Distance by SakuraRyuu
Summary: The firelight carries Kagome off.
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Genres: Angst, Divergence, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Oneshot
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Inuyasha and all characters in this fan fiction are the property of Rumiko Takahashi.

1. Distance by SakuraRyuu

Distance by SakuraRyuu
Author's Notes:
Written for the LJ comm At First Tweak. Prompt: #17 - Firelight
Deep in Inuyasha's Forest they sat together by the campfire eating the last of their ramen. Kagome had been withdrawn all day, and as she sat staring into the firelight, her eyes big and unblinking, her voice distant as she spoke.

"After the well sealed I felt like I had died. I tried to jump in over and over, scratching myself up, spraining my ankles..." As she trailed off Inuyasha turned his attention wholly to her, knowing she didn't talk about their separation often. "Then I would sit by it and cry. Some days I wouldn't leave the well house. I kept looking for signs, you know? Maybe you had scratched something for me into the well. If I wasn't there I was with Goshinboku, talking to it in case you could hear me. I began examining it, too, for some kind of sign. I never found anything. All I had was the well, the tree, and the hole Kikyo's arrow made." She chuckled sadly to herself. "I know I seemed insane, living in the well house, talking to a tree and staring at a hole."

Kagome now knew he never abandoned his vigil but Inuyasha silently cursed himself for never thinking to send her a sign.

"Then I began to wonder why you hadn't come for me in my time. You can't imagine what kind of mind game that was! Were you dead? Were you alive and didn't want to see me? Maybe you were waiting, but what for? I never sensed you so I thought you had died. My heart would break over and over every day." Kagome looked at Inuyasha with such a mixture of sadness and relief it pulled at his heart. Gathering her to him, they sat together, comforted by the existence of the other.

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