The Gift That Keeps On Giving by SakuraRyuu
Summary: Miroku gives something extra special to InuYasha and Kagome's son.
Categories: Fables Characters: Kagome
Genres: Comedy
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InuYasha and all characters in this fan fiction are the property of Rumiko Takahashi.

1. The Gift That Keeps On Giving by SakuraRyuu

The Gift That Keeps On Giving by SakuraRyuu
The next time Kagome saw the monk, she felt she would surely end his existence slowly and mercilessly for the torture he was inadvertently inflicting upon her now. She was certain he knew what he was doing when he had brought over the gift for Hajime's third birthday and oh, how she would make him pay.

The gift looked innocent enough when she saw Miroku carrying it over. The taiko and bachi set was small, just the right size for Hajime and Kagome had been so excited to see the instrument. She thought it would be wonderful for the boy to learn an art. She should have known from the look on Sango's face and the realization she now had that she had never seen any of their children with a similar gift. The laugh Miroku got at InuYasha's expense when he saw the bachi alone was enough to make her husband growl. InuYasha knew what was coming. But Kagome still had high hopes for the gift she felt certain would help her young son learn to express himself and help to teach him self-discipline.

Now, as her son banged out a tune that did nothing for Kagome other than makes her head throb, all she wanted was to burn the gift Miroku had so maliciously given the child. Every time InuYasha saw his son head for the taiko set he ran for the forest. Coward. He'd whine about how the sound hurt his ears. He had no idea. And, of course, Kagome couldn't wrestle the "thoughtful" gift away because it was Hajime's favorite form of entertainment.

Oh, how Miroku was so dead the next time Kagome saw him. So dead he would die from it.

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