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ED Contest--...And I was born for her.

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1. Chapter 1 by kirarakat55

Chapter 1 by kirarakat55
Kagome was born to meet me…

 The musty, rotted smell of wood hit Inuyasha’s nose. It was a smell he grew accustomed to over the years, but the memories still tore at his soul. Did he do the right thing? Or was he being selfish? It was the latter, he knew, but Kagome completed him in ways no one but his mother could. Kagome taught him trust, friendship, and above all else, love.

 The light breeze picked up and carried the smell of rotten wood away. Breathing easier now, he dropped to his knees and rested his forearms on the lip of the old well. He sighed.

 “Kagome, I know I was born for you. Together we defeated our mortal enemies, acquired new friends, and burned the gap between humans and demons. But, but do I really deserve you?” Inuyasha closed his eyes and the memories hit him.

 He remembered the first day he met Kagome, her sweet scent calmed him, and yet he accused her of being Kikyo. The he tried to kill her, why? Because he knew then that Kagome would change him. Now, he was grateful he didn’t succeed.

 With another deep breath he remembered the Thunder Brothers and how he felt when he thought Kagome had died. He was devastated. And it was the first time he realized he was falling for the strange girl.

 The wind shifted again and this time it brought a familiar scent to his nose, all the memories were pushed back for later. He got to his feet and turned to face the direction of which the scent came.

 “Oi!” his voice sounded gruff, even to his own ears. He often forgot how deep his emotions ran when it came to Kagome.

 “What are you doing Inuyasha?” Shippo’s voice called from the tree line. “Aren’t you supposed to be in the village helping Miroku?”

 “Keh, I needed a break! What’s it to you runt?”

 Shippo grinned. He knew why Inuyasha was here and he admired him for it. “Nothing really, except when I am sent to find you.”

 Inuyasha’s ears perked forward. “Find me? For what?”

 Shaking his head Shippo responded. “It’s time baka. So quit your mopin' nd get back to the vil…” Inuyasha was gone in a blur of silver and read. “Such a baka.” Shippo smiled.

 Inuyasha made it to the village in record time. He stopped in front of hut and listened. It was quiet except for the occasional rustle of cloth. Steeling his nerves, he put a hand to the bamboo flap and pushed it aside.

 Kagome was resting on a bed roll in the far corner. Her hair was matted with sweat, her face was flushed, but Inuyasha couldn’t keep his eyes of her. No matter her appearance, she was beautiful. It wasn’t until Kaede placed a small bundle in his arms did he reluctantly pull his eyes off his young wife.

 The small bundle was his son, his own flesh and blood. Carefully, he moved across the room and took purchase on the floor by Kagome’s bed. He pulled the baby closer to his chest, leaned forward, and placed a gently kiss on his wife’s lips.

 “Mm…Yasha” She moaned through his sleep haze. “I love you.”
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