Cold Busted by SakuraRyuu

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1. Cold Busted by SakuraRyuu

Cold Busted by SakuraRyuu
"Hey, Kagome! Check out the game Sesshomaru and Koga showed me today!"

Inuyasha had called those words out to her six months ago after he had returned from an afternoon visit with his brother. Her online existence had been plagued ever since with those colorful eggs and the beautiful dragons they grew into. She spent hours refreshing the AP in case she was lucky enough to intercept a toss and brazenly steal someone else's egg or hatchy. Her cut throat tactics had won her a vampire egg she was incredibly proud of. She lurked in the cave just before the turn of the hour, refreshing wildly, her icon in position as the cave borns began to arrive. Her scroll was so close to completion she could almost taste it. She even had friends on the lookout for the elusive paper eggs and cheese eggs, wanting two of each for a full grown and frozen hatchy set. She bred and tossed for friends, traded, ran her own comm.... Kagome was a full blown Dragon Cave addict.

So much so she was currently sitting in class, lost in a sea of faces and open laptops, watching the AP. The top of the hour was approaching and there had been rumors in the forum of a mass drop from TJ of a brand new Valentine's Day egg and she wanted to catch at least four to toss as gifts to friends, keeping one for herself.

She was vaguely aware of the rhythmic clicking around her as students took lecture notes. The perfect cover for her vicious f5 attack. Kagome settled into the cave, one hand on her mouse, the other hovering over f5. 10:58... 10:59... 11 o'clock and the clicking began. She managed to snag her first two eggs right away and get back to the cave in less than a minute. On the third egg the white screen reared its ugly head. The user count was climbing due to the release and the school's wireless was a struggle during mid-day to begin with.

As Kagome continued to click on eggs and refresh with a vengeance, she did not notice the silence that had fallen over the classroom. Every eye was on her as professor and students alike turned to watch the young woman. The wild look in her eye, the way her jaw was set in determination, how she was leaned into her screen, then suddenly...

"YES!" Kagome slammed upright into her seat, threw her arms in the air and let loose a whoop of triumph, sheer delight written over her face. She had gotten her last egg after a freak roll of the white screen just before the cave went empty. Looking up from her laptop her face froze, noticing every eye was on her in the classroom she had forgotten she was in.

"Higurashi, see me after class," he professor stated.

Kagome groaned, slapping her face into the palm of her hand.

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