and cut just below his shoulders, it would have looked normal had it not been for the outrageous color of it. It was white, His hair was white and his eyes were a dark topaz.

Papa look what you did to the ball....its all dirty now..” A little boy with green eyes ran up behind the man, his eyes sad as he looked on to his dirty ball.

The man leaned down next to the small boy, and ruffled his bright cropped orange hair, “Yeah Im sorry about that, don't worry we will clean it off.”

Ayumi reached into the ruined cake and picked up the ball, brushing off what she could, “Yeah it will be good as new once it clean, so you can still play with it don't worry.”

All this time Kagome stared at the man with silver hair. She couldn't help the way her heart was pounding in her chest. Or how her body shook. “Inuyasha...Shippo?”

The boy smiled up to Kagome and yelled, “Happy Birthday Mama!”


Kagome's friends paused as they turned to stare at Kagome, then turned to look at the man.

The edge of his lips quirked upward into a smirk, “You didn't think you could get rid of all of us that easily did you wench?”

Kagome covered her quivering lips as she mumbled the word “All?”

Another couple joined the group, a man and woman holding hands, “Happy birthday Kagome.”

She looked up and let the tears fall, “Miroku, Sango, you all are here...b-but how?”

Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi leaned over to Kagome and whispered to her,” Who are all these people?”

Kagome wiped away her tears and turned to her classmates, “Guys, thats Sango, Miroku, Inuyasha and Shippo, everyone this is Eri, Yuka and Ayumi, I went to school with them.”

A small introduction was made, as well as a lie of how Kagome met all of them, All she said was she met them in the hospital when she was sick. Sango was a person she shared a room with and Miroku was her boyfriend that came and visited her all the time. Its how she met Inuyasha who was a friend of his. After the girls got cleaned up, the big group settled back in place.

So I got how you met them, but...when did you have a kid?”

This time Shippo spoke up, delivering his academy award winning innocent child like eyes. "Inuyasha is my papa, he took me in when my parents died..and Kagome helped him take care of me so now kagome is mama.."

Inuyasha had to bite back a snort, but couldn't help but ruffle his son's hair, when all of Kagome's friends cooed at Shippo. Ayumi went so far as to pull Shippo to her chest and hug him. “Oh, so sad and yet so cute...”

Some laughs broke out between the group, yet all laughter died when a sudden slap was delivered. “Eww you perve!”

Miroku had struck again, yet this time his target was not Sango, but Eri and Yuka. Eri was able to hit him for it, but Yuka along with Sango, had to give chase. “Get back here you pervert I'll murder you!”

How dare you touch me!”

Kagome place her hands over her face in embarrassment. “Oh god”

Inuyasha nudge Kagome with his elbow getting her attention, nodding towards her cake he smirked, “Looks like I owe you a new cake, and a present”

Kagome could careless about the cake right now, “How is it you guys are here?”

Inuyasha sighed and looked out to the setting sun, “How else..the jewel, I made the wish soon after you left, I wanted to be reborn here in your time, and grow up along side you, yet I couldn't actually come to you until now. I was there at your graduation last week.”

Kagome smiled at that, 'He was watching over me..'

It was so hard for me, knowing that you were right there in front of me yet I couldn't hold you, I have been waiting so long for this day to come.”

Hey Inuyasha?”

He turned towards her only to find himself in a lip lock with her, it was a small kiss, a small one, but sweet. “You don't know how long I dreamed of seeing you again....this is the best birthday present ever..”

Inuyasha smiled and wrapped his arm around Kagome's shoulders holding her to his body, not caring that he was going to have cake all over him, “I love you my little cake covered Kagome..”

And I love you ... hey Inuyasha..?"


"The next cake better be chocolate..."

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Hope you liked it, just let me know what you think.
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