Winds of Change by SilentTaiyoukai
Summary: Inuyasha relaxes on the roof, looking out over Tokyo.
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1. Chapter 1 by SilentTaiyoukai

Chapter 1 by SilentTaiyoukai
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Written for firsttweak @ LJ.



Inuyasha sat on the roof and looked into Tokyo's heart. With the city skyline stretched out before him, he realized just how thoroughly the winds of change had blown through Edo.

In the few months they had been married, he and Kagome had spent most of their time in the Feudal Era. Perhaps it would be nice to stay in the Modern Era just a little bit longer. The bustling city was always changing, and there was so much of it he hadn't seen.

Kagome had learned to make herself at home in his time, and he wanted to properly acquaint himself with her world.

Inuyasha's ears twitched as the back door slid open and the voices of Kagome's family drifted up to him. He peered down to find Kagome standing in the doorway.

"Inuyasha! We're done cooking dinner! You can come eat now," she called.

In one fluid movement, Inuyasha jumped from the roof, gathered Kagome into his arms, and leaped back atop the house. He sat with her in his lap, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. She peered out across the city and smiled.

"It's really pretty up here," she said.

Inuyasha smirked and cupped her chin, drawing her lips to his.

"Very pretty," he purred, and kissed her.

She laid her head on his shoulder as he ran his fingers through her hair. His claws grazed gently across her neck, making her sigh and smile.

Her soft sighs, her delicate floral scent, the wonderful way she seemed to fit perfectly into his embrace. He was glad there were at least some things that did not ride the winds of change.

The world around them could change all it wanted, but he knew that the way they felt about each other would remain constant.

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